The Best Fantasy Movies Like Lord of The Rings

Fantasy Movies Like Lord of the Rings
One Ring to Rule Them All!

What are the best movies like Lord of the Rings?

J.R.R. Tolkein laid a foundation for future fantasy writers and gamers when he created the magnificent world of Middle Earth. From the rolling green fields of The Shire to the fiery pit of Mount Doom, Lord of the Rings has been a captivating series across generations. What could compare? Read on to take a look at the best fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings.

The 13th Warrior

After falling in love with the wrong woman, Ibn Fadlan, a cultured diplomat, finds himself being sent on a political mission by the sultan himself. During his journey to meet with the King of Saqaliba, he stops at a Viking village port to restock on supplies.

At first the Vikings are savages to the refined diplomat, but after understanding their culture, Ibn begins to respect them. When an evil threat by a mysterious enemy comes forward, threatening the Viking’s home, Ibn must become the 13th warrior and help them protect their homeland.

Refined Muslim diplomat joins the Vikings to become the 13th Warrior

Harry Potter Series (2002-2011)

The Harry Potter Series follows the young wizard, Harry Potter, on his journey to defeating Lord Voldemort, a threat to both magical and non-magical beings alike. During his years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry meets friends, makes enemies, learns magic, and most importantly finds out why Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby and left him with his signature lightning-bolt scar. With his own strange connection to Voldemort, it’s all up to Harry Potter to free the world from this powerful wizard’s dark grasp.

Learn the truth, count on your friends and remember: Love is always more powerful than hate

The Hobbit Trilogy (2012-2014)

The Hobbit Trilogy follows the unwilling adventurer Bilbo Baggins. Chosen by the wizard Gandalf as the 14th member of a band of unruly dwarves, Bilbo travels with them to help reclaim their Kingdom under the Mountain, currently laid claim to by the fearsome dragon, Smaug. On his adventure Bilbo will face orcs and goblins, elves and the strange creature named Gollum. The longer he travels with the dwarves, the more their leader, Thorin Oakenshield, is convinced that Hobbits, despite their lack of fighting prowess and boldness, can be quite extraordinary.

Follow the unexpected journey of Bilbo Baggins as he and thirteen dwarves try to take back their home


In 480 B.C., war exists between Persia and Greece. Leonidas lives in the harsh world of the Spartans, trained from childhood and made into a warrior. Xerxes of Persia wants nothing more than to conquer the world. When Xerxes sends a herald to demand submission to his rule, Leonidas throws the messenger down a deep well, and sparks the flames of war. Forbidden to go to war with his whole army, Leonidas guises himself and gathers 300 of his best spartan warriors. At the Battle of Thermopylae, the Spartans are vastly outnumbered and know their fate, but they fight anyways for honor and to protect their home and loved ones. This is Sparta!

For glory, for honor, this is Sparta!

Maleficent & Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

A pure hearted fairy of the Moors is the guardian of her home against a nearby human kingdom that is ruled by a greedy king. A ruthless betrayal by what she thought was love shatters her innocence and fills her with rage. Her betrayer is now king, and Maleficent is bent on revenge. She places a curse on his newborn daughter, Aurora. As the child grows, Maleficent begins to regret her decision, realizing the child is nothing like her father, and must stop the curse from happening before it’s too late.

Betrayal and revenge meet forgiveness and love in this epic tale

Hercules (2014)

Hercules, known throughout the ancient world for his heroic, larger-than-life exploits, is the son of the god Zeus and a human woman. Though he is more than a man, he is also less than a god. Haunted by his past, he begins the life of a mercenary, fighting only for gold. When the ruler of Thrace and his daughter seeks Hercules out for help in defeating a savage warlord, Hercules must look deep within and find his true hero self once more.

The epic tale of half-man, half-god Hercules as he discovers who he is truly meant to be


An orc shaman named Gul’dan uses dark magic to open a portal between his own dying world and the human realm of Azeroth. Gul’dan leads the Horde, an organization of the orc clans and the fierce fighter Blackhand, to conquer Azeroth. King Llane, the powerful wizard Medivh and the mighty warrior Anduin Lothar must unite to protect Azeroth from the Horde. When the two races collide, however, leaders from both sides begin to question if war is the only answer to peace.

When two worlds collide, their leaders must ask: Is war really the answer?

Season of the Witch (2011)

After witnessing the massacre of civilians during the 1344 capture of Smyrna, two crusader knights, Behmen and Felson, desert the Order. Despite trying to hide their identities, the two knights are revealed as deserters on their way back to Austria and are subsequently arrested. The only way to drop the desertion charges is to escort an accused witch to a monk monastery where she will be tried for witchcraft and bringing about the Black Plague. During their trek to the monastery Behmen and Felson try to discern if the witch, Anna, is really responsible for the plague or if something far darker resides within her.

Two deserting crusaders risk everything to unveil the truth behind an accused witch

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans is a good old-fashioned Greek mythology action movie with unique and lovable characters. It follows the demigod Perseus as he tries to uncover who he really is; god or man? Brought up by a fisherman and his wife, Perseus grows up knowing little about himself. When the Gods unleash Furies against soldiers whose faith is failing, it subsequently kills Perseus’s adopted family. Through a trek of self-discovery, Perseus discovers he is in fact the son of Zeus and is a demigod. When Hades threatens to release the Kraken as punishment for the faithlessness of man, Perseus must accept his demigod strengths and protect Argos from total destruction.

A demigod must accept his origin to defeat the mighty Kraken and save the city of Argos

Brotherhood of the Wolf

A series of killings brings Gregoire de Fronsac and his companion Mani to Gevaudan, a province in France, to put an end to what a witness believes to be a beast. As Fronsac and Mani uncover the beast’s origin and true nature, they come to realize the killings are more than the acts of a mindless creature. A secret society, the brotherhood of the wolf, are attempting to undermine public confidence in the king by controlling a beast that is the last of its kind. Fronsac must race against time to stop the killings and put an end to the brotherhood of the wolf, before it’s too late.

To bring down the beast, you must first bring down the master who controls it

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2011)

Pirates of the Caribbean is a fantasy swashbuckler movie with the somewhat competent pirate Jack Sparrow at the center. What starts with a simple idea of getting his ship back brings Jack Sparrow across the seven seas with a variety of colorful characters and creatures, facing dangers both from his past and into his future. From finding the lost Aztec gold treasure to repaying a debt to Davy Jones and facing off against Blackbeard in a pursuit for the Fountain of Youth, Jack Sparrow is constantly asking “Why is the rum gone?” and for good reason.

A swashbuckling adventure taller than any fish tale you’ve heard before

Van Helsing (2004)

Gabriel Van Helsing is a monster hunter cursed with a past he cannot recall. When given a mission by the Vatican to hunt down the notorious Count Dracula, Van Helsing travels to Transylvania with his faithful sidekick Carl to slay the vampire that’s been terrorizing the town. Anna is a monster hunter herself, and joins Van Helsing and Carl in their journey to defeat Count Dracula and free the town of his terrors. While facing an enemy who never dies, Van Helsing discovers secrets and comes face to face with his own shrouded past and all the mysteries it holds.

Monster hunter meets immortal monster in this epically dark clash of monster vs. man

Your Highness (2011)

Prince Thadeous has constantly lived in the shadow of his brother Prince Fabious, the heir apparent, and has grown content to drink mead and live a laissez-faire lifestyle. When Fabious decides to marry a damsel rescued from distress, Thadeous chooses to skip out on the wedding after hearing Fabious’s Knights Elite bad mouth him. During the wedding, an evil sorcerer, Leezar, kidnaps Fabious’s to-be bride. Thadeous is given an ultimatum: join Fabious on his quest to rescue his bride or be banished from the kingdom of Mourne.

An epic quest to re-rescue a damsel in distress with the dynamic duo Danny McBride and James Franco

Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Conan is the son of the mighty barbarian chieftain, Corin. Conan proves to be a skilled warrior, but also a violent one, and his father doesn’t trust Conan to wield his own sword. When the village is attacked by Khalar Zym, a warlord bent on reuniting the pieces of a mask that can revive his dead wife and help him conquer Hyboria, all are murdered except Conan. With nothing to lose, Conan swears vengeance on Khalar Zym.

Conan will never rest until he has his revenge

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

Dastan is a street urchin of Persia, but after showing courage he is adopted by King Sharaman. Fifteen years later, Dastan and his friends are sent to the holy city of Alamut to investigate the possibility of them forging weapons for Persia’s enemies. During the attack, Dastan takes a sacred dagger from a royal guard he defeats. Afterwards, King Sharaman is killed and the blame is wrongfully placed on Dastan, who must flee and find a way to prove his innocence. Along the way he discovers the true nature of the sacred dagger and its supernatural abilities, and must use this to his advantage if he hopes to prove his innocence.

A masterful story about a mystical dagger and the perseverance of a young street-urchin turned Prince

Beowulf (2007)

Beowulf is a mighty Geatish warrior who travels to Denmark with his band of soldiers and best friend Wiglaf. There they meet King Hrothgar who gives them a mission to slay the hideously malformed creature named Grendel, who attacked Hrothgar’s warriors during a celebration. As the plot unfolds, Beowulf wonders if killing Grendel is truly the answer, or if the troll-like creature’s death could mean even more trouble for not only himself and his friend, but also for the entire kingdom Hrothgar rules over.

Choose the monsters you fight wisely: Their avenger may be worse

Game of Thrones

In the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the Iron Throne lures noble families into civil war and convinces others to become independent from it. A betrayal of one of the greatest northern families, the Starks, begins a civil war and urges many families to form alliances either with or against their betrayer; the Lannisters. Dynastic struggles lead to secret betrayals, killings, and death, as well as unexpected heroes, victories and friendships. While Westeros struggles for the Iron Throne, an even greater threat looms in the north; that of the White Walkers.

The struggle for the Iron Throne will bring Westeros to its knees


The Witcher (TV Series) – IMDb

The Witcher TV Series is said to follow the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski much closer than the video games. It follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter struggling to find his place in a world full of both human and non-human wickedness. Destiny sends Geralt toward a young princess with a dangerous secret as well as a powerful sorceress. The three of them must navigate an increasingly volatile Continent together.

A monster hunter collides with destiny in the TV adaptation of the beloved Witcher book series

The Lord of the Rings (TV Series) – IMDb

With an estimated release date of 2021, The Lord of the Rings TV series is said to be set in the Age of Númenor (the Second Age). This vast period encompasses 3,441 years prior to the Fellowship of the Ring. A few theories are out there that the show will involve Aragorn’s childhood, as the character was already 87 years old by the time The Fellowship of the Rings began, which gives a lot of time to work with. The history of the Mines of Moria have also been thrown around in rumors. A few actors from the original series have shown interest in reappearing in the TV series, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Crew members confirm the TV Series will take place in the Second Age

Dungeons & Dragons (2021)

No Trailer Available Yet

Dungeons & Dragons is expected to release in November of 2021. Similar to the Lord of the Rings TV Series, there is little known about the plot of this film. The beloved fantasy table top game will be a strong influence on the film, but details concerning specific topics are very few and far between. Jonathan Goldstein (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Horrible Bosses) pairs up with his writing partner John Francis for the film.

The beloved tabletop game comes to life on the big screen in 2021!

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