GTA Online Best Thrown Weapons (All Thrown Weapons Ranked Worst To Best)

Throw it far enough, then watch things go boom!

In GTA Online, you’re bound to run out of ammunition eventually or have enemies hiding behind cover. You obviously can’t curve bullets, so you’ll have to improvise and throw weapons at them instead.

Why are Thrown Weapons important in GTA Online?

  • Allow you to reach targets that regular bullets can’t reach
  • Anti-vehicles, especially in chases
  • Required for certain activities like breaching safes and or signalling planes
  • Good for area denial during missions and heists

In this list, we will rank thrown weapons from worst to best, and we’ll tell you why. We left out mission-exclusive weapons and only listed the ones you can use in Free mode.

Let’s jump right in.


8. Jerry Can

   First on our list is the Jerry Can, which, while technically not a thrown weapon, Rockstar still lists in the thrown weapons class. It’s also a base-game weapon.

It’s a 20-litre canister that you can use to pour trails of gasoline. You can shoot that trail of gasoline from a safe distance, so it’s possible to set cars and players on fire. The Jerry Can can also explode in the player’s hand and drain half your health bar.

There’s not much use to the Jerry Can; it’s almost strictly a story mode exclusive that was put in GTA Online for the fun of it.

What the Jerry Can excels at:

  • Fire hazard: can be used to set vehicles and people on fire
  • Cheap and accessible: unlocks early game
  • Reliable: if you’re out of choices in the same class

How to get the Jerry Can:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation
  • Found in gas stations

Jerry Can details:

  • Description: Leaves a trail of gasoline that can be ignited.
  • Ammo capacity: 100 fuel units
  • Price: $100
  • Unlocks at Rank 20 (GTA Online)


7. Tear Gas

   Next is the Tear gas; it’s a base game weapon that’s also been featured in previous GTA games. It’s supposed to be a non-lethal weapon, but in the GTA world, it’s as deadly as it gets.

The Tear Gas canister releases a cloud of gas that slowly deals damage to players or asphyxiates NPCs. You can either use it to deal damage or simply block access to an area. The radius isn’t that big, but with enough tactical planning, you can make good use of it.

What Tear Gas excels at:

  • Area denial: you can use it to stop NPCs from traversing certain doors
  • Easy to use: just open the canister and throw it on the floor
  • Good for trolling: can be used to annoy players with the AOE

How to get the Tear Gas:

  • Purchasable from Ammu-Nation

Tear Gas details:

  • Description: A tear gas grenade is particularly effective at incapacitating multiple assailants. Sustained exposure can be lethal.
  • Ammo capacity: 25 units
  • Price: $150
  • Unlocks at rank 13


6. Snowball

   Snowballs in GTA Online! This thrown weapon was added to GTA Online with the Festive Surprise update, and it’s been a Christmas exclusive ever since.

It’s a fun little throwable weapon for you to troll players with and have fun doing snowball fights with, especially during the Christmas holidays when servers are full of players and the map is covered in snow.

Damage? Unlike other throwables in this game, the Snowball is almost non-lethal: it takes 3 hits to kill an NPC and 10 hits to kill players. Feel free to throw as many as you want at players.

What the Snowball excels at:

  • Swift: it behaves like a grenade and compensates for distance
  • Free: Get on the ground and scoop some.
  • Fun: it’s so much fun against players

How to get the Snowball:

  • collected from the ground when it’s covered with snow.

Snowball details: 

  • Description: Be on the lookout and ready to round up your Crew for a friendly snowball fight, but be forewarned, those icy little suckers can pack a wallop.
  • Ammo capacity: 9 units
  • Temporary weapon.


5. Molotov Cocktail

   The Molotov Cocktail has been in every GTA game since GTA 2, and it’s the most iconic throwable weapon in the series. Generations have used this little bottle of flammable fluid.

The Molotov, like its real-life version, is a homemade incendiary weapon that sets a small area on fire. It’s perfect for area denial and dealing lots of damage to a dense group of enemies.

The only downside to it is that you need about 7 bottles to kill a single level 100 player, meaning you’re forced to use it as an AOE weapon for NPCs and not players.

What the Molotov Cocktail excels at:

  • NPC damage: perfect for close-quarters combat against NPCs
  • Anti-personnel: great for setting targets on fire
  • Long duration and AOE: Molotovs are economical and good for denying an area for a long time.

How to get the Molotov Cocktail:

  • It cannot be regularly bought from Ammu-Nation; you need to loot it from various activities
  • Can also be bought from the Gun Van

Molotov Cocktail details:

  • Description: A crude yet highly effective incendiary weapon No happy hour with this cocktail.
  • Ammo capacity: 25
  • Price: $200


4. Grenade

Next is the iconic Grenade, available in almost every Grand Theft Auto game. A game all about explosions and guns needs a simple Grenade model.

The Grenade in GTA Online is probably the most basic explosive you can own; you pull out the pin and toss it at a car or enemy. Explosions in GTA Online are highly identical, so it’s more about “how” you cause them than how many of them you cause. With that in mind, it’s not the finest explosive you can use, but it’s the earliest.

What the Grenade excels at:

  • Good starter: excellent for new players
  • Cheap: only costs $250
  • Iconic: has been in every GTA
  • Crowd control: you can throw it to get enemies out of cover

How to get the Grenade:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation

Grenade details: 

  • Description: Standard fragmentation grenade Pull pin, throw, and then find cover. Ideal for eliminating clustered assailants.
  • Price: $250
  • Unlocks at Rank: 15


3. Pipe Bomb


Next is a slightly better version of the grenade: the Pipe Bomb. This throwable was added with the Biker’s update. 

This cylindrical homemade bomb is an enhanced version of the grenade; it explodes much faster at a better radius, which makes it perfect for drive-bys, leaving no chances for your target to escape.

While it’s an excellent throwable, the Pipe Bomb only comes in 10 units, so keep that in mind.

What the Pipe Bomb excels at:

  • Drive-bys: excellent choice for a throw-and-run scenario
  • Quick detonation: explodes shortly after throwing
  • Damage: good damage on both vehicles and players

How to get the Pipe Bomb:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation

Pipe Bomb details:

  • Description: It’s a classic for a reason. Simple, cheap, and direct. Smiles and shrapnel are guaranteed. 
  • Price: $500
  • Capacity: 10 units


2. Proximity Mine

Next is the Proximity Mine, a perfect gift for those who don’t check where they’re walking. This explosive is only available in GTA Online and GTA: Chinatown Wars.

The Proximity Mine may not be the most appealing to players because of its low capacity (only 5 at once), but it’s an excellent tool in tight situations where you need breathing space. It’s a land mine that can be armed to detect player and NPC movement (both on foot and in vehicles), which makes it perfect for races and missions where crowds of enemies are pushing you.

What the Proximity mine excels at:

  • Don’t disappear if player is killed
  • Trapping is perfect for situations where enemies are pushing you
  • Winning races is good for slowing down other opponents

How to get the Proximity mine:

  • Buy from Ammu-Nation

Proximity mine details:

  • Description: Some people hate surprises. And if those people happen to piss you off, this is the perfect motion-sensor gift.
  • Price: $1000


1. Sticky Bomb

The best thrown weapon in GTA Online is the Sticky Bomb. The entire community uses it for various activities like PVP, PVE, missions, heists, and races.

This C-4-inspired bomb is a throwable bomb that can stick to surfaces (vehicles and props) and be detonated anywhere. You can see how useful that can be. They are perfect for a drive-by because you can throw one out the window and watch everything go up in flames.

The versatility of the Sticky Bombs makes them indispensable for your GTA Online experience; they allow you to blow up anything wherever and whenever you want. 

What the Sticky Bomb excels at:

  • Explosion on demand: you place them and detonate whenever you want
  • PVP: excellent for races as landmines; can also be used to quickly blow up a chasing car (or aircraft if you’re brave enough)
  • PVE: perfect as a trap in small spaces, they’re also very useful in chases
  • Can be unlocked early and only cost $600

How to get a Sticky Bomb:

  • Buy at Ammu-Nation
  • Found in bunker missions and your Facility

Sticky Bomb details:

  • Description: plastic explosive charge fitted with a remote detonator Can be thrown and then detonated or attached to a vehicle and then detonated.
  • Price: $600
  • Capacity: 25 bombs
  • Unlock at rank 19


That’s it for our list; we hope you enjoyed reading it!

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