[Top 10] Anime That Can Make You Cry

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Otakus and furries have feelings too, you know!

10. Kiki’s Delivery Service

When the radio announces a full moon, Kiki decides it’s the perfect moment to fly off into the night. While her family had hoped she would leave in a month or so, they support her decision. The young witch leaves home and starts her adventure. While she’s had to battle a storm and sneak into a train, she finally finds a place in a large city. She meets a baker who’s fascinated by her witchhood, and offers her a place to stay, as well as a job. With word getting out about a witch who can perform deliveries, Kiki meets a number of interesting clients. Doing so much for others has Kiki feeling she’s missing a normal life. But what happens when she discovers her magic has faded? 

Why Kiki’s Delivery Service is Great:

  • Teaching about when you need to take a break and not overdo yourself
  • Exploring and experiencing new places
  • Community and relationships 

9. The Ancient Magus’ Bride


Chise has been through so much pain in her life. Her mother committed suicide. Her community and even her own family members treat her as an outcast. Not once has she ever felt accepted or loved. Incredibly broken over this, she goes as far as to sell herself into slavery. All just so she could have a home to go to. Many bid for her, but one outbids them all. Her owner is named Elias, a man who has an animal’s skull for a face. He takes her to his land where she is told that she is not a slave. In fact, he wants to make her his apprentice. And possibly his wife in the future. The once lonely world Chise lived in is no more. She finds herself in a place where magic and fantasy come alive. This was more than she expected of a home. 

Why The Ancient Magus’ Bride is Great: 

  • Lovable characters
  • Magic and fantasy
  • Beauty and the Beast vibes (but, oh, so much hotter!)

8. Spookiz: The Movie


During the day, it’s a normal school for kids. At night, when the humans are gone, it becomes a school for monsters. Five monster children come out and enjoy the small freedoms they can have. All while under the watchful eye of their guardian/teacher Sam Reaper. One day they’ll all be ready to take on the human world. Who knows? Maybe one day humans can look past their monsterly appearances. What happens when fate allows for Cula to befriend one, a girl named Hana whose phone he accidentally steals? 

Why Spookiz is Great: 

  • Bond between teacher and student
  • Friendship and teamwork
  • Better than Twilight

7. Sanrio Boys 


Do you ever just hate the fact that toxic masculinity is an actual thing? This anime basically calls that sh*t out. Highschool boy Kouta adores the Sanrio character Pom Pom Purin. He treasures a character plush gifted to him by his late grandma. But quite often he’s unsure whether or not it’s normal for him to like something that seems so girly. After all, Hello Kitty and Friends is what mostly the opposite sex adores...right? Some other guys in school are about to prove him wrong. He’ll meet the biggest fanboy of My Melody. And that guy will show Kouta that it’s okay to love the Sanrio franchise. Kitty, Melody, Pom Pom Purin, Keropi, and Badtz Maru all are loved and adored by both genders. This anime may have been a promotional thing for Sanrio merch, but it will get right in your face how franchises know no gender.  

Why Sanrio Boys is Great:

  • Teaches both males and females that franchises are genderless
  • Refraining from toxic masculinity
  • Acceptance (because you got to be a real asshole if you think Hello Kitty is "only for girls")

6. Fullmetal Alchemist 


After losing their mother, Eddie and his younger brother Alphonse do the impossible and attempt to bring her back. Through alchemy. But a mishap results in Alphonse nearly losing his soul. In order to preserve it, Eddie sacrifices an arm. And his brother’s soul is placed within a suit of armor. Now alchemists, they abandon their childhood home in search of the one thing that could fix both of them: the Philosopher’s Stone. During their travels, they come across many wild and possibly dangerous characters. But every step they make is one step closer to obtaining the artifact. And possibly meeting the father that walked out on them all those years before. 

Why Fullmetal Alchemist is Great: 

  • Family/friendship
  • Empathy/comfort 
  • Eddie’s English VA (one of those rare times the English dub is preferred over the Japanese one)

5. My Roommate is a Cat 


Ever since she was abandoned as a kitten, Haru was raised to be a street cat with food being the only priority. However, she finds herself getting adopted, and ending up in the one place she never expected to be in: a home. Her owner is a kind yet very shy novelist who is still grieving from the loss of his parents. And Haru still broods over how she had been brought up, especially since losing her siblings. Perhaps over time they can heal the other’s pain. 

Why Roomate a Cat is Great: 

  • Opening up and finding comfort from others
  • Friendship
  • Bond between person and pet (to people who hate cats, you'll be eating those words)

4. Assassination Classroom 


In a mix of comedy, justice, and just plain WTF, an entire classroom has to kill their teacher. He just destroyed the moon (seriously?), and now he’s plotting to destroy the Earth. Well, unless the kids can destroy him first. Remember those days in class where they would teach you to say no to guns and crap? Well, this class throws those lessons straight out the window. However, it’s really hard to kill this guy (and not because he’s some smiley-faced octopus freak of nature). He’s actually the best teacher ever. In fact, everyone in school adores him. Which makes it that much harder when they’re all plotting against him. 

Why Assination Classroom is Great:

  • Bond between teacher and student
  • Finding your inner strength
  • Decisive situations (everyone's had the thought of possibly killing their own teacher at least once)

3. Pokemon 


Ever since he was small, Ash dreamed of becoming a Pokemon Master. Now 10, it’s the beginning of his life as he is given a Pikachu. Best friends, the duo leave his small town and go from one region to the next. To battle and catch Pokemon. Make new friends. Discover and unlock mysteries. And putting bad people in their place for even thinking of harming Pokemon. One of the best things we can realize just by watching Ash is the fact that it’s not about the trophies or ranks, but how much he loves Pokemon. And how far he’s willing to go to protect them, including Pikachu. Seriously, have you not seen how many times this kid has died?!  

Why Pokemon is Great: 

  • Action and adventure 
  • Friendship and teamwork
  • Kindness and compassion (certain people could learn a thing or two from Ash...and you know who you are)

2. The Rising of the Shield Hero 


Naofumi Iwatani was supposed to be respected as a Hero. Which is why he was given the Legendary Shield. However, that’s not the case as he becomes ridiculed and outcast by those he trusted. A person of the nobility he once befriended committed the ultimate betrayal. Practically stripped of everything, Naofumi is forced to work alone. He swears on his shielf he will make the despicable noble class, and those who wronged him, pay for his suffering. However, he’s not the only who’s been through hardship and is seeking vengeance. He meets a tanuki-human named Raphtalia who was once a slave. Then he gains a new friend hatched from an egg known as Filo. The little family he’s given is what helps him strive to become the ultimate Hero. 

Why Shield Hero is Great:

  • Empathy/comfort
  • Strength and perseverance 
  • The difference between being a friend and being a SIMP (because f*ck that bitch Malty)

1. A Place Further than the Universe 

It all started when a young student discovered another girl dropping an envelope in a hurry. Inside was over 50,000 yen! The money has more significance than it looks when the two meet by chance. One wants to go to Alaska of all places to fulfill something. And the other wants to make something memorable in her high school life. Before they know it, they meet two other girls who are just as passionate for change. So together, they’re all going to Alaska. During the trip, they find empathy and comfort not only from each other, but from the entire crew. 

Why A Place Further than the Universe is Great: 

  • Handling grief
  • Friendship
  • Proof that Alaska does NOT suck  
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