GTA Online Best Sniper Rifles (All Sniper Rifles Ranked Worst To Best)

You don't always have to get close and personal.

GTA Online offers a wide variety of weapon classes depending on your situation and combat range; sometimes you’ll be in gunfights only a Sniper Rifle can win.

In today’s list, we’ll rank every Sniper Rifle in GTA Online from best to worst in full detail; we’ve included everything from prices to stats to how to get them.

Why are Sniper Rifles important in GTA Online?

  • Great for long-range combat, sometimes the only weapons of choice
  • Excellent accuracy
  • High damage and can be used against vehicles.

Let’s get to the list.


6. Precision Rifle

   First on our list is the Precision Rifle, which is a Criminal Enterprises DLC weapon. It’s a scopeless marksman rifle.

The Precision Rifle does good damage; it’s a four-shot kill for most players, so it’s reliable if you can land your shots. However, it’s at the bottom of the list because you can’t equip attachments to it.

Not having a scope or extended mags makes this sniper almost useless compared to other snipers in the class, and for almost half a million, you would expect better.

What the Precision Rifle excels at:

  • Damage: does 101 per shot, a three- or four-shot kill to players
  • New: a more recent addition to weapons in GTA Online
  • Range: better range and accuracy than weapons from other classes

How to get the Precision Rifle:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation and the Agency Armoury

Precision Rifle Details:

  • Description: A rifle for perfectionists Because why settle for right-between-the-eyes when you could have right-through-the-superior-frontal-gyrus?
  • Ammo capacity: 10 rounds
  • Price: $450,000


5. Marksman Rifle

   Next is the Marksman Rifle, a semi-automatic rifle that is technically an assault rifle with a built-in scope, but still, it’s in the sniper’s class. 

Don’t let number 5 on the list fool you; the Marksman Rifle is an excellent sniper rifle. It does less damage than other snipers, but the 200 RPM compensates largely for it; it does a little over 210 DPS.

The magazine size is significantly larger than that of regular snipers, allowing for more flexible fights and versatility. It’s a good sniper to invest in if you hate bolt-action snipers. 

What the Marksman Rifle excels at:

  • Useful for multiple situations: can be used for close-quarters combat too
  • Compact: light and lets you move swiftly when aimed in
  • Magazine size: you get an assault rifle’s mag on a sniper

How to get the Marksman Rifle:

  • Can be bought in Ammu-Nation

Marksman Rifle details:

  • Description: Fixed-scope sniper rifle Versatile enough to use at close range and powerful enough to use at long range if you want to save on laundry bills.
  • Ammo capacity: 8 rounds (16 with an extended clip)
  • Price: $15,750


4. Sniper Rifle

   Next is a classic GTA weapon that’s been in previous games and also the base version of GTA V: the Sniper Rifle.

The Sniper Rifle does exactly what you think it does: it shoots one bullet before rechambering, and one or two bullets can take out a player or NPC. It’s a good choice for long-range combat, especially if you combine it with a suppressor. The fire rate is also very decent at 38 RPM.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t do great against armoured enemies, so think well before you use it.

What the Sniper Rifle excels at:

  • Perfect for stealth kills: can be equipped with a suppressor
  • Long range: up to 1.5km 
  • Damage: one or two bullets against most enemies

How to get the Sniper Rifle:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation

Sniper Rifle details:

  • Description: Standard sniper rifle Ideal for situations that require accuracy at long range. Limitations include slow reload speed and very low rate of fire.
  • Ammo capacity: 10 rounds
  • Price: $20,000
  • Unlocks at rank 21


3. Heavy Sniper

   Up next is the popular Heavy Sniper, a base-game rifle that most players grind RP to unlock. It’s an anti-personnel and anti-vehicle weapon thanks to its 50-cal BMG rounds.

Thanks to the BMG rounds and the 50 RPM fire rate, the Heavy Sniper dominates the sniper class in the DPS department. You can one-shot kill any player under rank 99 and two-shot disable a helicopter engine.

What’s not so good about it, though, is the magazine size (only six rounds) and the fact that you can’t equip a suppressor.

What the Heavy Sniper excels at:

  • DPS: one-shots players under rank 99 and most NPC enemies
  • Anti-vehicle: perfect for helicopters
  • Fire rate: shoots up to 50 rounds per minute

How to get the Heavy Sniper:

  • Can be bought from Ammu-Nation if you hit rank 90
  • Can be bought without the level requirement from a Weapon Workshop

Heavy Sniper Details:

  • Description: Features armour-piercing rounds for heavy damage. Comes with laser scope as standard.
  • Ammo capacity: 6
  • Price: $38,150
  • Unlocks at rank 90


2. Marksman Rifle MKII

  The second-best sniper is the Marksman Rifle, an improved version of the standard Marksman Rifle. The upgrade was added with the Doomsday heist.

The MKII variant does better damage at 75 per shot, and it unlocks a bunch of customization options. A significant addition is Special Ammo (which allows you to equip five types) and attachments like barrels or the choice to completely remove the scope.

If you choose to remove the scope, you’ll end up with a semi-auto rifle that kills players almost instantly within close or medium range. It’s an excellent upgrade if long-range combat isn’t your priority.

What the Marksman Rifle MKII excels at:

  • Even more useful for multiple situations: can be fully used for close-quarters combat thanks to the modified scope
  • Special ammo: can be equipped with ammo like Incendiary rounds
  • DPS: much better than other snipers if we compare damage per second (not shot)

How to get the Marksman Rifle MKII:

  • Purchase the MKI variant, then upgrade it at your Weapon Workshop

Marksman Rifle MKII details:

  • Description: Known in military circles as The Dislocator, this mod set will destroy both the target and your shoulder, in that order.
  • Ammo capacity: 8 rounds (16 with Extended clips and 5 with Special Ammo)
  • Price: $149,000 (upgrade price)


1. Heavy Sniper MKII

The Heavy Sniper MKII is the best sniper rifle in GTA Online; it does everything the snipers above do, but much better.

The MKII is a 50-cal sniper; it was built for long-range combat for NPCs and players. This variant goes even farther, allowing for anti-vehicle combat too.

The MKII variant allows you to equip explosive rounds, which makes it possible to one-shot any player or blow up any vehicle within the 1500-metre range. You can also equip a thermal or multiple-zoom scope for better accuracy.

What the Heavy Sniper MKII excels at:

  • Damage: normal rounds one-shot anything that lives; explosive rounds blow up anything that moves.
  • PVP: mandatory for long-range combat against players
  • Versatile: can be used against players, NPCs, cars, planes, or anything else.

How to get Heavy Sniper MKII:

  • Buy standard variant from Ammu-Nation
  • Purchase a Weapons Workshop
  • Upgrade it to MKII through the workshop

Heavy Sniper MKII details:

  • Description: Far away yet always intimate, if you're looking for a secure foundation for that long-distance relationship, this is it.
  • Price: $165,375 (conversion at the workshop)
  • Capacity: 4 rounds (specialised ammo), 6 rounds (8 with Extended Clip)


That’s it for our list; we hope you enjoyed reading it!

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