[Top 20] Minecraft Bedrock Best Mods

Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods
Texture packs and resource packs are Bedrock’s version of mods, let us have this.

[Top 20] Minecraft Bedrock Best Mods

Minecraft Bedrock can be made so much better with the use of modifications!

Though the Java edition of Minecraft has a bounty of mods, Bedrock players can still get a form of modification or personalization with add-ons like texture packs and resource packs. The library of texture and resource packs may be  nowhere as massive as the Java player base’s extensive library of mods, but Bedrock players can still indulge in some pretty sick add-ons to revamp their vanilla worlds. From the higher resolution of classic Minecraft textures to changing the entire way you play the game, there are plenty of good add-ons to consider for your Minecraft world.


20. Faithful 64x: Bedrock

A beautiful screenshot of life inside Minecraft with this resource pack

This Faithful Resource Pack for Minecraft Bedrock provides a higher resolution to the classic vanilla Minecraft. This resolution provides a new, clean, crisp look at vanilla Minecraft textures, and details. These amazing upgrades are all provided by a community of volunteer creators who consistently update and add to the resource pack. The high quality of this resource pack allows for a beautiful new look at the classic game. 

What’s improved by Faithful 64x: Bedrock?

  • The high resolution allows the player to see minuscule details that go unnoticed in vanilla
  • The community constantly adds new updates and improvements for an up-to-date, constantly improving experience for players
  • The pack still preserves the original Minecraft feel, only elevating it with the add-on

You can get the mod here!


19. Tinker’s Construct: Bedrock Edition

The incredible Bedrock version of the Tinker's Construct mod

Tinker’s construct is an add-on that provides an abundance of new tools and innovative ways of creating them, greatly improving the quality of life for players. Along with new tools and ways to craft, it also allows players to pick up new drops and craft modifiers for your new tools and weapons. This mod includes new crafting recipes with new craftable items and materials for a variety of exciting weapons and tools and a whole new way to play.

What’s improved by Tinker’s Construct?

  • The addition of a forging aspect to create weapons is a fun immersive way to play
  • A fresh take on crafting provides more complex recipes and provides use for many old vanilla items. There is an abundance of extra features to explore like drying racks for meat to make jerky, armor modifications, and other gadgets.
  • The pack comes with a guidebook within the game to help players discover the new additions to their game

You can get the mod here!


18. Infinite Villager Trade

Data pack that allows for infinite trading with villagers

This data pack eliminates villager restocking and allows for infinite trading instantly. No more waiting around for villagers to restock so you can progress towards whatever goals you may have! With this data pack, the constant waiting game you play with your villagers can be avoided.

What’s improved by Infinite Villager Trading?

  • Not having to wait long periods of time for restocking improves the quality of life for the player
  • Infinite trading boosts the potential of the villagers for players since they have constant stock, making them more useful
  • A quicker route to certain materials and items gained by trading is essential for players who are tired of having to wait or have larger goals for their world

You can get the mod here!


17. Red’s More Structures 

A brilliant structure from Red's More Structures

Red’s More Structures adds a plethora of new and exciting structures to explore and loot in every biome. There are about 17 added structures in this pack, some biome-specific and others that can spawn almost anywhere. The player also has the ability to control the rarity of each structure spawn as they wish. 

What’s improved by Red’s More Structures? 

  • 17 new and exciting structures incentivize players to find and explore their Minecraft worlds
  • A nice selection of loot and new looting locations provides an adventurous way to obtain items
  • The type of loot spawn varies, and the spawn rate of structures has a variation that creates rarity of certain structures, though configurable according to your preferences 

You can get the mod here!


16. Poggy’s Player Corpse

Example of Poggy's Player Corpse dropping a skeleton when a player dies

Having your items despawn before you reach them or simply being unable to find them is a huge hassle for many players, but flipping on keep inventory can feel too cheat-y for some. Poggy’s Player Corpse provides an in-between solution, with a data pack that drops a skeleton with an inventory of your items where you died. You still have to avoid swimming in lava, though.

What’s improved by Poggy’s Player Corpse?

  • You no longer have to get frustrated over your items despawning when you don’t make it in time
  • A coordinate message and player name are posted so you know exactly where you died, thus you no longer lose your loot
  • This mod pack even offers a new decorative block and new materials that are created when you choose to decay your body after getting your items back

You can get this mod here!


15. Nature’s Spirit

Beautiful scenery created by Nature's Spirit add-on

Minecraft is vast and has much to explore already, but with even more variety in biome generation and some immersive details, it becomes infinitely breathtaking. Nature’s Spirit texture pack adds new trees, flowers, and biomes along with updated versions of existing biomes to make exploring that much better. There are a variety of other features, textures, and blocks included to make each biome feel more specific and immersive.

What’s improved by Nature’s Spirit?

  • The new trees, flower types, and biome generation are a dream for players who love to build aesthetically and customize the build’s interior, exterior, and location 
  • New biomes and revamped original biomes provide new and exciting immersive exploration around your world 
  • The materials generated in the new biomes provide an opportunity to gain resources in a different way than in the vanilla game

You can get this mod here!


14. Brewing Guide UI

Showcasing how the Brewing Guide UI looks in use

Brewing in Minecraft can get complicated, and having to look something up on the wiki every two seconds because you already forgot what you looked up can get annoying. The Brewing Guide UI allows a customizable UI to be added that shows how to create the potion of your choice and the steps it takes to get there. This texture pack is full of useful information when it comes to all your brewing needs. 

What’s improved with Brewing Guide UI?

  • It is significantly easier to learn and see how to brew potions
  • Players can plan ahead to gather the materials needed for whatever potions they need to brew
  • There is information about the effects of each potion and crafting materials that makes needing to look things up obsolete 

You can get this mod here!


13. Teleporters

How the teleporters are built with this mod

There are vanilla ways you can create structures and such to make travel over long distances faster, but they always take a massive amount of time and resources. This data pack, Teleporters, adds in the ability to build teleporters that you can power, and then sync it up with the other teleporter. Having the ability to teleport long distances instead of embarking on massive resource-draining projects for travel is perfect if you’re tired of walking or building travel routes. 

What’s improved with Teleorters?

  • There are a total of 6 different sets of teleporters to make that all align to the matching teleporter in each set for multiple points of long-distance travel 
  • There are two types of teleporters you can make, one that teleports the player and items, or one that teleports players, items, and mobs, which unlocks a new and easier way to create mob-related builds and farms
  • Only minimal resources are required to make a teleporter, so it’s an easy and reliable way to travel even in early game stages of the world

You can get this mod here!


12. Trained Pets

On-screen text alerting you to what a trained pet has found with this add-on

Minecraft pets have long had little use, other than rideable tamed creatures like horses. Training your pets to find ores and detect monsters is a fun and great way to make more use of your furry little companions. The steps are very simple, and there is an instruction book once you download the data pack if you need any help.  

What’s improved by Trained Pets?

  • Training pets to sense ores will inform you if there is any ore that you choose in the vicinity by up to 8 blocks away, making resource gathering easier
  • Having your pet sense monsters is an extra and helpful layer of security while roaming around your world, and monsters will be sensed up to 30 blocks away
  • You have the ability to train a pet to do both of these tasks, though it will use more name tags 

You can get this mod here!


11. Game Over


The bedrock cube players are placed in when they die with the Game Over mod

The Game Over data pack essentially adds a game mode that Bedrock players cannot enjoy on their version of Minecraft. Hardcore mode on Java allows players to live in a life-or-death world, where when you die you could lose the world, have to spectate, or convert it into survival. Game over teleports players into a bedrock structure with no tools upon death to simulate this game mode for Bedrock. 

What’s improved with Game Over? 

  • The thrill of playing hardcore mode on Java is made available on bedrock
  • Losing access to your world upon death adds a whole new level of difficulty to be considered while playing
  • It can be added to an already running game, so starting a new world won’t be necessary, but won’t start until someone is in the overworld, where the holding structure is created

You can get this mod here! 


10. TNT Ball + New Items

A TNT ball that is included in this add-on

TNT Ball and New Items data pack consists of fun and useful items that can be crafted in the game. There is a TNT ball, lightning ball, fireball, and wither skulls that explode and affect mobs with the wither effect. These items make certain aspects of the game less challenging, while also adding crafting recipes that add new uses to old resources.

What’s improved with TNT Ball + New Items? 

  • TNT balls explode on impact, making it a useful and creative way to mine or otherwise blow things up
  • Lightning balls allow you to summon a lightning strike, making the creation of a charged creeper a whole lot easier
  • The wither skull will explode, making mobs have wither effects in an easier fashion than using the wither itself. 

You can get this mod here!


9. More Food v2.

Tons of new food combinations made possible with the More Food V2 pack

Anyone who has ever come across a chicken in Minecraft knows that they love to leave their eggs lying around, filling up your inventory. Eggs are practically useless and almost unnecessary in Minecraft, but not with this mod. Along with giving eggs purpose, this data pack brings a whole new set of cooking recipes.  

What’s improved with More Food v2? 

  • There are a decent amount of food sources available in vanilla Minecraft, but it’s still not a big selection. Having a larger selection of recipes is more immersive and adds creativity to cooking
  • Many food items only have one use, but this data pack can provide new uses to old and unchanged ways of eating in Minecraft
  • Fun new food items make for a more enjoyable game with friends by including silly food creations. 

You can get this mod here!


8. Nether Plus 

New mobs and blocks intensify the feeling of the nether in Nether Plus

The nether update did provide wonderful new biomes to explore and blocks to grab, but this add-on goes above and beyond. Nether Plus adds redesigns to many loved mobs, as well as a catalog of brand new mobs and blocks onto the nether. The nether will feel like a whole new world to explore with this addition. 

What’s improved with Nether Plus?

  • New hostile mobs to fight creates a more elaborate sense of survival in the nether, and a fun challenge for players
  • Block additions add beautiful and aesthetic new blocks to the nether for more diverse and immersive biome experiences for players
  • Fun little new nether pets give more options to players in terms of creatures that can be befriended

You can get this mod here!


7. World Animals

A player gets to ride a tiger in the World Animals add-on

Minecraft has much wildlife, but nowhere near as diverse as many players would like. The World Animals add-on fills the game with real-life animals and ways to ride them! Some animals are hostile and some are not, and each animal exists in a biome that represents its real-life habitat, creating a more immersive environment. 

What’s improved with World Animals? 

  • Some animals add new drops to the game creating the need for new extensive crafting recipes to play around with
  • The animals can be ridden with specially made saddles that can be crafted
  • There is armor available for some animals that is customizable and perfect for the protection of these new mods 

You can get this mod here!


6. Vader’s Expansion

An expansive board of the items added to the game with Vader's Expansion

Vader’s Expansion is a massive and popular mod for Bedrock players, adding a dramatic increase to the number of items in Minecraft. 9 new ores come into existence, alongside 400 items and 200+ new blocks. That’s not all, this pack includes an additional 60+ mobs to the game for an all-around expansion with so many new additions to mess around with. 

What’s improved with Vader’s Expansion?

  • A huge variety of new blocks allows for creativity to be unleashed while building
  • The massive amount of new items added makes Minecraft feel like a whole new experience to a returning player, giving much to learn and much more to do.
  • New mobs and structures incentivize exploitation with so much to discover

You can get this mod here!


5. Held Light Sources

In this pack, a drowned mob holds a light source and it emits light underwater

Light is an essential part of Minecraft, keeping mobs at bay and granting vision while mining and at night. This data pack is essentially a form of dynamic lighting, allowing blocks and items that give off light to do so while in a player or mob’s hand. The light levels when held are the same as they are when placed. 

What’s improved by Held Light Sources? 

  • Lighting is now mobile and easier to access, making things like mining and exploring a whole lot easier
  • This pack even allows for underwater light sources to give off light in the water, making it an effective way for players to see while swimming in the dark blue oceans. 
  • You can configure whether or not light sources will give off light from being in your inventory, or only when they are in your hand 

You can get this mod here!


4. True Backpacks

Tons of backpack designs are displayed for the True Backpacks add-on

Juggling loads of items in your inventory while exploring and suddenly running out of space is one of the biggest annoyances for every player in Minecraft. This pack adds backpacks to help manage inventory space. Having this free space is a godsend to a majority of players, because who doesn’t like more inventory space?

What’s improved by True Backacks?

  • Additional inventory space is essential for any player, and no good management or additions have been added in Bedrock yet, so this is a critically important improvement to your game
  • There are a variety of backpacks to choose from, as well as customization to pick one you like best 
  • Traveling far and wide becomes easier, as you can not only gather more items but keep more resources on you to bring along

  You can get this mod here!


3. Aardvark’s Dragons


These perched glorious dragons are rideable with Aardvark's Dragons

Though you can get creative, there aren’t that many ways to travel long distances comfortably in Minecraft. Aardvark’s dragons are a silly but effective addition to the game. To obtain a dragon, a long and expensive series of crafting is in order, but it’s all worth it and makes it feel like a natural addition.

What’s improved with Aardvark’s Dragons? 

  • A new way to travel long distances is convenient for any player
  • Some dragons have special bonuses, such as speed or the ability to carry two players, making for an immersive and important selection for players. 
  • New items are added to accompany the dragons, giving new purpose to items like diamonds and new items to frequently seek out for more gameplay.  

You can get this mod here!


2. Expansive Biomes

Giant trees grow in a new biome added to Minecraft with the Expansive Biomes add-on

The vanilla Minecraft experience can get boring for those of us who love to explore and see new sights in the game. This is a massive expansion with the addition of 13+ newly designed biomes all with unique features. This pack also offers a new selection of tools and armor made with the new resources found in the game with this add-on. 

What’s improved with Expansive Biomes? 

  • A whole new world of biomes and environments is fun and exciting for any player
  • Some of the new tools have new and higher damage-dealing and durability levels compared to most of the current tools used in vanilla
  • An assortment of new mobs also can greet the player, making for adorable creatures  and new drops with great uses

You can get this mod here!


1. Abstract’s Recraft 

A new structure that can be found in the End dimension with Abstract's Recraft

Players have been long begging Mojang for an End update, as the dimension has been virtually untouched and left empty. An entire new biome is created in Abstract’s Recraft, along with new structures and blocks to find in the End. This is a massive addition with so many features it’s hard to mention them all.

What’s improved with Abstract’s Recraft?

  • An End dimension overhaul makes for a whole new reason to go to the End, and for players to spend more time there exploring, making it much more useful to visit. 
  • New items and weapons can be created using the massive amount of new blocks and items, adding a whole new layer to gameplay
  • The new tools are faster and the new armor has higher defenses than the vanilla counterparts

You can get this mod here!


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