[Top 5] Minecraft Bedrock Best Level for Diamond

Minecraft Bedrock Best Level for Diamond
Yeah I know, seeing non-deepslate diamonds is crazy these days

[Top 5] Minecraft Bedrock Best Level For Diamonds

Yeah I know, seeing non-deepslate diamonds is crazy these days

Everyone knows how important diamonds are to getting further in the game, they’re necessary for anything from an enchantment table to tools and armor. Diamonds spawn from Y=14 to Y=-63, but there are some levels that have much higher spawn rates or are simply better places to mine than other levels. 


5. Y Level -58

This video mentions why people use Y=-58. Start at: 1:20

Diamonds are nearly the most abundant on this level, but there are some drawbacks to mining here. Though you will find diamonds at almost every turn, you will also find lava pools. Lava pools will slow you down and take time to deal with, but if you don’t mind taking the least time-efficient but the most diamond-heavy route, this is the level for you. 

Why Y=-58 is great for diamonds: 

  • Has one of the highest diamond spawn densities 


4. Y Level -59

This video covers the best levels to mine on for all ores, even diamonds. Start at: 2:50

If you take the risk and head into the mines prepared, you will leave with more diamonds than you even need on Y=-59. The only drawback could be running into lava, but this is the most diamond-dense level, where diamonds are most common and abundant. Don’t forget to also be careful of bedrock, which can annoyingly get in your way during the mining process.

Why Y=-59 is great for diamonds:

  • The most abundant amount of diamonds 
  • Reduced air exposure at this level makes for bigger veins and overall more diamonds 


3. Y Level -53

This video talks about various ways to find diamonds. Start at: 1:45

This video covers some good tips for mining diamonds, but it also discusses the use of the level Y=-53. Though it may not be the level with the highest spawning rates, it is highly recommended for safety. Lava isn’t as abundant on Y=-53, so it’s the perfect level to strip mine without (as much) fear.

Why Y=-53 is great for diamonds: 

  • Has a decent abundance of diamonds
  • Safer strip mining without as much lava 


2. Y Level -57

The best levels to mine for diamonds are discussed in this video. Start at: 1:38

Y level -57 has a large abundance in diamond generation. Though it is absolutely flushed with diamonds, you still could run into some problems as you mine. The price you pay for finding diamonds quickly is risking them falling into lava, or falling in yourself. 

Why Y= -57 is great for diamonds: 

  • Run into less lava than the lower levels
  • Huge abundance of diamonds


1. Y Level -54

This video specifies why Y=-54 is the best level to mine for diamonds. Start at: 1:45

Lava pools spawn on Y= -54, so it’s a lot easier to manage when you come across them. This level is the perfect mix of all the previously mentioned levels. It’s as close as you can get to the most diamond-rich levels without as much risk from lava falling on your head. When you come across lava it will be at your feet, making it fairly easy to drop a water bucket over it or place some blocks to walk on top of it. This is the most efficient route to mining diamonds.

Why Y=-54 is great for diamonds: 

  • Very easy to manage running into lava, less risk of losing items 
  • The safest way to find a large number of diamonds in the shortest amount of time 

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