[Top 10] Most Fun Things To Do In GTA Online

GTA Online is only as fun as you make it be!

If you’re looking for new fun things to do in Grand Theft Auto Online because you’re bored or tired of doing the same activities, we’ve made you a list of fun things you certainly should do!

Why is GTA Online fun to play?

  • Realistic graphics and excellent gameplay mechanics
  • Still gets updates often, even though it came out in 2013.
  • A large set of activities that fit every playstyle, so it’s hard not to find something to do.

Most players ignore 80% of the available activities in GTA Online and stick to just running around, and today we’ll change that. Read on.


10. Driving around

First things first, what you should do if you’re bored is drive.

Driving in GTA Online is realistic; in fact, it’s more realistic than most recent games, and GTA is ten years old!

You are also provided with a large variety of vehicles that you can purchase through the in-game websites. So pick a car you like and get to the nearest LS Customs.

You can customise your car however you like and show it to your friends; building your dream car has never been easier.


9. Police chases

The police in GTA Online are relentless and will never stop chasing you, so if you’re looking for something fun to do, fire a few rounds!

There’s nothing like that adrenaline pump from being wanted for four stars, and you’re almost dead with no snacks in inventory and sirens coming from everywhere.

Escaping the police requires skill and decision-making, so you’re in for a lot of thrills. Their AI is excellent, so if you’re chased, expect a serious challenge.

Cops don’t stop chasing you unless you bribe them through Lester, so if you’re tired of running, simply call Lester and tell him to get the heat off you. 


8. Spending money

Money in GTA Online is vital for the gameplay experience; it unlocks nearly everything: cars, properties, missions, cosmetics, and abilities.

Nothing feels more satisfying than spending your hard-earned money from a heist or mission on that brand new hypercar or new suit. The game’s economy can be a little too harsh, so make sure your money is always circulating, either through assets or businesses.

Always look forward to buying new things and customising cars; don’t spare money or save it unless you’re saving up for something big; enjoy the game!

I made it a personal challenge to buy all weapons, most clothes and accessories, assets, and cars without spending real money, and when I finally did, it was well worth the satisfaction.


7. Deathmatches

Deathmatches are the PVP in GTA Online; you play with a team or alone against other players in Rockstar (or player-made)  maps. Your goal is to get as many kills as possible before the timer runs out.

This mode is so much fun because it tests your skills, and you can find yourself playing for hours and hours trying to get positive k/d and improve your aim. Some player-designed deathmatches can change the game’s dynamic so much it will feel like a different game; look them up online.

You can access it through the menu from anywhere, and the game will match you with players, but remember, no toxic behaviour!


6. Special Events

Special events in GTA Online are so much fun that Rockstar drops an event every once in a while. They’re usually holiday-themed and play differently than normal game modes; you can find yourself playing Halloween’s hide and seek in GTA Online!

Special events are better enjoyed with friends, but if you’re solo, don’t be afraid to plug your mic in and have a good laugh. Most of my good memories come from special events because they break tension.

If you’re more into money, worry not; they reward you generously for participating; you can make $1 million during an event weekend. Look out for special events through Rockstar’s social media and in-game notifications.


5. CEO Activities

CEO activities are missions only VIPs and CEOs have access to, like buying and selling goods, conducting hits, expanding territory, and making tons of profit.

These missions are fun because they force you to use strategy and planning to gain power and money, just like a real CEO. You have to run your criminal empire from what stolen goods you buy and sell to which rival CEOs to fight, when to make moves, what assets to buy, and much more.

I personally love CEO missions because they’re everything GTA Online stands for: starting as a small criminal and climbing to the top to be a kingpin. You also make tons of money along the way, so make sure you invest in CEO assets.


4. Missions

Missions in GTA Online are similar to story missions: you meet a contact, and they assign you shady work to do for them, for a reward, obviously.

Missions give you objectives to accomplish; they range from simple break-ins to multiple assassinations. What’s really interesting about them, however, is the storyline you follow; whether it’s Lamar trying to gain territory or Ron building a drug empire, you’re always in for a thrilling story.

Most missions are played with players, so you’ll need teamwork to complete them, gain RP and money, and unlock weapons and customizations. Don’t ignore contact calls; you’d be missing out on so much fun.


3. Racing

Races are what made GTA Online so popular; you can race other players through air, land, and sea in carefully designed tracks by either players or Rockstar.

Races are extremely competitive; you need good hands and better vehicles. You’ll find yourself constantly upgrading cars and reflexes to do better laps in the future.

What also makes races so good is variety; you can race through streets, stunt tracks, off-road, the sea, and aeroplanes. All carefully designed to give you the most thrills and fun. Added to that is how competitive online players are; everybody’s fighting for that first player reward.

Hundreds of races later, there’s nothing that gets me more excited than a race victory. Definitely don’t be afraid to try them.


2. Exploration

Exploration in GTA Online is what made the community keep playing the game for so long. Rockstar crafted a world so vast and rich, full of secrets, Easter eggs, treasures, and beautiful views.

You can explore the city, the countryside, planes that crashed underwater, and so much more. You're always adventuring through a random event, finding a hidden chest, or even a serial killer. The map is so vast and diverse that it would take you years to uncover all its secrets.

This allows you to stay curious, always looking out for something new or something of value. That element added to complete freedom makes for a masterpiece of a world that immerses you with NPCs and other players.

GTA Online sometimes feels like a second life to me, and not that many games provide that. Go out and start exploring Los Santos' secrets.


1. Heists

And we’re at our #1 most fun activity in GTA Online: Heists.

Heists in GTA Online are so essential and so entertaining because they offer something no other game does: living an action movie fantasy.

To pull a heist, you must carefully plan for it by collecting the required equipment (or buying it), scouting the target, and coordinating roles and responsibilities with your team. After all, it’s a four-man job.

The fun in heists lies in the fact that they’re hard and very satisfying. If pulled off, you’re required to do challenging tasks that need both individual and team coordination to succeed. These tasks are also high-risk; one mistake and you’re out, or in but with a far lower reward.

Heists also have entire storylines with Lester; they’re tense and well-written, so you’re in for a memorable experience with your friends. Nothing bonds you better than finishing all four classic heists with the same squad.

Oh, and they pay the best out of all the previous activities, so you’re getting a paycheck for basically having the time of your life!

That’s it for our list, I hope some of these inspired you to approach GTA Online from different aspects, so enjoy the game!


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