[Top 10] One Piece Best Fights of All Time

One Piece Best Fights
Luffy: Snakeman transformation

10. Sanji vs Jyabura

Jyabura getting kicked in the face by Sanji.

When you make a Devil Cook mad, there is no going back. Sanji kicked Jyabura, a skilled CP-9 agent who ate a devil fruit that gives him the abilities of a wolf, right straight onto the ground using his new skill, Diable Jambe. Jabra is one of the top fighters of the CP-9. He even claims that he is the only CP9 member who can use Tekkai, a defense move while fighting, but he can’t handle Sanji’s overwhelming newfound power.

 Why this battle is so epic…

  • This is Sanji’s first time to fight a Zoan Type user
  • This is the first time we saw Sanji past his limits and bring forth the best out of him.
  • This is the first time we saw Sanji's Diable Jambe.

9. Luffy vs. Pacifista (Timeskip)

Luffy delivering his Jet Pistol and crushed the Pacifista onto the ground.

A Pacifista, cyborg made by Dr. Vegapunk, launched a series of laser beams to attack Luffy where Luffy easily dodged the attacks.

Luffy then jumped high in the air and crashed the cyborg down in a single blow.

What makes this fight so epic?

  • A Pacifista is so strong that before the timeskip it takes the combined strength of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji just to defeat a single Pacifista.
  • Before the timeskip, Sanji and Zoro’s finishing moves we’re not even enough to beat one.
  • After the timeskip, it only took a single blow from Luffy to take down a Pacifista.
  • Lastly, this battle showed Luffy’s powerup tenfold.

8. Whitebeard vs Akainu

Whitebeard drilling Akainu’s face in the ground.

When Fire fist Ace died, Whitebeard loses his control against Akainu! The old man almost killed the Admiral. Whitebeard drilled his hand into Akainu’s face that it almost flattened out to the ground. Even after being fried in the insides by Akainu’s magma punch, the old man gave Akainu a world-breaking punch in the abdomen. The blow was so great that it destroyed the Navy HQ and caused Akainu to fell  under the ground.

What makes the fight so epic?

  • The last punch Whitebeard gave destroyed the entire headquarters of the Navy!
  • This is one of moments where you really never wanted to be on Whitebeard's wrong side.
  • This is also an instance where you can see how Whitebeard really loved Ace that he poured every single strength he had on that last punch.

7. Luffy vs. Celestial Dragon

Angry Luffy about to deliver his punch onto the Celestial Dragon.

A Celestial Dragon is considered to be the one of the highest class of people in One Piece. They are also under the protection of the World Government. This is the reason not a single pirate ever dared to touch them. And here is Luffy, prioritizing his anger over the repercussions of his actions just because his friend, Hatchan, was shot by a Celestial Dragon. Luffy delivered a blow that the Celestial Dragon’s bubble broke and sent him flying across the auction.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best Luffy moments in the series.

Why is this moment so amazing?

  • First, Luffy just punched a Celestial Dragon. That alone is amazing!
  • Second, Luffy does not care if punching the World Noble means sending an admiral and a warship over. He’s just so fearless.
  • Lastly, Luffy gained respect from the likes of Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law, Boa Hancock, and even Rayleigh.

6. Mihawk vs. Zoro

Dracule Mihawk breaking through Zoro and his blades.

This fight was one of the best fights Zoro ever since the series started. At the beginning of the series, we already found out that Zoro’s goal was to be the strongest swordsman in the world. Interestingly, the Strongest Swordsman in the World, Mihawk, showed up early in the series. Zoro challenged Mihawk into a duel but was defeated easily.

What makes this duel epic?

  • We saw Zoro defeated for the first time.
  • We saw how great the difference between Zoro and Mihawk truly is.
  • Mihawk only used a small blade to defeat Zoro.
  • Lastly, Zoro made a promise and vowed his loyalty to Luffy.

5. Luffy vs. Doflamingo

Luffy using Gear Fourth for the first time to bring Doflamingo down.

Doflamingo is one of the prevalent characters in the series and the best underworld broker. He is also one of the Shichibukai and one of the best fighters in the series. He ate a Paramecia Devil Fruit which grants him to control and create strings at will.

This battle brought out the true results of Luffy’s training with Raleigh during the two-year hiatus. Both Doflamingo and Luffy showed how powerful their Conqueror’s Haki. Luffy ended up using his Gear Fourth Bounce Man form for the first time and had to use it twice during the battle. At the end, Luffy defeated Doflamingo with his latest finishing move, King Kong Gun.  

What makes this battle amazing?

  • First, we saw Luffy’s gear fourth for the first time.
  • We saw the clash of two Colors of Supreme Haki
  • We officially saw the power of Awakening through Doflamingo.
  • Lastly, Luffy unleashed his greatest attack in the series yet, King Kong Gun.

4. Fire Fist Ace vs. Blackbeard

Ace uses his greatest fire attack move, Flame Emperor.

After looking for Blackbeard for a long time, Ace finally caught up with Blackbeard at the Banaro Island where Ace battled against Blackbeard. Ace threw several fire moves onto Blackbeard. Then, Blackbeard showed the powers of the Yami Yami No Mi for the first time when he sinks an entire town into his darkness. He also managed to pull Ace and negate his abilities. Ace was just overwhelmed by Blackbeard. 

Their final clash was when Ace used his best fire power move called Flame Emperor while Blackbeard used his darkness ability. Their clash causes a huge combination of flame and darkness that can be overlooked across the sea. It was a fight between light and darkness. At the end, Ace was heavily beaten by Blackbeard. 

There are several key points why this duel was one of the best.

  • We saw Blackbeard’s powers for the first time. We also learned about his abilities.
  • This is the moment where we see Ace power at its fullest.
  • Lastly, this duel led to the Marineford Summit War.

3. Luffy vs Bellamy (first fight)

Luffy defeating Bellamy in a single punch.

Here’s some advice. Never challenge Luffy ever. 

Bellamy is one of the rising pirates who currently dropped by the island of Jaya. He is extremely arrogant and he went boasting his bounty of 55, 000,000 million berries. At that time, Luffy happens to be docked along the island as well. The two met and Luffy was deeply mocked by Bellamy and his crew about Luffy’s dream. 

However, when you mess with Luffy’s friends, wrong move my friend! Because Bellamy just ransacked Luffy’s friend, Cricket-san, Luffy will never tolerate that. Bellamy decided to use his killer move, Spring Hopper, an attack that lets him bounce so fast through the area that you can’t even see him. And then the unexpected happened, Bellamy was about to strike Luffy when Luffy threw a punch so hard that it took Bellamy immediately down and rendered him unconscious!

Several key points need to be taken note of here.

  • First and foremost, this is one of the memorable moments where Luffy becomes overpowered.
  • Second, never really make Luffy Angry because he can always do the unthinkable.
  • Lastly, Luffy can really throw a single punch and knock you down.

2. Luffy vs. Rob Lucci

Luffy pummeling Lucci onto the wall with Gatling Gun.

This fight surely is unforgettable.

Lucci, the strongest CP-9 member, is a brute force not to be messed with. He ate a Zoan type fruit that grants him the abilities and features of a leopard. He has also mastered the Rokushiki, a martial arts style, which gives him immense strength.

As Lucci and Luffy exchange blows, Luffy was completely overwhelmed until he used his 2nd Gear and 3rd Gear. Still, it wasn’t enough.

Luffy ended up breaking past through his limits in order to defeat Lucci. He used the last of his strength and used his Gomu Gomu No Gatling Gun to seal the deal.

Luffy was paralyzed after everything though.

This moment was one of the best because…

  • This is the first time we saw Luffy using Gear Third.
  • It pushed Luffy past his limits
  • This fight increased Luffy’s bounty to 300,000,000 million berries.
  • Lastly, this fight was a wakeup call and made Luffy realized that he has to get stronger to protect his friends.
  • Lucci is the only known user of the Rokougan which far surpasses the other six Rokushiki techniques.

1. Luffy vs Katakuri

Katakuri decides to end the battle and fall over on his back.

No one can top this fight ever. So far…

Well, this fight after the timeskip was the best fight that Luffy has ever had. Charlotte Katakuri is the son of the Yonkou Big Mom and the strongest one next to Big Mom herself. He’s bounty also surpasses a billion which makes him a very dangerous opponent.

Katakuri possesses an advanced form of Haki that lets him see a glimpse of the future. This ability allows him to counter any attacks from his opponents. Luffy is a testament to this feat. Luffy can’t even land a hit on Katakuri at the beginning of their fight.

Luffy was only able to hit Katakuri when the latter got distracted and disproved the theory that Katakuri is a Logia Type user rather than a Paramecia Type user.

As the two fought for hours, Luffy slowly learned how to see a bit of the future which alarmed Katakuri immediately. Luffy finally showed another form of his gear fourth, Snake Man. At the end of the fight, the two decided to clash one more type with Luffy using his Black Mamba while Katakuri used Diced Mochi. Both fighters went down.

When Luffy got up, he realized that he really wasn’t able to defeat Katakuri. On the other hand, Katakuri, exhausted, just decided to throw the towel and let Luffy go.

This fight is the most amazing fight in One Piece because…

  • Luffy showed another form of his gear fourth
  • This battle is the longest battle Luffy ever fought which stands to more than 10 hours.
  • Luffy learned to harness his skills while on a fight
  • This is the first time we saw Luffy fight a man over a billion bounty.
  • Katakuri is the best fighter so far in the series.


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