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10. Kurama

Kurama is a famous pop star who is secretly a crow tengu. He becomes very interested in Nanami when he finds out she’s a land god. He tries to manipulate her into being with him so he can eat her and earn her power but is stopped by Tomoe. When Nanami is (too kind) enough to forgive him, he becomes invested in her to be with her and earn her power, but he still keeps her by his side. Kurama is probably my least favorite character. I don’t necessarily despise him, but he’s my least favorite character. I find him to be creepy and a big baby and disrespectful. Also, he’s enrolled in a high school, but…he’s…28. (Note: this is according to the show’s Wikipedia, so I cannot confirm this with total certainty)

Why we love Kurama:

- Kurama is a dramatic baby, and I think it’s hilarious.

- Way he uses his fame to get Nanami out of bad situations when yokai nonsense happens at their school

- When Tomoe turned him into an ostrich, and he feared for his life for being a creep. Muahahaha.

Look at them, trying to cute-ify a PREDATOR.


9. Akura-Ou

Akura-Ou is a fascinating villain. When we first see him, we get an Akura-Ou that is loud, brazen, bloodthirsty, and downright murderous. He has no filter or any care or consideration for anyone other than himself. By the time we adequately meet him with Nanami, he’s disguised as a human with his human body trapped in the underworld. By this point in the story, he is calmer, and while still deadly and cruel, he’s motivated and now has a direction. I put Akura-Ou over Kurama because I like his character much better. He felt like a character written with something other than just “I want Nanami.”

What we love about Akura-Ou:

- Akura is a pretty man. That is all.

- His obsession with Tomoe convinced me that he was in love with him. I wouldn’t be surprised.

- He’s a good villain! I feel like Inuyasha is a similar show, and I feel like Akura-Ou is a much better villain than someone like Naraku. Naraku feels like he just wants to cause chaos and destroy their lives. Meanwhile, Akura-Ou’s just trying to get his body back and mess up Tomoe’s life.

Slay Queen


8. Narukami

I don’t care for Nurakami in general, but I found the episode very enjoyable, and what she did for Nanami and Tomoe by proxy! Narukami is a lightning god who feels that she deserves to take over the Mikage shrine, despite Mikage’s desire for Nanami to take it over. She’s selfish and insensitive and even turns Tomoe into a child because he refuses to become her familiar.

Why we love Narukami:

- I really like her design! The little details look excellent! She reminds me of a thunderstorm!

- Her Will-o-the-wisps are so stinking cute!

- She gives us the gift of seeing baby Tomoe.

Stormy lady


7. Mizuki

Mizuki is a white snake and a former familiar of the peach blossom goddess. He first meets Nanami when she saves him from being attacked at her school and decides she will become his wife for showing him kindness. He kidnaps her and reveals he’s exceptionally lonely because he lost his goddess but is still obsessed with the idea of Nanami being his wife and him taking care of her. While Mizuki was a HUGE creep the first few times we met him, he did get better. He’s still a jerk to Tomoe and a bit selfish, but he’s also a goofball. (Insert - him and his little flute) He’s below Otohiko for me because of…well…the casual kidnapping. But, I want to have him closer towards the middle because you grow to love him.

Why we love Mizuki:

- He has some good personal growth

- He takes the time to figure out what Nanami needs as a friend and protects her

- His little flute

Look at this cute little nerd


6. Otohiko

Otohiko is a wind god who seems to be very close to Mikage. We see him watching over Nanami after she takes over the shrine and interacting with Mikage as he watches over Nanami as well. He’s flamboyant, flashy, and sassy, and while he is also selfish and can be quite a jerk to Nanami, I think there’s an underlying reason for it. He also fits that 2010s anime-era stereotype of a very stereotypically flamboyant gay man, but he definitely serves.

Why we love Otohiko:

- He’s fabulous. I wish I could put that much care and effort into my appearance.

- He’s sassy. I wish I could be that quick-witted!

- He cares very deeply about Mikage. I think that’s the underlying reason for his dislike of Nanami. That’s likely just a personal theory, though.

I repeat - slay queen


5. Kotetsu & Onikiri

Onikiri and Kotetsu are the absolute cutie-patootie will-o-the-wisps who live in the shrine and serve the god of the said shrine. The two are cowardly and not very strong but are very sweet and genuinely care about Nanami. They make her feel welcomed and loved, even when she has her godhood taken by Narukami. They’re in the middle only because they’re support characters and aren’t given much to do, but I do love those little guys.

What we love about Kotetsu and Onikiri:

- They love Nanami! They want to be close to her and do what they can to help!

- They’re adorable and silly!

- Though they don’t do much in the show, they try to teach Nanami what they know and show her the ways of their world.

Look at them - not a thought in those heads. Must be nice.


4. Ami Nekota

http://www.bilibili.tv/en/video/2006273777 (I couldn't find a youtube video for her)

Ami Nekota is a naive and sweet girl in Nanami’s class and becomes one of her few friends. She also becomes one of the people that stands by Nanami when her classmates can become mean-spirited. She’s not much, but I would protect this little strawberry-colored chihuahua with every fiber in my being.

Why we love Ami:

- She’s a sweetie that saw the kindness and good in Nanami when basically none of their classmates did.

- She cares about Nanami and her well-being. Even when there were ghosts, and she had no idea how to fight them, she was willing to go in kicking and crying in fear to protect her friend.

- She’s adorable! She’s built like a poorly-written shonen female character, but she’s a good friend that really looks out for her buddy and sticks up for her! We love that for her!

She's so dumb, and so cute. I want to protect her.


3. Mamoru

Mamoru is Nanami’s shikigami gifted to her by Otohiko. He’s her helper spirit that also helps grow her spiritual abilities. He usually appears as a monkey but also can take the form of a little boy.

What we love about Mamoru:

- Look at his little face! He’s just a cutie patootie!

- He sees Nanami as a mother figure & we love that she gets to raise and protect her tiny spirit monkey son.

- He’s a little mischief maker.

I would give my life for this baby monkey.


2. Nanami

Nanami is the main protagonist of the story. She’s 17 and sadly left homeless because her POS father abandoned her with all his gambling debts. She’s then gifted godhood by Mikage for showing him kindness and telling him her story. The show revolves around her working to become a better god and her romance with Tomoe. Usually, I would put a character like Nanami at the very top. But, I only hesitate because I don’t care for how some animes like Kamisama will make it, so the female protagonist always needs to be rescued.

Why we love Nanami:

- While I said that Nanami often needs to be rescued, she tries at least to save herself. She learns how to work her talismans and raise Mamoru. She fights back against those trying to hurt her. She knows how to gaslight, gatekeep, and girl boss out of a situation. She may not be the strongest, but she will still do her damnedest!

- She’s not afraid to call someone out on their bs. Like Mizuki and Kurama. The second Kurama gave her attitude, she told him to shove off straight up and didn’t go quietly when Mizuki first tried to kidnap her. She also calls Tomoe out for his bad attitude.

- She didn’t ask to be made a god but took it in stride. She’s still willing to make the most out of her situation and do her best. She’s grateful for a place to stay and friends to keep her company, and she really wants to help make sure the shrine survives and learns how to take care of it. The whole Kagura Dance/festival episode was a chance to show off how she cares and is growing as a god.

She looks so pretty I want to be her


1. Tomoe

Tomoe is the fox yokai familiar of Mikage & later, Nanami. He was once a fierce demon who followed Akura-Ou, joining in on his violent tirades. He was eventually mollified by the human woman, Yukiji, and then the god Mikage. He ultimately falls in love with Nanami, who takes Mikage’s place as a god. 

Why we love Tomoe:

- He’s voiced by J. Michael Tatum, who is, without a doubt, my favorite anime voice actor and has an utterly phenomenal voice.

- He’s a sassy lad. He’s got attitude & is not afraid to show it.

- He would move heaven and earth for the girl he loves and respects her boundaries.

Stop why is he so perfect

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