[Top 25] MTG Arena Best Red Cards

This beast aids all who wiled red mana by giving them a beast to control
A dragon guarding it's hoard of amazing red cards

Like the phoenix it is time to rise witness the power of red

Red’s raw power radiates in the form of rage. Playing red cards means, playing with destructive adrenaline to burn your opponents. But, what shall we use to start such a flame? This list contains the top 25 red cards in Magic the Gathering Arena. Some are only playable in historic mode, while others shine in standard. These cards belong in the collection of all red players. Take a look below and see what you should own in your library. 

25.Star Of Extinction

The power to kill the dinosaurs in a single card

What is great about Star of Extinction?

  • Allows you to board wipe creatures and planeswalkers
  • Has the chance to ruin your opponents mana production
  • This card is so powerful in response to casting it your opponent may concede

24.Sarkhan’s Unsealing

The bigger the creature, the bigger the flame

What is great about Sarkhan’s Unsealing?

  • Provides value for playing creatures that cost more 
  • Can be used to remove creatures
  • It allows you to target your opponent and can be used as a kill shot

23.Sunbird’s Invocation

Flaming feathered value 

What is great about Sunbirds Invocation?

  • Allows you to cast spells for free
  • Playing expensive spells is perfectly fine, the more it costs, the more value you can generate
  • For just six mana this card can be played shockingly early

22.Fiery Emancipation

Blazing inferno

What is great about Fiery Emancipation?

  • Triples all your damage 
  • It only covers sources you control so it cannot be used against you
  • The earlier the card is played the more value it generates

21.Double Vision

Ovbiously, you know sombody loves classic rock

What is great about Double Vision?

  • Allows you to literally kill two birds with one stone, if your opponent is playing flyers 
  • Damage is doubled on all your instants and sorceries 
  • Allows you to choose new targets for the copies

20.Leyline of Combustion

Pregame effects are tight 

What is great about Leyline of Combustion?

  • Can be played before the game even starts 
  • Deals damage to the player directly 
  • Shuts down abilities of certain cards all together and can kill an opponent if they continue to target your board or you

19.Cavalcade of Calamity

Welcome to the most painful show on Ravnica 

What is great about Cavalcade of Calamity?

  • Extremely cheap to cast 
  • Essential when playing small creatures or making tokens with low power
  • Can hit players and planeswalkers just from declaring attacks 

18.Sarkhan the Masterless

Planeswalker on cast, dragon during combat 

What is great about Sarkhan?

  • Has a static ability which you do not have to pay for
  • The more planeswalkers you control the more dragons you may create 
  • Can make dragon tokens for blockers or push that final few points of damage through 

17.Goblin Warchief

Did somebody say goblins?

What is great about Goblin Warchief?

  • Reduces the cost of other goblins
  • Gives other goblins you control haste allowing them to swing as they spawn
  • It only costs three mana 

16.Squee,the Immortal

Squee is exiled, exiled is Squee, cast Squee anyway 

What is great about Squee?

  • Squee never truly dies and can be cast from anywhere
  • Letting him die can produce value using the right effects
  • Great for combos 

15.Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin

If you question Krenko you will swim with the Merfolk

What is great about Krenko?

  • Krenko only costs three mana
  • Gets really big really quick especially when given haste
  • Produces goblin tokens rapidly  

14.Forbidden Friendship

Life finds a way and so does the card

What is great about Forbidden Friendship?

  • Spawns in two creatures for two mana, a solid trade
  • The dinosaur has haste so it can start dealing damage as soon as you want it to
  • If the spell is copied you get to make a lot of tokens for a small price

13.Spellgorger Weird

Some would say this card is very weird 

What is great about Spellgorger Weird?

  • The creature grows rapidly if you play a lot of noncreature spells
  • Can be used to deal damage and protect you from your opponent’s creatures 
  • Starting off with 2 power and toughness makes it develop into a game winning creature even faster

12.Rampaging Ferocidon

A card so sadistic it ruined standard for a few months 

What is great about Rampaging Ferocidon?

  • This card was banned because of how powerful it was
  • Stops your opponents from gaining life 
  • If your opponent makes creatures it can burn them quickly with its third effect

11.Etali, Primal Storm

If a spell is cast without paying it's mana cost Etali definetly makes a sound

What is great about Etali?

  • Allows you to get rid of big threats from your opponents deck
  • Allows you to play big threats for free 
  • With the right amount of ramp in a game Etali can come out before your opponent sees it coming

10.Finale of Promise 

The moment you've all been waiting for...

What is great about Finale of Promise?

  • You get to cast a spell from your grave for free
  • This card will deal massive damage if played at the right time
  • The X in the mana cost allows this to be played whenever you like, it can end games or stop early threats, the choice is yours

9.Ilharg,the Raze-Boar

Illharg is in no way assoiated with Boar's Head deli coldcuts, but admires their imitation  

What is great about Ilharg?

  • Ilharg costs only 5 mana to cast
  • The card has trample to make sure the lethal damage goes through
  • His effect is absolutely amazing and can not be stopped by most cards 

8.Krenko,Mob Boss

He makes offers you can't refuse

What is great about Krenko?

  • Extremely cheap for the wraith he can bring to the board
  • Allows you to double your goblins every single turn he is in play 
  • If he gets killed you are left with an army 

7.Torbran, Thane of Red Fell

After retiring from his carrer in overwatch he now buffs damgae in magic 

What is great about Torbran?

  • Allows all your red spells to deal extra damage
  • Works on both players and their permanents
  • Cheap to cast and his toughness makes him last long enough to win most games 

6.Tin Street Dodger

What's better than a golbin with haste? A goblin that has haste and can be unblockable 

What is great about Tin Street Dodger?

  • Starts dealing damage turn one
  • His effect can make him unblockable
  • If made larger or given equipment his damage can be the lethal strike to end a game

5.Fervent Champion

The people's champion of mono red aggro 

What is great about the champion?

  • Can be played turn one
  • First strike allows him to hit first allowing him to deal damage before other creatures
  • Can be loaded up with equipment for free because of his ability 

4.Scorch Spitter

Spitters are damage dealers and don't you forget it

What is great about Scorch Spitter?

  • A great play turn one
  • It does not have to hit your opponent to deal damage
  • It can deal damage to both players and planeswalkers should the need arise

3.Robber of the Rich

Robin hood makes his way onto cardboard for the very first time

What is great about Robber of the Rich?

  • Can attack upon summon because of haste
  • Reach allows him to stop flyers 
  • His ability triggers when he attacks and can get rid of some nasty spells from your opponents deck

2.Anax, Hardened in the Forge

This is Theros!

What is great about Anax?

  • Profits off of having a large board state because of devotion
  • Whenever creatures die you get to make tokens 
  • Can become insanely powerful late-game or be the reason you get the advantage early-game


Lean, mean, red artifact damge dealing machine 

What is great about Embercleave?

  • Flash allows this card to be played at instant speed, which it is begging for 
  • Gives any creature you want more power and can be equipped for nothing when it is played
  • The spell reduces its own cost 

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