[Top 10] GTA Online Best Tuner Cars

Best GTA Online Tuner Cars


With the launch of the Los Santos Tuner DLC  in 2021, GTA Online saw a new addition of vehicle class in the form of Tuner’s. These new vehicles introduced a new tyre/stance system that can either make cars (Tuner only) faster or more suited for drifting. This newly added system brought in communities of drifters and drag racers to the game.

10. Vapid Dominator ASP

Modern mods on a classic muscle car.

See the Dominator ASP in action:

start at 16:18

The Vapid Dominator ASP is a RWD muscle car based off the 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R and for the remainder of the Tuners DLC was the fastest muscle car for lap time, beating the original Dominator. What makes the Dominator ASP so good for lap time is its relatively high-top speed of 119 mph. Even with a cost of $1,775,000 at base, the asp remains one of the best muscle & coupe class cars you can use for races, this is even more true for old gen players (PS4/Xbox one) as the asp is still among their top 3.

Dominator ASP is Good for

  • Races with a lot of turns and medium-long stretches.
  • Auto Shop heist missions, as its 0-60 acceleration and top speed is good enough to lose a 5-star wanted level.
  • Casual Driving with friends around the map as its handling, traction and top speed are all easily manageable.

How to get the Dominator ASP

To purchase this car, simply open up your phone and look for the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website and you will see a base price of $1,775,000 or if unlocked, $1,331,250 for the trade price.


9. Pfister Comet S2

The beauty of an all white sports car will never fade away.

See the Comet S2 in Action:

start at 16:54

The Pfister Comet S2 is RWD sports car based on the Porsche 911 (992) and comes in at top speed of 123 mph making it 3rd fastest Tuner's car, and 8th best tuner’s car around a lap. What makes the Comet S2 so good is not only its top speed but its handling capabilities. If you are a fan of a well-balanced sports car, then the comet S2 will be the ideal choice.

Pfister Comet S2 is Good for

  • Auto Shop Heist missions as your getaway's vehicle is limited to only Tuner DLC cars.
  • ¼ mile Drag Races (excellent 0-60 takeoff).
  • Time trials in the city.
  • Tuner class races (Top 4 for lap time).

How to get the Pfister Comet S2

The Comet S2 can be purchased on the Legendary Motorsport website for $1,878,000 base or for $1,408,500 with the trade price.


8. Annis Euros

Aint she a beaut.

See the Euros in Action:

start at 17:14

The Annis Euros is a RWD sports car based on the Nissan 370z (Z34) and unfortunately comes in with a top speed of 116.5 mph making it the 11th fastest Tuner's car. Even with a somewhat lowered top speed, the euros readily make up for it with its top-of-the-line grip/cornering ability bringing it up to 8th for lap time (tuners). When going off-road you will notice that the Euros is able to maintain control over most bumps/dips for a smooth driving experience.

Annis Euros is Good For

  • Off road tuner class racers in Blaine County.
  • Auto Shop Heist and Auto Shop lobby missions.
  • Multi-Class endurance Community Races.

How to get the Annis Euros

The Annis Euros can be bought from Legendary Motorsport website for $1,800,000 or for $1,350,000 with the trade price.


7. Ubermacht Cypher

Perfect for a Sunday Drive

See the Cypher in Action:

start at 11:36

The Ubermacht Cypher is a RWD Sports car Based on the BMW M2 coming in at a top speed of 113.5 mph. The Cypher may not shine in the top speed department, but it sure does make up for it with its handling and grip, this is currently the only tuner's car that can effectively handle low grip tires when turning at top speed. The Cypher doesn’t have any advanced handling flags so the driving experience will be very smooth. 

Ubermacht Cypher is Good for

  • Lap races with plenty of sharp corners.
  • Auto Shop source missions.
  • Collecting event lobby checkpoints in the center of Los Santos (very good for city driving).

How to get the Ubermacht Cypher

The Ubermacht Cypher can be bought on Legendary Motorsports website for $1,550,000 or for $1,162,500 with the discounted trade price.


6. Dinka Jester RR

The Perfect Car

See the Jester RR in Action:

start at 7:20

The Jester RR is a 2-door sports car based on the 2020 Toyota Supra, the Jester RR is my personal favorite Tuner DLC car. What I love about this car is the handling and top speed are both record pace and if driven right has the potential of being the fastest lap time vehicle (tuners) available. I highly recommend this vehicle as it is 6th for lap time but 2nd for top speed, only being beaten out by the number 1 car on this list.

Dinka Jester RR is Good for

  • All the various tuner races.
  • Lobby Time Trials.
  • All Auto Shop Heist missions (best for getaways).
  • Getting around the map quickly.

How to get the Dinka Jester RR

The Dinka Jester RR can also be purchased on Legendary Motorsports website for a base price of $1,970,000 or $1,477,500 with the trade price.


5. Pfister Growler

Expensive both in reality and in-game

See the Growler in Action:

start at 14:57

The Growler is a 2 door RWD sports car based on the iconic Porsche 718 Cayman. The growler on release was the 3rd fastest tuner car at a cozy 121.5 mph top end with normal tires equipped. Like the Dinka Jester RR (no. 6), the Growler has excellent handling and performance and when fully upgraded beats the jester by a full second in lap time.

Pfiser Growler is Good for

  • All tuner and pursuit class races.
  • Most Auto Shop source missions and all Day one Auto Shop Heist.
  • Evading 5 star wanted levels in the city (Handling and grip excels in the city).
  • Sport races with HSW turned off (Not competitive against HSW sport cars).

How to get the Pfister Growler

The Growler can be purchased on Legendary Motorsports for $1,627,000 or for $1,220,250 with the trade price.


4. Karin Calico GTF

This is what a true Street car should like.

See the Calico in Action:

start at 8:40

The Karin Calico GTF is based on the Toyota Celica, a beautiful car from 1970-2006. The Karin Calico still remains one of the most competitive cars in tuners races (I also use it in competition racing). What makes the calico so good for racing is how fast the car reaches its top speed, currently the fastest accelerating tuner cars. For racing this is extremely helpful when recovering from a spin out or when slowing down for turns.

Karin Calico GTF is Good for

  • All Tuner/Pursuit races as its handling and top speed is good enough for competition
  • Union Depository Auto Shop Heist as players will need to be swerving in and out of traffic.
  • Auto Shop source missions.
  • Personal Vehicle Time Trials.

How to get the Karin Calico GTF

The Karin Calico GTF can be purchased on the Southern San Andreas Auto website for $1,995,000 or $1,496,250 with the trade Price.


3. Emperor Vectre

Looking to beat your friends with little effort, this isn't the choice but hey you can come darn close.

See the Vectre in Action:

start at 7:22

The Emperor Vectre Is the first AWD on this list and is based on the Lexus RC F and is the current second best lap time tuners vehicle, this can be credited to the AWD capabilities the vectre possess making it two tenth of second faster than the Karin Calico GTF (no. 4). The great thing about the vectre is how amazingly it takes sharp corners and hairpin turns, the best out of all the DLC cars.

Emperor Vectre is Good for

  • All Tuner/Pursuit races and some Sports class races, particular sport class races with many hairpins turns.
  • All Auto Shop Heist missions and all Auto Shop Source jobs.
  • Personal Time Trials and in-game lobby events that require getting to one location quickly (business battles or lobby wide events).

How to get the Emperor Vectre

The Emperor Vectre can be bought on Legendary Motorsports For $1,785,000 or for $1,338,750 with the usual trade price.


2. Sultan RS Classic

The millionth variation of the original Sultan

See the Sultan RS in Action:

start at 21:00

The Sultan RS Classic is another hybrid vehicle that can be used in multiple classes (tuners, sports and pursuit) and is based on the Subaru Impreza 22B STI. The sultan RS has an unfortunate low top speed of 117.5 mph but because of its identical setup to the original Sultan Classic, its lap time jumps it to the number 1 spot. All Tuner races made by Rockstar are filled with turn after turn so using the Sultan RS for these will make the likelihood of winning skyrocket. I strongly suggest getting this car if you plan on doing tuner races.

Sultan RS Classic is Good for

  • All Tuner class races.
  • Lobby wide events in which you are tasked with getting checkpoints in a set time.
  • Doing drifts when stanced at the LS Car Meet.
  • Off Road Tuner/Sport Races.

How to Get the Sultan RS Classic

The Sultan RS Classic can be bought on the Souther San Andrea Auto website for $1,789,000 or $1,341,750 with the trade price.


1. Annis ZR350

Fans of the long running Fast and Furious will reccognize this beauty.

See the ZR350 in Action:

start at 20:07

The Annis ZR350 is heavily based on the original fast and furious movie racers (Suki) car, the Mazda RX-7. With such a popular car there should be no surprise as to why the ZR350 is the most appreciated vehicle in the racing community. The ZR350’s top speed and time around the lap is nothing to write home about coming in at 117.5 mph, around 10th for all tuner cars. What makes this car great is the nostalgic value it brings to the player base.
Annis ZR350 is Good for

  • Casual driving with friends and crew.
  • Doing stunt jumps in the southside of the main city.
  • Auto Shop source missions that involve heading to a specific location in a set timeframe.
  • Auto Shop Heist setup missions when access to personal planes is unavailable.

How to get the Annis ZR350

The Annis ZR350 can be bought on Legendary Motorsports for a base price of $1,615,000 or for $1,211,250 with the trade price.

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