GTA Online Beginner Guide (25 Important Tips)

This guide is for beginners who need to know the best things to do in GTA online.

GTA online is getting bigger and bigger and in 2023 there are still a lot of things that players don't know about. There's so much to do it can be hard to know where to start. 

Today we give you a beginners guide that has 25 important tips so you can have a better understanding of the game and how to use it to your advantage. 


#25. Eat Snacks Often 

This one's for every beginner. Eating snacks increases the health lost from your character.

You have over 6 snacks to choose from and each one gives you half of your health back. Go to stores to buy them.

My advice would be to get snacks for free. Do this by talking to the receptionist in your office. You can also buy them from your interaction menu but free is better. 


#24. Do Every Treasure Hunt 

Treasure hunts in the game allow players to find different items on the map for a huge payout. 

After you did all of them you will have $850,000. This can get your capital up as a beginner and allow you to buy businesses

My advice would be to do this with a friend or in an invite only session. This way it will go alot faster and you can focus on getting the treasure.


#23. Steal Cars, Planes, and Helicopters Often

When you start GTA online you won't have money for vehicles. The best way to get one is to steal it 

Stealing vehicles in game is one of the fastest ways to get vehicles. You can take them to the shop and customize it, and you could also put it in your garage. 

One trick you can use to steal cars faster in game is by shooting out the driver's window. Do it once and you'll skip the animation plus it will be unlocked. 


#22. Spin The Casino Wheel

The Casino was a new addition to the game and it brings a lot of good benefits. One of them being the casino wheel. 

You can spin it once a day (one full real day) you can obtain cars, weapons, clothes, or RP(experience).

My advice to all beginners is to go for cars and money. Every day there's a different car that you have the chance to win. It's very good if you have no money and want to get a head start. 


#21. Fast Travel as Much as Possible but Legitimately

This isn't a mechanic in the game like Skyrim but it's definitely possible if you're playing solo. 

You won't get banned by doing this. What you do is go into your Menu and change your last location. After that go to an invite only lobby and you'll spawn where you want. 

My advice is to only do this while you're in a solo lobby. Doing it with a group of friends will make you leave.


#20. Do Life or Death Bike Missions 

Bike missions come from owning a biker clubhouse. If you're a beginner you can join up with a friend to do these missions. You can buy it for $200,000

Back in the day 2019 they used to pay $60000 but after the nerf now it's only $40000. It's not bad because the missions are very quick and easy to do.

My advice to players is to buy a custom bike shop. That way you'll get more money. Also take it to your warehouse to get even more money. They take 6 minutes to complete and there's no cooldown so this is great for beginners. 


#19. Go for The High Demand bonus 

The high demand bonus lets you get 2% extra from every player in your lobby from what you're selling. 

For example if you're selling a bunker for $1 million and have 20 players in your lobby,you'll receive 40% more money. 

My advice is to use this in heavily populated lobby's to get the most high demand bonus possible. Also do missions that have a bigger payout to get more.


#18. If You Have an Acid Lab Call Mutt for Supplies

When you have an acid lab you can call mutt for supplies. He will restock it for you without needing to be present at the lab.

Usually for businesses you have to get the supplies and fill it manually, then sell it. With mut and the acid lab one call is all you'll need. He'll get the supplies and fill it for you which saves a lot of time.

My advice would be to call him every time you want to fill it up. That way you can have things working in the background while you do other stuff. Stuff like running your nightclub. 


#17. Use Your Assistant To Claim Impounded Cars For You 

If you have an office after grinding and doing the missions above. Your assistant can actually claim impounded vehicles for you at a low price.

Usually to get impounded vehicles you have to go up to the lot, pay a fine, or just go there and steal it. So the assistant takes all that hard work out and does it for $1000. 

My advice for this is to call whenever you get your vehicle impounded. It will save a lot of time and you won't run the risk of being chased by the cops or destroying the vehicle you just got back.


#16. Take Advantage of Triple Money or Double Money Event Weeks

Every week GTA online has triple or double money days. These allow you to get more money for missions that usually pay low. 

For example if you're selling cars instead of getting your original price you'll get double or triple that. One time I made $3 in an hour because I had a full set of cars and it was triple money day.

My advice would be to stay updated and listen to YouTubers who cover this weekly. This way you'll always know when and they might even tell you what's most profitable that day.


#15. Use The Gun Van To Buy Weapons Early On 

When you're a low level (20 or less) you don't have access to many weapons in the game. It can be frustrating especially if you have to complete a mission or you have the money to buy it. 

The gun van allows you to not be restricted and buy weapons you normally couldn't get yet. Every in game day the van will be in a random location and have different weapons each time.

My advice would be to log into the game and find the gun van as soon as possible. If you don't have the money yet that's ok. Now you know where it is so you can go back when you do. (That is if you make enough before he moves)


#14. Buy Ammo From the Interaction Menu 

This is something most beginners and even veterans miss. Instead of going to the gun shop you can buy ammo straight from your menu.

All you need to do is go to the interaction menu and select which ammo you want to buy. You can even max it out if you wish. 

My advice would be this. Every time you log into the game you should check your ammo. If it's low, buy more before heading out. Believe it or not this saves loads of time.


#13. Complete Time Trials 

These are something you can do early in the game. There are time trials you can do that will give you money each time you complete it. The trick is beating the time.

Timed trials are good for beginners because they're short and you don't need much to start. Each trial gives you 

My advice is to do these as much as possible. This way you get the most money possible from it. Log into the game, do one or two then go to your businesses. 


#12. Avoid Contact Missions and Only do VIP Missions.

VIP missions give players more money. Contact missions are ok but they're outdated, take a while, and just don't pay as much. 

The best way to do this is with a friend. The missions that give you the most are headhunter and sightseer. Doing these in combination with other executive missions will get you $60,000 if you do it right.

My advice is to do headhunter then sightseer. Wait for the cool down by doing other executive missions because by then you can just rinse and repeat.


#11. Don't buy Supercars Early on 

This one is controversial but it's true. Just like in real life you don't want to spend all your money on one thing.

So say you buy a supercar for $2 million and that's all you had. You'll have fun for a while but then you'll need to grind even more to get it back. 

My advice would be to wait until you have stable income in the game. Then you can buy as many cars as you like.


#10. Take Advantage of Invite Only Sessions 

Many players know about this too but not many actually use it. This has its advantages.

Joining an invite only session means you can focus on your business and grind. The session still acts like an open lobby so you'll have free rain to make your money. 

My advice would be to stay on invite only if you're looking to make money. If you want to make money and have fun then go to an open one.


#9. Do the Cayo Perico heist as Early as Possible 

If you managed to make enough money using these tips then it's time to do the best heist in the game. 

The good part about this heist is that you can do it solo. Also you can complete the whole thing setup included, in 1 hour.

My advice would be to do this until you have $10 million. If you do it solo you'll also get more money because it's not split between everyone.


#8. Buy a High End Apartment 

When you play the game it's common to want to buy an apartment. What beginners don't realize is that a regular apartment is a bad investment early on.

This is because regular apartments don't have access to things like heists. High end apartments let you do heists. This will make sure you get your money's worth because you can get it back.

My advice to beginning players would be to save your money and buy a high end apartment first. You'll want to have 3 friends with you because most of the heists require 4 players.


#7. PVP is Pay to Win so Don't do it Until Your Ready

PvP is unfortunately paid to win. This is because many players are high level and can end you with one shot.

It will take millions of dollars to be prepared for PvP encounters. Trust me I speak from experience. Each time you die you lose money and ammo. 

My advice would be to stay away from high level players unless they are your friends. Don't get into shootouts and focus on making money and get weapons and armor first.


#6. Get the Oppressor MK2 as Soon as Possible 

This is one of the best vehicles in the game. You can fly and it has a boost too.

The reason you want this is to make the game alot easier for you. With this you can get to one end of the city and back without needing a big plane or helicopter.

My advice would be to get the nightclub and the terrabite before buying this. That way this will be 1 million dollars less than the original price. Also you can upgrade the oppressor and put missiles on it.



#5. Get the Bunker and the Armored Kuruma

Getting the bunker allows you to make money and have a safe place to store your vehicles. The armored Kuruma is good because it's completely bulletproof and will help on most bunker missions.

In my experience having a bunker is better than an apartment because you can do a lot more. For example you can gather supplies and sell them for profit.

My advice to new players would be to buy both of these after you've done the treasure hunts and the death bike missions. 


#4. Get the Buzzard Helicopter 

The Buzzard is outdated but it's still one of the most reliable helicopters in the game.

This is because you can call one in and have it spawn next to you. (No more going to heli pads) Also the Buzzard comes with homing missiles, regular missiles, and an explosive cannon. 

My advice to new players would be to use the Buzzard for travel more than a car. It's faster and you'll have more protection in case something tries anything.


#3. Start with the First and last Dose Mission 

You get these from dex at the start of the game. All you need to do is call ron.

You can get a free car, a free business and lastly tons of cash. This is useful for new players who want to get started because it gives you 3 things for free. 

My advice would be to use all three things you get to create a stable income. You get everything you need to run your business. (A car and cash)


#2. Own a Nightclub Before a Facility 

Owning a nightclub is kinda late game. But if you're a beginner and you manage to save property you can buy this early. 

Having a nightclub will ensure you have a stable income. With things like the wall safe, you can receive $50,000 a day. This is without using your other businesses which the nightclub uses to make money.

My advice would be to buy the nightclub after your high end apartment. You can start collecting your wall safe money and then buy other businesses.


#1. Don't Burn Yourself Out 

Getting burnt out is something all GTA players go through. This is from constantly doing missions over and over. 

I remember grinding for days doing the payo heist. It was worth it but afterwards I didn't feel like playing anymore. 

My advice to new players on how to avoid this would be to have fun! Remember not every is about making money. Do races, fool around in an open lobby or with friends. Better yet go for a drive just because.


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