[Top 10] GTA Online Fastest Helicopters (Ranked)

Fastest Helicopters (Ranked)
Fastest Helicopters in GTA Online

Why are helicopters important?

In GTA V Online, helicopters are a very important commodity to have as they provide the entire player base with the most versatile method for getting around in public lobbies and in missions, giving players the best possible combat and scouting advantage. Overall, helicopters drastically enhance the gameplay experience with their speed and versatility in combat and leisure scenarios.

What are the Fastest Helicopters?

Currently in GTA Online, there are over 20 helicopters available to players but only a handful can be classified as the fastest helicopter. One such vehicle is the Volatus, a high-speed luxury helicopter released with the CEO update. Before we get to the other helicopters, it is important to note that the top speed of all helicopters may vary based on the performance modifications applied at the custom Hangar. 


10. Buzzard

See the Buzzard in action:

What is the Buzzard

The Buzzard is a popular helicopter in GTA V that is also featured in GTA Online. The Buzzard is a lightweight aircraft that is equipped with rockets and machine guns, making it one of the most versatile choices for missions, heists, and free roam activities.

The Buzzard has an amazing top speed and handling for an attack chopper, making it highly sought after for new and returning players. Not too many performance and visual upgrades are available for this vehicle so getting the optimal specs won't be too difficult to recreate.

What we love about the Buzzard

The Buzzard has a unique and distinctive design with a simple but elegant appearance that stands out among other attack choppers, even those released after. Another key feature we GTA players love is the ability to spawn in the Buzzard when registered as a CEO. The Buzzard has the optimal top speed, and control for any leisurely and competitive travel.

Buzzard Stats

  • Top Speed of 145 mph
  • When not in Air Races, players have access to frontal machine guns and homing missiles.

How to get the Buzzard

The Buzzard can be purchased for $1,750,000 at the Warstock Cache and Carry website.


9. Havok

See the Havok in action:

What is the Havok

The Havok is another raceable helicopter in GTA Online that was introduced as part of the Smuggler's Run DLC, The best business update in GTA Online (my opinion). The Havok has a futuristic design that features a very small body kit that can only be found on this helicopter.

The Havok has a decent top speed for a small chopper with the handling of a high-end helicopter, this can be perfect for players looking to ease into casual racing. Not too many performance and visual upgrades are available so getting the optimal specs is also quite easy to recreate.

What we love about the Havok

The Havok has the most unique design in all GTA Online, players say flying around Los Santos feels like a Sky Kids movie set in the Bladerunner universe. As a day one purchaser, I can safely say picking up this helicopter for Hangar missions and business resupply is a perfect choice most new players should consider.

Havok Stats

  • Top Speed of 148.5 mph
  • At the Hangar, players can equip a machine gun and various countermeasures.

How to get the Havok

The Havok is available for purchase on Elita’s Travels website for $2,300,900 or for $1,730,000 after completing 12 Air Freight Cargo source missions.


8. SuperVolito 

See the SuperVolito in action:

What is the SuperVolito

The Supervolito is a luxury helicopter that comes in two variants: the regular SuperVolito and the SuperVolito Carbon, which features a custom carbon kit. These Helicopters are known for their sleek design and amazing top speed, making them a stylish choice for the upper elite player base.

The SuperVolito is an excellent helicopter that players gain access to when buying a Yacht for free so for those that are considering purchasing a yacht, you could just use that version instead of buying a second version.

What we love about the SuperVolito

The SuperVolito is popular among the player base for its exceptional acceleration, top speed, and landing ability, placing it as one of the best flying helicopters in the entire game. Having an easily accessible top tier vehicle is something all GTA players strive to own, and the SuperVolito has its passengers covered.

SuperVolito Stats

  • Top Speed of 148.8 mph
  • It has an extended landing bar making it perfect for landing on difficult terrain. 

How to get the SuperVolito

The SuperVolito Can be purchased from Elitas Travels website for $2,113,000.


7. Sea Sparrow 

See the Sea Sparrow in action:

What is the Sea Sparrow

The Sea Sparrow is the variant version of the most popular helicopter (Sparrow) in GTA Online (PS5 version) known for its top speed and one-of-a-kind landing on land or in the sea. The Sea Sparrow is the only helicopter in GTA Online that can land on water, putting it quite high on my unique vehicle list.

This Helicopter is only worth buying if players don't already own the base Sparrow from the Kosatka Submarine as you won't be able to use it in its place.  

What we love about the Sea Sparrow

The Sea Sparrow is not only loved because of its high-speed performance, sleek design, and agile handling but its versatility in most traversal situations. The Sea Sparrow, whether used in races or for general transportation, has the optimal balance of speed and handling all players will appreciate.

Sea Sparrow Stats

  • Top Speed of 152.8 mph
  • Able to land safely on all water surfaces.

How to get the Sea Sparrow

The Sea Sparrow can be purchased from Elitas Travel for $1,815,000.


6. FH-1 Hunter

See the FH-1 Hunter in action:

What is the FH-1 Hunter

The Hunter is the second attack chopper on this list and for many months was the best offensive aircraft players could use in public lobbies, this powerful machine is well-known and beloved by griefers.  

The Hunter is a formidable helicopter often used in combat situations, missions, heist and activities requiring constant aerial support. I strongly suggest getting if players are looking for a fast and fully offensive aircraft.

What we love about the FH-1 Hunter

Players tend to appreciate the FH-1 Hunter more when partaking in PvP combat or in combat scenarios with aggressive npcs as its machine gun and missile fire is so broken it absolutely demolishes everything in its path.

FH-1 Hunter Stats

  • Top Speed of 154.3 mph
  • Passengers can use heavy weapons when sitting on the sides making offense more deadly.

How to get the FH-1 Hunter

The FH-1 Hunter helicopter can be bought on Warstock Cache and Carry’s website for $4,123,000.


5. Swift

See the Swift in action:

What is the Swift

The Swift is another luxury helicopter that has two variants: the regular Swift and the Swift Deluxe. The Swift Deluxe comes with a more lavish and sophisticated interior and gold plating that is truly suitable for the upper echelon looking to travel in style.

The Swift helicopters do not have offensive capabilities like most of the helicopters on this list, but they are still a popular choice for players who prioritize speed and elegance over everything.

What we love about the Swift

The Swift is the first and only helicopter to get an all-gold plating as its base design which is a feature we veteran players can appreciate as it shows there's still some love from the developers.

Swift Stats

  • Top Speed of 156.5 mph
  • It has retractable wheels that when pulled in make the top speed much faster.

How to get the Swift

The Swift can be bought on Elitas Travels website for $1,500,000.


4. Akula

See the Akula in action:

What is the Akula

The Akula is the first stealth chopper on this list with one of the best offense and defense capabilities in GTA Online. It is known for its ability to become invisible on other players' radar, allowing for some interesting and strategic operations.

The Akula is also equipped with machine guns and homing missiles that can only be used when not in stealth mode. This can be a hindrance at times but overall, a good feature to keep the game balance.

What we love about the Akula

The biggest and most obvious thing GTA Online players love about the Akula is its stealth feature, for many casual players having a feature like this that doesn't cost money is a welcomed design feature. 

Akula Stats

  • Top Speed of 157.3 mph
  • Able to go off-radar to all players by hitting right on the d-pad.
  • Weapons can only be used when not in stealth mode so plan accordingly. 

How to get the Akula

The Akula can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carrys website for a price of $4,500,000


3. Buckingham Swift (Deluxe)

See the Swift Deluxe in action:

What is the Swift Deluxe

The Swift Deluxe is the second variant of the classic Swift helicopter and probably the most luxurious and high-end helicopters players can buy as it features a lavish interior and exterior designed for VIP transport in the most comfortable way possible.

Players who enjoy the finer things in the virtual world of GTA Online should choose the Swift Deluxe for its unmatched design and exclusive paint work.

What we love about the Swift Deluxe

Players often appreciate the Swift Deluxe for several reason:

1. Luxurious interior: Has a one-of-a-kind feel that no other vehicle can match.

2. VIP Transport: It is specifically made for VIP travel as players will be making a huge statement when others see them in this black and gold beauty.

3. Non-Combat Focus: Like the regular Swift, the Deluxe variant is not intended for combat so players who enjoy peaceful and scenic transportation often opt for this helicopter.

Swift Deluxe Stat

  • Top Speed of 157.8 mph

How to get the Swift Deluxe

The Swift Deluxe can also be purchased from Elitas Travels website for $5,150,000.


2. Volatus

See the Volatus in action:

What is the Volatus

The Volatus is my personal favorite luxury aircraft known for its sleek and modern upper-class design, this makes it an aesthetically pleasing choice for players who strongly appreciate stylish vehicles, this is another vehicle designed for VIP transport.

On release and for some years after, the Volatus was the fastest helicopter in GTA Online only being dethroned by the number helicopter on this list.

What we love about the Volatus

The lack of focus on offensive capabilities made this luxury aircraft shine tenfold as it provides players with a swift and elegant means of traversal across the expansive map. This is one of the vehicles favored by players who actively do CEO work as they can spawn it instantly wherever they may be, this feature is quite broken and makes the game so much easier. 

Volatus Stats

  • Top Speed of 161.3 mph (Fastest Helicopter)
  • Champagne services are available to passengers sitting in the back.

How to get the Volatus

The Volatus can be purchased on Elitas Travel for $2,295,000.


1. Conada 

See the Conada in action:

What is the Conada

The Conada is the most recent helicopter to come to GTA Online that was originally released with the Criminal Enterprises DLC and as expected of Rockstar, the top speed of this machine shatters all racing records making the Conada the fastest helicopter players can purchase in online servers. 

The Conada has the best handling for helicopters in the game, making it the new number one choice for circuit races. The top speed is slightly slower than the Volatus and Swift but substantially makes up for it in the final lap time.

What we love about the Conada

The distinctive design, customization options, and racing performance are the key features players love about the Conada and this carries over to travel in lobbies. The optimal modifications can be quite expensive but once installed, players will never have to buy another helicopter again.

Conada Stats

  • Top Speed of 158.8mph
  • Around Cutting Corners GP air, the Conada has a lap time of 51.961 (Fastest Lap Time)

How to get the Conada

The Conada is available for purchase from Elitas Travels website for $2,450,000 or for $1,837,500 with the trade price unlocked.


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