[Top 10] GTA Online Best Missions For Money

Making money isn't everything in GTA but it's Important.

GTA online has a lot to offer. Missions are no expectation and when it comes to missions there's a lot of them. Each mission has something different to do and the payouts aren't always good.

So today we talk about 10 that are the best for making money. I will be going in depth on what these are and how much you can expect to make from it.


10. The Fleeca Job (First heist) 

Start at 0:10 

The Fleeca Job is the first heist you can do if you own a high end apartment. You should do this because the payout is in the millions each time and it's split between players. 

This is a good mission because it takes less than 60 minutes to finish it. Also there's no leader set-up cost when you do it for the first time. Lester pays it. Lastly if you do replays you incur 10% of the base total payout of $11,500.

My advice to players would be to get plenty of armor, snacks and high powered weapons. Buy ammo for the weapons you're going to use the most, that way you save money Incase you fail.

How much can you make: $201,250 on easy and $251,560 on hard 


9. Trash Talk 

Start at 0:12 

This mission takes you and a team of up to six, to destroy four garbage trucks owned by a rival gang. Each is guarded by heavily armed NPCs. You should do it because there are 6 players so its simple to do.

It's a good mission because you go up against NPC's and not actual players. The guards will be well equipped but your team will be too. You can do this in 4 minutes with a good enough team.

My advice is to make sure everyone has max out armor,snacks and ammo. Also if you have an armored car bring that because the NPC's can kill you super fast without it.

How much can you make: $15,000 per player 


8. Blow Up 

Start at 16 seconds 

Blow up is a mission from Simon to attack another car dealership. Your goal is to destroy all the vehicles there with Jerry cans. You should do this because it pays alot and it only requires 2 players.

This is a good mission because you can do it again and again with no timer. It also takes you away from the normal missions like shooting targets or doing races. 

My advice would be to have each player buy a Jerry can beforehand if possible. Make sure you have armor and a fast car so you can escape the cops. I recommend the armored Kuruma.

How much can you make: Around $21,000 for each player


7. (Repo Mission) The Sad Squash 

Start at 0:20 

The sad squash mission is one of the easiest on this list. You collect 4 sasquatch trucks from the maze bank and then bring them to a port. You should do it because it easy to do and there's no cool down timer.(so have fun doing this again and again for the money)

It's a good mission because it doesn't involve shooting anything or anyone. You just have to drive to the location, grab the truck and deal with the slowness on your way back. 

My advice would be to bring your own custom cars, preferably your fastest one and use that to get to your locations faster. To get the max profit (54k) you should play for 15+ minutes. Alternatively you could do it twice and get more profit and more XP in the same time.

How much can you make: $54,000 in total if you do the advice above.


6. Sightseer (VIP mission)

Start at 0:20 

Sightseer is another CEO/VIP mission, your goal is to collect 3 packages around the map using the sightseer app. You should do this because it's less than 14 minutes. (You'll only have 15 to complete it)

This is a good mission because it only involves picking up packages. This can be done very quickly either solo or with friends. 

My advice would be to have 3 people go to each package and find them separately. This way the mission gets done faster and any potential enemies have something to face.

How much can you make: $25,000


5. Headhunter (VIP mission)

Start at 0:22

Headhunter is a CEO/VIP mission and your goal is to take out 4 targets as fast as possible. You should do it because you can make $30,000 and it takes 18 minutes to do at most. 

This mission is good because it's time efficient. It doesn't take long to complete and the mission is straightforward. You don't need to do anything extra and the cool down timer isn't hours.

My advice for this mission is to use a sniper and a helicopter. This is so you do have to walk up to each target. I've used this alot and it's saved plenty of time. You can also use the helicopter and a friend to perform air drops on the targets too. (This is better than driving to each one)

How much can you make: $30,000 


4. The Doomsday Heist 

Start at 0:24 

The Doomsday heist is a 3 part series that was included in the Doomsday update. Unlike the other heists you need to be a CEO and own a facility. You should do it because acts 2 and 3 have a payout of $1 million. 

What makes this heist so good unlike the others? You can complete the entire thing with 2 players, this gives you more accessibility and adds more money in your pocket. Lastly the setup cost isn't that expensive, it's $25,000 each time. 

My advice would be to save $75,000 so you can cover the setup cost. This way you won't have to do other missions and wait in between each act.

How much can you make: $5,250,000 in total after completing all 3 acts. 


3. Pacific Standard Job (Fifth heist in the original game)

Start at 0:00

The Pacific Standard Job is the fifth heist players can do without dlc. This mission involves 4 players robbing the biggest bank in the game. You should do this because if done correctly each player can make $500,000 to $1,000,000. (I've done this 5 times so I can safely say this is true)

This is a good mission because there's a lot of variety to it. Each player until the finale has a different role to play and it makes doing it even more fun.

My advice would be to do the mission slow and make sure you complete the challenges. If you do you'll get a bonus on top of your payout. Bring LMGs and shotguns too, close quarter combat is inevitable.

How much can you make: $750,000 on easy and $1.8 million on hard.


2. The Diamond Casino Heist 

Start at 0:27

The Diamond Casino heist lets you work with the Cheng family to infiltrate the most secure building in all of Los Santos. You should do this because there's unexpected turns on every mission and because it has a new approach on how heists are done.

This is a good mission because unlike others you'll have the opportunity to finish a heist without failing. (Meaning you can shoot your way out of most situations without having to restart)

My advice would be to do the mission using as much stealth as possible. This way you can complete it faster and avoid being killed a lot.

How much can you make: After all the rewards you can make $10.34 million.


1. Cayo Perico Heist

Start at 0:33

The cayo heist is the biggest online adventure in GTA online currently. In short you go to El Rubio's private island and steal his jewels. You should do this because it has the highest payout in the game and it can be done completely solo. 

This is a good mission because there is more than one way to do it. There's always something that keeps you on your toes and interested. It's not like the other where you steal one thing and you're done. This is its own mini story. 

My advice would be to use the kosakta submarine and drainage tunnel. You'll get instant access to the compound, only thing though; you just have to scope out the tunnel first.

How much can you make: $1,100,000 but Pavel takes a cut of $22,000.


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