[Top 7] GTA Online Best Melee Weapons

Beat them up however you like!

As serious as GTA Online can be with all the sophisticated heists and tech gadgets, you just have to sometimes bring out the brutal animal inside you and chase players in underwear with a baseball bat!

There are 18 obtainable melee weapons in GTA Online; some can be found and others can be purchased. In this list, we’ll show you the top 7 melee weapons you can use today.

Why are there melee weapons in GTA Online?

  • Fun to use
  • Used as tools in certain missions
  • They bring variety to your gameplay

Now that you know what you’re in for, Let’s jump right into our list!


7. Fists

First on our list is bare Fists. We all have it, both in GTA Online and in real life (even though you shouldn’t use it). It’s been part of Grand Theft Auto since 1997.

When you use Fists, you get to see multiple brutal animations: slaps, punches, kicks, headbutts, and sucker punches. It can also be equipped to unlock non-combat animations like inappropriate gestures to NPCs and taunting players.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t deal the best damage in its class, but numbers aside, it’s fun to use.

What the Fist excels at:

  • Default weapon: everybody gets it
  • Multiple animations: beat them up however you want
  • Satisfying: Landing punches has never sounded better!

 How to get the Fist:

  • Default weapon

Fist details: 

  • Description: When all else fails, knuckle down and work with what you've got.
  • Default weapon in Grand Theft Auto
  • Allows player to perform gestures and taunts
  • Unlocks at Rank: 0


6. Antique Cavalry Dagger

Next is the Antique Cavalry Dagger, added with the “I’m Not a Hipster” update. It’s based on a Civil War version of the Bowie Knife.

The Antique Cavalry Dagger is better than the regular knife; it deals more damage, has similar animations, and can also be used underwater. It’s excellent for underwater adventures.

The downside to using it (and most knives like the Switchblade) is the short range, but that’s nothing a good sprint can’t fix.

What the Antique Cavalry Dagger excels at:

  • Underwater combat: one of only three melee weapons that can be used in water.
  • Fast: it deals good damage for a knife
  • Quick animation: it can easily combo players 

How to get the Antique Cavalry Dagger:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation
  • Found in the Abandoned Mine

Antique Cavalry Dagger details:

  • Description: Swiss retro dagger Because if you have plans that involve the words “hilt-deep” and “the other guy’s ribs,” you better make sure it’s at least the right hilt.
  • Can be equipped underwater
  • Price: $2000


5. Flashlight

Don’t you love it when you have the choice to either bring light or darkness to the world? The Flashlight is a Halloween DLC melee weapon you can use to traverse dark areas and brutally murder players.

For some reason, hitting players with the flashlight feels like a truck hitting them; it makes a satisfying sound when you land a hit. The light beam itself is wider than the one on your rifles and pistols, so that’s a plus.

What the Flashlight excels at:

  • Range: better swing range than most one-handed melees
  • Versatile: can be used as a light source too
  • Satisfying: Try turning it on and swinging at a player for a light show!

How to get a Flashlight:

  • Buy at Ammu-Nation

Flashlight details: 

  • Description: Intensify your fear of the dark with this short-range, battery-powered light source. Handy for blunt-force trauma.
  • Price: $5,750.
  • Can be used to illuminate dark areas.


4. Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat is another iconic melee weapon in the Grand Theft Auto series; it’s been around since GTA III, and it’s always been the safehouse weapon in previous GTA games.

You can’t go wrong with the Baseball Bat; its long metallic body allows you to swing at players five feet away. Like the Golf Club and Pool Cue, this weapon does good damage, so you can never go wrong with the Baseball Bat.

It’s also iconic and free; it’s a must-have if you’re a GTA fan.

What the Baseball Bat excels at:

  • Range: you can hit targets five feet away
  • Damage: knocks anything out in a few swings
  • Iconic: the same weapon with the same design since GTA III

How to get the Baseball Bat:

  • Picked up in the Lamar mission “Where Credit's Due”.
  • Picked up in the Simeon mission “El Burro Heists”.
  • Picked up in the Gerald mission “Meth'd Up” and dropped by the enemy closest to the Ace Liquor front door.
  • Picked up in “Cypress Flats,” Last Team Standing, along with the Crowbar.
  • Can be offered for FREE from the Gun Van's weekly inventory. 

Baseball Bat details:

  • Description: An aluminium baseball bat with leather grip Lightweight yet powerful for all you big hitters out there.
  • Unavailable for purchase
  • Base game melee weapon


3. Golf Club

Up next is also a classic: the Golf Club. If you see a player pull out this skinny monster, you’re about to get beat up pretty bad.

Like the Baseball Bat, the Golf Club also has a long reach and does great damage; you can swing at a player 5 feet away and land your hit. What’s special about it, however, is that it seems to be the fastest weapon to hit while running.

If you start running at a player and both of you swing at the same time, you’ll land your hit first. That’s extremely useful in melee fights; combine that with the long range, and you’ll be teleporting into players and NPCs.

What the Golf Club excels at:

  • Reach: you can hit targets 5.2 feet away
  • Fast hit while running: you always hit first
  • Iconic: available in previous GTA games like San Andreas and Vice City

How to get a Golf Club:

  • At Los Santos Golf Club, golfers drop their clubs.
  • Can be found in a shack on an island in North Chumash.
  • Obtained from the mission “On Course”. 

Golf Club details:

  • Description: A standard-length, mid-iron golf club with rubber grip for a lethal short game
  • Unavailable for purchase at Ammu-Nation
  • Base game melee weapon


2. Stone Hatchet

  The Stone Hatchet is a hidden melee weapon in GTA Online. It was released as a promotion for Red Dead Redemption II (an excellent game, by the way; definitely play it if you haven’t already).

The Stone Hatchet is a tomahawk made from wood and stone. This old beast performs just like the regular Hatchet when it comes to damage and range.

Getting a kill with this weapon triggers a rampage-like effect (similar to Trevor’s) where you get 12 seconds of invincibility to continue wreaking havoc in the city; you’re literally an undying man chasing people with a Stone Hatchet!

What the Stone Hatchet excels at:

  • Rampage: 12 seconds of invincibility, extended with more kills
  • Money reward: gives you $250.000 for finding it and getting 25 kills.
  • Brutal: it hits hard and spills blood everywhere
  • Fast: one-handed and can combo players easily

How to get a Hatchet:

  • The Stone Hatchet can be unlocked by completing five Bounty Target missions that begin once you receive a text from Maude Eccles followed by an email.

Stone Hatchet details:

  • Description: There's retro, there's vintage, and there's this. After 500 years of technological development and spiritual apocalypse, pre-Columbian chic is back.
  • Awards $250.000 if you find and use it to get 25 kills.
  • Unlocks the same hatchet in the Owanjila in RDR II


1. Knife

The best melee weapon in GTA Online is the Knife. Surprised? I hope not. This little bad boy has been in almost every GTA game; it’s a crime series, after all.

The Knife is the prime example of “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. It does nothing new, but it does it very well. You can use it on players or NPCs to perform stab attacks, slice attacks, and, most importantly, neck stabs for silent takedowns. 

Also, the Knife is one of three melee weapons (with the Antique Cavalry Dagger and the Knuckle Dusters) that can be equipped in water, allowing you to defend yourself against sharks and other players

What the Knife excels at:

  • Fast: does moderate damage but hits fast, making it perfect for combos
  • Water exploration: fends off sharks
  • Cheap: only costs $400
  • Accessible: unlocks at rank 1
  • Iconic: has been in most GTA games.

How to get the Knife:

  • Buy at Ammu-Nation
  • Unlocked if you choose the Silent and Sneaky approach of The Diamond Casino Heist.

Knife details:

  • Description: This carbon steel 7" bladed knife is dual-edged with a serrated spine to provide improved stabbing and thrusting capabilities.
  • Price: $400
  • Unlocks at Rank 1

That’s it for our list; we hope you enjoyed reading it. Now get one of these weapons and go beat up (or stab) somebody in GTA Online!


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