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GTA 5 girl outfits
GTA promoting gender equality!

GTA 5 is incomplete without spamming through millions of clothes from the wardrobe and then settling for the one you have been choosing since your first playthrough. Picking clothes is not only a time-consuming task in real life, it’s in GTA 5 too (maybe that’s what makes GTA 5 so realistic).
But not anymore! Because I have spent the time researching to find you the perfect female outfits in the game, so you won’t have to! 


10) Short Skirt Dress:

trevor in a dress gta 5

This beautiful dress will make you into a ‘killer’ princess. If you have played the story mode, you’ll see this is the same skirt Trevor rocks many-a-times when you switch to him. If looking at sexy Trevor does not make you wanna dress your character the same way, then I don’t know what will.

How to get the short skirt: Click here.


9) Grove street OG

Groove Street OG female

You aren’t a real OG if you have never considered wearing the colors of the hood. The grove street OGs unfortunately weren’t to be seen much in the main game, but that doesn’t mean we let our inner grove street OG die too! You can dress up in traditional green with a pair of denims to really represent!

Get the Grove Street OG look here.

8) Biker Chick:

biker chick outfit

Nothing says badass like a biker chick. Get in the ‘Lost and Damned’ vibe but this time as a female. Get yourself the biker chick attire and spread terror across Los Santos. Make sure not to start driving a measly car, get yourself a hellrider and show the people who’s the boss in these parts.

Get the Biker Chick attire here.


7) Pink Suave

Pink formal suit female gta 5

The Suave look will eternally remain a classic, no matter in what era they base GTA. A black and white tux looks great, but will it stand out? Of course not! Show some girl power and rock a pink suave attire. Give your character a look that screams, “no bullshit”.

Get the Pink Suave, check here.


6) Hipster

Female Hipster look gta 5

GTA 5 is based in the modern generation, so why not look the part? The hipster look is the new cool, if people in real-life LA are rocking that look, so should you in the game! Get yourself a beanie, shirt and jeans that make you look stinking rich or straight-up homeless. Leave them wondering!

Get the Hipster attire here.

5) Beach look

Bikini look in gta 5

San Andreas seems like a place with a really hot climate (provided you don’t mod it with snowing mods) so it wouldn’t be weird to roam around the city in your beach clothes. In fact, when your character is shooting cops with an automatic rifle in her bikini, tell me that doesn’t scream GTA?

Get the beach look here.


4) Goth Chick

goth girl outfit gta 5

The All-black goth attire will also set you aside from the rest. When the hypocritical world of Los Santos fakes happiness through glamour, you know the darkness behind this fake society is hidden but not that well. Show your inner nihilist through the goth chick attire and leave them saying, “It’s just a phase”.

Get the goth chick look here.


3) Sexy Rebel

sexy rebel gta 5
Gore, nudity, chaos, and anarchy are what represent GTA perfectly. Be a part of GTA 5 fully by dressing up your character in the sexy rebel outfit. Spread terror and chaos in the city of Los Santos and look damn well sexy while doing it.

Get the sexy rebel look here.


2) Artsy 

Female Artsy look gta 5

Get the literate hipster, i.e., artsy look to make your character look sophisticated (and judgmental). No one will expect this well-dressed individual to unholster a side-arm and start causing chaos in the city. Surprise them all and rock this look today.

Get the artsy chick look here.

1) Army Look

army outfit GTA 5

Enough hiding, show them you mean business! Get up in the army attire and show people who’s the boss in these parts. I mean, we make our characters wear armors and go into fights that require proper gear so why not look the part? Get in your army clothes and start your course of chaos by looking the part too!

Get the army look here.



GTA 5 has a large wardrobe selection for male and female characters. Check out different clothing stores and try to mix it up a bit with the main clothes and accessories to create the perfect and unique look for your character. I hope that this list of top best female outfits in GTA 5 was fun to read for you, let me know in the comments below how you like to dress up your character in GTA 5!

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