[Top 15] GTA Online Most Fun Vehicles That Are Freakin' Awesome

GTA Online Most Fun Vehicles
Check out the Most Fun Vehicles in GTA Online!

GTA Online is full of all kinds of vehicles, from exotic supercars to wacky yachts, and the fun factor these have is insane. To help you make sure you get the most out of these amazing vehicles, we’ve listed 15 of the best ones. Let’s get started!

15 . Ramp Buggy ($3,192,000)

The traffic in Los Santos is a frustrating experience but you can ease it up with the Ramp Buggy. The wedge-shaped front end can make it slide under cars which instantly makes it more fun. The chassis of the car is also heavily reinforced and produces decent enough performance. You can also use it as a tool for stunt jumps.

What’s fun about it:

  • Can slide under cars
  • Can be used for stunt jumps too
  • Decent performance

14 . Hydra ($3,990,000)

The Hydra is one of the most popular, if not the most popular choice for players for dogfights in GTA Online. It has good maneuverability and acceptable handling. It can reach up to 160 knots in the horizontal mode which is the highest in the game. The VTOL mode present with it helps in using the weapons and thus makes it very deadly against all kinds of targets. If used properly the Hydra in VTOL mode will make every player sweat profusely.

What’s fun about it:

  • Popular among players for dogfights
  • Good maneuverability and handling
  • VTOL mode is really useful for combat

13 . Nagasaki Buzzard ($2,000,000)

The Buzzard is a lifesaver in a lot of situations to say the least. The number of times it has saved players in situations cannot be explained. In addition to that, its missiles and machine guns are really smooth in blowing stuff up. It is really easy to handle and maneuver and as such can avoid missiles quickly.

What’s fun about it:

  • Useful in problematic situations
  • Great handling and maneuverability
  • Great speed

12 . Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy ($1,850,000)

The Weaponized Dinghy is essentially the weaponized and armored version of the standard Dinghy and includes noticeable improvements like the seat design. Most importantly it features a brutal .50 cal machine gun with a shield for when you need to feed your bloodlust in the sea.

What’s fun about it:

  • Improved design and customization options
  • .50 cal machine gun with shield
  • Decent speed

11 . Sea Sparrow ($1,815,000)

The Sea Sparrow is the aquatic version of the standard Sparrow basically. It has pontoons attached to the landing skids and a fuselage that is a single greyish color and on top of that, a machine gun is mounted beneath the fuselage. A missile launcher can also be mounted for when the other players are causing you too much headache.

What’s fun about it:

  • Great for both land and sea missions
  • Machine gun and missile launcher available
  • Great maneuverability and handling

10 . Ocelot Stromberg ($3,185,350)

The Stromberg is another amazing vehicle you can easily acquire in the game. It is a submersible car i.e. it can be driven underwater. The car's design appears to be inspired by a variety of 1970s European sports cars, including the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer and 308. The vehicle is outfitted with two machine guns protruding from the vents as well as missile launchers for when you want to surprise your fellow players with some fireworks.

What’s fun about it:

  • Can be driven underwater
  • Equipped with machine guns and missile launchers
  • Good handling, speed, and acceleration

9 . Bati 801RR ($15,000)

Just when you’ve started out in the game the Bati 801RR is a must-have. The bike is classy and shows that you’re willing to run over anyone who disagrees with you. Sooner when you have enough wealth you’ll realize that the Bati 801RR and you are inseparable. The bike is probably the fastest and best one for racing and as such can help you immensely in intense situations.

What’s fun about it:

  • Cheap price
  • The best bike in the game arguably
  • Useful for drivebys and races

8 . Insurgent Pickup Custom ($202,500)

So, you and your friends are together in a session and looking to wreak some havoc but you don’t have a suitable vehicle for your ‘expeditions’. That is where the Insurgent Pickup Custom comes into play and excels. Just hop on it while you or your friend mans the .50 cal machine gun at the roof and spray Los Santos with bullets. The Pickup is extremely reliable and strong and can survive multiple missiles and rockets before getting destroyed.

What’s fun about it:

  • Useful with friends
  • .50 Cal built-in
  • Extremely reliable and strong

7 . P-996 Lazer ($6,500,000)

The Lazer is probably the best dogfighter you can get if you’re willing to spend a big load of cash. It can reach a top speed of up to 185 knots and has extremely good acceleration barely losing out to the Starling. It is really responsive and as such has great maneuverability. But it is not for the faint-hearted as it is very tough to handle for inexperienced players. It also doesn’t have any upgrades but has the same durability as most planes with upgrades.

What’s fun about it:

  • Great acceleration and maneuverability
  • Top speed up to 185 knots
  • Really responsive to inputs
  • Durable without upgrades

6 . Imponte Ruiner 2000 ($5,745,600)

The Imponte Ruiner 2000 is based on the Pontiac TransAm from the Knight Rider tv series. Visually it is a treat to look at with its curvaceous design. Again it definitely packs a punch as it is armed with machine guns and homing missiles. It’s also equipped with a parachute specifically for moments when you’re feeling lucky. With a V8 engine present, it performs better than most in its class as well.

What’s great about it:

  • Based on the Pontiac from Knight Rider
  • Armed with Machine guns and homing missiles
  • Overall good performance

5 . Imponte Deluxo ($4,721,500)

The Deluxo is obviously based on the DeLorean DMC-12 made popular due to the Back to the Future movie franchise. In addition to its unique design and interior, the car has a hover mode, which, you guessed it lets you fly. So, when you’re on the run from cops, fly and say goodbye. It’s also equipped with machine guns and missiles to make your life easier, just saying.

What’s fun  about it:

  • Based on the DeLorean DMC-12
  • Hover mode, which lets you fly
  • Equipped with machine guns and missiles

4 . Benefactor BR8 ($3,400,000)

The BR8 is the quintessential open-wheel car in the game. It is based on the 2011 F1 cars specifically the Red Bull, driven by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. It can be modified to look similar to the liveries of the F1 teams in 2011. So, if you want to show off your money and driving skills be sure to buy this. It has amazing handling, and acceleration and the braking are perfect as usual with these cars.

What’s fun  about it:

  • Based on the 2011 F1 cars
  • A lot of customization options
  • Great acceleration and handling

3 . Grotti Vigilante ($3,750,000)

Let’s face it, we all wanted to drive the Batmobile at night and play savior of the doomed city of Los Santos. Well, you can’t be the savior of this doomed city but you definitely can drive the Batmobile which in GTA Online is the Vigilante. Based on the Batmobile from Michael Keaton’s 1989 movie, the Vigilante showcase a long design with extensive aerodynamic work that puts all other cars to shame. The interior is what dreams are made of with custom dials and switches at your disposal. It boasts a top speed of 150 mph which is the fastest of the land-based transport in the game.

What’s great about it:

  • Based on Keaton’s 1989 Batmobile
  • Amazing looking interior
  • Best top speed for a land-based transport in the game

2 . Kosatka ($2,200,000 - $9,085,000)

The Kosatka is one of a kind, to say the least. With your dear friend Pavel as its caretaker, you can engage in a wide range of activities with this beautiful submarine. It gives you access to the Cayo Perico heist which you can do over and over again. And when you’re bored just use those torpedoes, missile launchers, and the guided-missile system to see some beautiful fireworks. After a hard day’s work, just go back to sleep in your bunk bed and repeat tomorrow.

What’s fun about it:

  • Access to the Cayo Perico Heist
  • Numerous customization options
  • Access to torpedoes, missiles, and the guided-missile system

1 . Pegassi  Oppressor Mk II ($3,890,250)

Finally, we arrive at the MK II Oppressor. What’s there to say about this? It’s every player’s nightmare and dream, all in one. A flying bouncing bike that can shoot missiles and destroy your life before you even have the chance to blink. Truth is said, there’s a reason why this is considered the most fun and hated vehicle in the game. It’s because it’s just so damn fine. It has amazing speed, great weapons, and good handling that mesh perfectly.

What’s fun about it:

  • Used by lots of players
  • Has hover mode for flying and countermeasures
  • Built-in machine guns and launchers

So, there you have it. These vehicles will surely bring you a lot of fun and will make you understand why we love Los Santos in the first place. Good Luck!

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