The Best GTA 5 Mods and Why you Need Them

best gta 5 mods
Spice up your game with these gta 5 mods.

Don't miss out on these awesome gta 5 mods

Grand Theft Auto V is arguably the greatest and most-sophisticated online game there has ever been. A vast assortment of weapons, incredible combat, and the infamous Heist missions. Who thought a game like this could possibly be improved? Well numerous creative, intelligent (and maybe a little kinky) people have found so many ways to add to and innovate the game. Here are the best ones that you need to download right now!

WARNING: Explicit Content Ahead.


1. New Beach Girl:

The mod in action 

My favourite character is Michael, but watching a fat old guy run around shooting cops gets a little… ‘Samey’ after a while. To solve that problem, why not introduce this mod, which lets you play as a variety of sexy ladies instead. Swap that sweaty man for a hot, younger lady with an attitude problem with this Mod.

Does this really take a lot of convincing? I mean, if watching a drunkard psychopath do his thing is what you like, you carry on. Me? I might mix it up a little.

Download the mod here

3.     Baywatch Girls

This mod allows you to upload a whole host of female NPC’s into the game, to really make the beaches of Los Santos come alive with jiggling action.

If you’re a fan of superficial, attractive (in a video-game kind of way) looking NPC’s on a beach, inspired by the timeless Baywatch American T.V Programme, then you need this download.

Download the Mod here

4.     New Strippers V2

We’ve all been there. Of course in the infamous GTA series, strip clubs are part of its bread-and-butter. It’s part of what we love in these games. Though, as there’s only one strip club to visit, the… ‘professionals’ who work there can get a little tiresome. This mod adds more skins and outfits to keep your private needs fresh. 

Let’s be honest here, we could all do with a little diversity in our gentleman’s club. This is the way to get it.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

5.     New Swimsuit Pack V2

Sometimes, you need a new set of swimsuits for the plentiful female characters in GTA. And, a new wet look. Happily, that’s exactly what this Mod provides- Swimsuit textures and wet-look textures for added sexuality and scandalous behaviour.

It’s the little touches that really contribute to the game, and so it’ definitely worth adding this to the arsenal of mods.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

6.     Tracy-De-Santa Dragon Tattoo

Ever looked at Tracy, and decided that what she needs is a bit of character that isn’t just irritating? Something to actually look at when performing on Fame or Shame? Well, luckily if you need this spiced up, some generous folk have met your needs.

I know that her unforgivably  irritating personality needs some work, but I guess for the meantime settling for something a little more interesting to actually look at during the painful cut-scenes is a good start.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

7.     Improved Female LSPD

Takes a bit of playing and getting used to the game to understand this one. Generally if I see a police officer, I’m shooting them in the face, or landing a tank on their heads. I never really stop and pause a minute to have a look at the individual character textures, but luckily not everyone is like me. With this mod, the female police officers’ uniform gets an update to be a little more congruent with the males’.

Fancy a nice little touch to add to the experience? This is an excellent way to do so.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

8.     Misty Model

Ah an old favourite making a return. Misty was a female character from GTA III, and a fan favourite. She’s finally made her reappearance in GTA V with this mod, as you can download and install the file, and she’s a character available to have wandering about as an NPC, or play as her in Freemode.

Have you missed Misty? (Nice little bit of alliteration there, you’re welcome) If so, worry not, the download is right below!

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

9.     Lara Croft Bikini Model

We all adore the Tomb Raider games. Lara Croft is a hero I grew up with, and have known her the majority of my life. That makes me a little uncomfortable with this mod, but I understand that I am the minority. This mod lets you live out your fantasies about this wonderful character and see much more of Lara than you would normally.

If you have always had a little crush (or big, no judgement here) on Lara, then maybe you should consider adding this to your GTA V experience

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

10.     New Improved Topless girl

The human imagination is an excellent thing. The ability to create images in our own minds’ eye has been said to be the most powerful tool we possess- and those images can become even more real than your actual senses. But if you don’t buy into that, here’s a mod to see boobies.

If you need boobs and can’t rely on your own mind’s eye to do it credit, then this is the solution.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

11.     New Hookers

We’ve all done it. Gone downtown in Los Santos and picked up a hooker, because if you don’t do it at least once, have you really played GTA? The skins in the game are just about as you’d expect of low-class prostitutes, though there’s the issue of it becoming repetitive. This mod adds a load of new skins to enjoy at your discretion.

If you have exhausted all the options for hooking, then here’s a quick and easy adjustment.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

12.Better Hookers

Many people don’t actually like the options for the current hookers. Thinking they’re unattractive, there’s a demand for something new. This mod meets those demands, and includes 3 new models for the hookers.

If you fancy a change for your naughty behaviours, then consider adding this to your arsenal.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD


One of the greatest parts of GTAV is the weapon options available. Fancy taking people out subtly? Here’s a sniper rifle. Need a more personal touch to your murder, like a serial killer? Then here’s an antique knife, paired with a jerry can to ‘dispose’ of the body. GTA is really a wonderful series like that. These mods add improvements to the weapons available, additionally creating some new ones- because there’s only so many times you can fire an RPG into a police officer before it’s just not fun anymore.

1.     Refined Weapons and Gunplay

Okay so GTAV is not a realistic representation of being IRL. You can carry lots of spare ammo, weapon sway isn’t really a thing, and the cops have no strategy to their actions. This mod excellently fixes some of these issues, and really adds to the overall gameplay, bettering AI and gun usage.

In action: 

You need this if you’re looking for slightly more realistic fun, and generally a better running combat experience. Hand-to-Hand combat is faster and does less damage; some pedestrians won’t call the police at the first sign of conflict, and many of the player’s stances have been changed with certain weapons. What’s not to love?

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

2.     Gun Sounds Overhaul

This one definitely adds to the GTA experience. The gun sounds that came with the game are definitely okay, and sound like guns to me, but that was until I heard the updated ones in this mod. Based from real Russian guns, the weapons sound much more realistic and genuine with this update, and it only gives to the fun of the game.

In action:

If you’re stuck on ideas of how to update your GTAV experience, this is definitely one to consider downloading right now.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

3.     Ultimate Battlefield Weapons pack

I am a fan of the Battlefield games. The weaponry is fantastic and well created, and I would love them to be added to GTA V. Wait, that’s exactly what this mod was designed to do. A whole range of Carbines, Assualt Rifles, PDW’s and more await you to be utilised at a moment’s notice when robbing banks.

In action:

Loved Battlefield? Love GTA V? Combine them, create something absolutely awesome.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

4.     Ripplers Realism

Recoil. It practically doesn’t exist in GTA V to be honest. You can shoot the biggest guns and not even really notice you’re doing it. That genuinely bugs me, because then when I go and play any other shooter game, I get absolutely screwed over when I have to deal with the recoil again. So to solve said problem, this mod gives proper recoil to weapons. It further adds updates reloading features and helps prevent the ‘slow-motion’ looking movement of guns.

In action:

As the screenshot shows you, there are a multitude of things that the update does as well as adjusting recoil. Ripplers Realism is an excellent way to improve upon this legendary game.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

5.     Alternative Weapons

My favourite part of the GTA V combat is the melee combat. There’s just something satisfyingly psychotic about beating a police officer’s head in with a golf club that I can help feel a little happy about inside. (Maybe I play too much…) This mod adds more melee weapons to choose from, so the hand-too-hand combat feels much more diverse and intuitive.

In action: 

Scimitars, katanas. Guitars… You name it, this mod adds it. It’s absolutely brutal and very much in the spirit of GTA, and I’d highly recommend it.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD


Grand Theft Auto- clue’s in the title that cars have to be involved somewhere, and damn are they the coolest cars ever? Sports cars that go far too quickly for me to handle; the sleekness of the classics, the dull ass Sedans… They’re all based off of real life brands of cars, and they’re adored by the community. No wonder that so many people have created modifiers for them- people need the cars to be perfect. Here are some ways to help achieve that goal.

1.     Nissan GTR

Forza Horizon 2 had a ridiculous range of cars to choose from, and it was only a matter of time before the GTA community incorporated them into their games. Thus, this mod allows you to do just that, with all the features of the stock cars for the game. Smashable wind-shields, hands on the steering wheel and a working speedometer are all part of the mod.

In action: 

Gorgeous cars. You need this in your life. Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

2.     2014 McLaren P1

This mod installs and retextures the infamous super-car. It’s phenomenal handling and beautiful design, this is a necessity for you car lovers out there.

In action: 

Include this car in your choice and be the envy of your friends and neighbours. ( who am I kidding, use it to drive really fast and fail the stunt jumps)

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

3.     Bugatti Veyron

Timeless supercar classic, am I right? Everyone knows the name in this day and age, so why not live out your fantasy in GTAV? You live out all the rest of your dreams, so let’s pretend to be cool enough (and rich enough) to own one of these legends.

In action: 

This is a necessary addition to your supercar collection, so you’d better click on the download below and be the envy of everyone.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

4.     BMW i8

Just another incredible supercar to add to your ever-growing fleet.  The BMW i8 is a glorious, stylish yet sophisticated model, and a personal favourite.  In a range of colours, it adds a certain pizazz in your garage.

In action:

My most-used car since I downloaded, and I think of myself as a trend setter, so here’s the download link.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

5.     2013 Ferrari laFerrari

Here at GamersDecide, we pride ourselves in supporting fellow gamers. This was the first creation of a fellow PC enthusiast, so let’s have a look at his production.  Stylish design, excellent detail and some great sounds, this Ferrari is a worthy contester to your cool car collection.

A look: 

Ferrari’s are maybe the best known brand of car in the world, and now, let’s expand that to the GTA world.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

6.     Ford Mustang

Here’s a true classic. Used in all forms of motor racing, including rallying, the ford Mustang is iconic of excellent engineering. This mod allows you to use the car, and modify it with new colours and designs to make it the coolest it could possibly be.

A look: 

Ford Mustangs are cool. There’s no two ways about it. The only time I’m ever going to be able to own one is on this game, so I’d recommend it to anyone.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

7.     Porsche Cayman

Another cool car. This mod gives you access to the Porsche Cayman model and it’s range of sound and burn effects.

A look: 

The fleet is growing and this is a sleek addition. Download link is below:

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

8.     Mercedes-Benz

Now these are swanky cars. Elegant design, sleek body work and deep colours, they truly look professional for your drive-by murders. At least you’re courteous enough to give your victims something pretty to look at in the last few seconds of vision they have remaining.

A look:

Murder with style. Download this Mod.

Download the mod here: DOWNLOAD

9.     Lykan Hypersport

Ultra-powerful. Swish design. Impeccable control. The three pillars of high quality in a car. The Lykan gives all that, and there is a range of customisations available, and the mod is being updated constantly to improve upon the little bugs there inevitably are.

A look: 

If you can’t wait to be racing around Los Santos in this hypercar, then the download is right here:

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

10.Nissan Skyline

These car don’t just look the part, they’re functional and durable too. When doing a hit and run on a gang, you need speed, handling and armour to escape properly, and the Skyline can be upgraded to have bulletproof armour and wheels. The most cool getaway car ever.

A look: 

Excellent engineering should be shared in virtual worlds as well, so get this download and enjoy the freedom.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

11.Lamborghini Aventador

For a staggering £260,000 ($340,000) you can buy this car in real life and enjoy the god awful fuel efficiency and jealous looks you’ll get. Or instead, you can have this app and enjoy it for free, without the judgement or the risk of it being trashed driving down the highway. It’s sleek, awesome and fun.

A look:

The only time I’d ever get to drive something like this is in GTA so you can bet on the fact that I’m going to add this to my garage the second I’m done writing this article.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

12.Ferrari Italia 458

The incredible detail in this mod is actually kinda scary. Being based off real life, the sounds it makes, the interior, the body work, it’s all inspired by the creators of the Italia, so gorgeous is a pre-requisite.

A look: 

I need this. You need this. Let’s skip the chat and hit the download button.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

13.Ferrari laFerrari

Okay so genuinely when I saw the screenshot of this mod, I thought I was looking at the real deal. And that’s not even exaggerated for effect, that’s an actual account. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful. Perfect. There aren’t enough adjectives to accurately describe it- but luckily a picture is worth a thousand words, so I hear.

Feast your eyes, ladies and gents: 

Uncanny, right? I can’t get enough of this, and now, neither can you:

Download the Mod here :DOWNLOAD


The Los Santos map is of course a satirical version of Los Angeles, with their superficial life-styles, hilarious radio adverts and naughty lifestyle. However, Los Santos was not the first map in the GTA series, and people have found their ways it improve it. Here are some of the best.

1.     Vice City HD

This mod installs the old fan favourite map of Vice City and updates to keep up with the quality that Los Santos enjoys. Absolutely perfect, and is being updated regularly to cover up the minor bugs that are always, understandably going to be present in the modded content.

In action: 

Everyone who played Vice City loved it, and I can’t wait to see where this mod is taken- can we see a full merge of GTA VC and GTAV?

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

2.     Mega Ramp

This is fairly self-explanatory to be honest. It’s literally a monstrously sized ramp for all your stunting needs. And by “mega” they are not at all exaggerating. Here’s the ramp:

See? Who doesn’t need this? That’s incredible and I want it I want it I want it!

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

3.     Map Heist In Single Player

No word of a lie, I suck at the heists. It’s usually my fault if we fail them as a team online, and it often takes me about a hundred goes to complete them in single player. If only there was a way to have a practise at it first, learn the map, become accustomed to it, so I don’t have to hear the repetitive cut scenes any more than once.  This mod supplies me with exactly that.

A look: 

This is ideal for noobs like me who need a quick practise run through.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

4.     GTAV world Improvements

Los Santos is gorgeous, busy, full and exiting. But after a while and a couple of play throughs, you feel as though you’ve done it all, seen everything and experienced it all. Would it not be excellent then, if you could have an update to the world? Well look no further than the bottom of this section. New police scenarios, environment updates, fruit markets and more, this addition to the game is wholly worthwhile. I mean, who doesn’t like fruit markets?

A look: 

This is certainly one for the downloads folder.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

5.     Raven Rock Military Island

This update adds a whole load military base on a new island in the East, and is equipped with Planes, helicopters, tanks and more. Also, there’s a secret hidden in the deep underwater. Exciting stuff right? Knowing how kinky the community seem to be, there’s probably a whole host of naked ladies under there.

A look: 

Everyone loves exploring new places, and here you could even steal a plane, so let’s be honest it’s worth the challenge.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

6.     Straight Down Ramp

Well you’re not going to get a prize for guessing what this cleverly named mod gives you. If your guess was “A ramp that goes straight down” then congratulations on your reading skills. (your mum must be proud) Use this for some absolutely incredible speed, and try not to crash into a building immediately.

A look


Yeah, that is bloody high up, and definitely perpendicular to the floor.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD


What’s last on our list to mod? So let’s recap: Girls, check. Weapons, check. Cars, check. Map, check. Aha that leaves us with the obvious one- the player. Here are a list of mods that you absolutely must look at for your GTAV experience as the playable character.

1.     GTA V FoV Mod

Most games let you adjust the field of view within certain parameters anyway, but being a PC user, then you may have trouble getting it quite right. This mod gives you the freedom to adjust it to whatever you like. Very helpful for those of you with multiple screens to watch at the same time.

A look:

Need to make some finer touches to your experience? Then this is the one for you.

Download the mod here: Download

2.     Niko Bellic

Raise your hands if you played and loved GTA IV. Yeah? If you raised them then you’re a certain kind of special person- I can’t see you.  Anyway, this mod reintroduces the old character from GTA IV who everyone loved. Here’s a look:

This is great news, and as a GTA veteran myself, I’m super excited about this.

Download the Mod here: DOWNLOAD

3.     Michael Trevor Franklin new Hairstyles, Tattoos and Other

We can all admit that as much as we may love our playable characters, they can get a little bland. Despite the ridiculous amount of options available for customization in the stock version of the game. This mod however, adds to this list, but makes them look amazing and genuinely intimidating.

A look:

I don’t know about you, but I think they genuinely look like gangstas now, and I’m kinda terrified, and need this in my life.

Download the Mod here: Download

4.     HD Tattoos

The more tattoo options, the happier I am. This is exactly what this mod does. Sometimes, the ones available just don’t quite cut it, so now you’ve got even more to choose from to make Franklin and Trevor look as psychotic as possible. ( I mean , you could use them on Michael too but he just doesn’t suit them unless his stock look is radically changed, in my not-so professional opinion)

A look:

See what I mean? Seems… Odd.

The other’s look great though, so if you think that Trevor and Frank could use a wardrobe change ( or skin change I guess) then this could well be for you.

Download the Mod here:DOWNLOAD

5.     Added Detectives

So just like other mods here, this is an addition to the game, rather than swapping one feature out for another. It gives you detectives as a class of police, who will work hard to follow you and catch you out doing illegal activities, and generally make your life hell. But if you’re looking for diversity and fun, this is how to do it, by actually giving the police a chance for a change.

A look:

More police classes in my opinion is a great aspect to include, and personally will be downloading it ASAP.

Download the Mod here: Download

6.     Revised Sheriffs Deputies

Intended initially as a standalone mod in Blaine County, the developer of the mod has not been successful in doing so, and thus settled for a straightforward addition to the police force. Both Male and Female deputy sheriffs were incorporated, and the designs of facial features and clothing are choices given to you.

A look:

Adding new dynamics to GTAV is always a good thing, so this is yet another way the community have managed to evolve the game into something much better than before. Download the Mod Here: DOWNLOAD

So there you have it. The best GTA V mods available to date. There are hundreds of them out there, so always be on the lookout for the next best thing to incorporate into your gaming experience. Do be careful however, as using Mod’s online can result in an instant ban- this has been your warning!

As always, comment below- let’s get a discussion going, help each other out and generally have fun!



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