Top 15 One Piece Best Wallpapers

One Piece Best Wallpapers
Sabo on flames

15. White Beard

Here’s a question. Be part of the Whitebeard crew or strawhat crew? Tough? It should be.

Whitebeard might be gone but his remnants never left. Plus, who doesn’t want to be part of the strongest crew that is only considered next to the Roger Pirates. I wouldn’t miss the chance.

Also, no one would argue how awesome this wallpaper is! The combination of white and black colors and how it complements one another looks like the perfect wallpaper for you.

14. Sunny Go

The ship of the future Pirate King on a dreamy wallpaper. Ooh! What a sight!

We all know that Sunny Go can fly using Coop de Burst and seeing it fly across the dreamy night looks like the right wallpaper to bid you goodnight.

Even the texture of this wallpaper looks like it would come out from the picture. The graphics are just so ecstatic.

13. Luffy Jolly Roger

Of course, who doesn’t want to have the Strawhat Jolly Roger as their wallpaper?

It’s basically a no brainer. Anyone who sees this symbol will instantly know that this is the Strawhats’ mark. 

Just having this wallpaper, gives off the vibe that you are flying the same flag and  a part of the crew of the future Pirate King. Who does not want that? Nobody.

Any One Piece fans will surely love this wallpaper.

12. Luffy, Ace, & Sabo

Who can ever forget the childhood of Luffy, Ace, & Sabo? This is the highlight of the untold story of Luffy until Ace died. 

This is the story of the three brothers who went above and beyond on every situation. This story surely brings back memories of early childhood which most of us can relate to.

The light color from the back and darker colors to the front symbolizes flashback memories which lightens up the mood of the whole picture. It is so heartily that we even forget Luffy’s scared face! This picture also shows how much Ace and Sabo protect Luffy by letting him run first.

Oh, the memories of the old days, right!

11. Marineford Summit War

The epic finale of the old era… Who wouldn’t want to have a wallpaper like this?

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then, this wallpaper says it all. It tells the whole saga of the Marineford Summit War.

We can see the big names just in this one wallpaper. Whitebeard, Blackbeard, Monkey D. Garp, the Admirals, and other more characters who participated in the war are all here in this one wallpaper!

 People will love to have this posted on their walls!

10. Monkey D. Luffy (Gear fourth)

The first time we saw his gear fourth is the moment we all have been waiting for during the Dressrosa Arc.

Everybody wants to see the peak of Luffy’s strength after the two years. At long last, we saw it and it was amazing.

Every time you see this wallpaper, it would definitely remind you how easily he beat Doflamingo. Those memories flashback again and we remember how their faces glow and are full of excitement when that episode was released.

Don’t tell me I’m wrong!

9. Merry Under the Sea

One of the most memorable moments in One Piece was the moment when a ship made you cry.

You will know how great a series is if inanimate objects fill you up with emotions. One Piece is one of those great series. Going Merry is already considered one of the Strawhats, and so its passing is one of the most iconic moments in the story thus far.

This wallpaper brings you back to that momentous episode when Luffy and his friends bid farewell to Merry. This wallpaper being under the sea also fits with the story since the Going Merry sank along with its spirit.

This wallpaper also gives off the vibe you’re in another world! We all want an escape from reality at times anyway.

8. New World Strawhats

Surely, no one would refuse to have this as their wallpaper. It’s just amazing.


To be honest, this is a bit outdated since Jimbe joined the crew recently. But still for the longest time, this is the crew we all grew up with. 

The crew is basically complete. We have Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook. All of us would definitely want this kind of wallpaper.

Seeing them smiling and grinning at you seems like your part of the crew too! Imagine you’re laying down on the floor and you see this wallpaper from above. It seems you’re also in the world of One Piece! Ain’t that, right?

So I suggest stick this wallpaper on your ceiling for the best results.

7. Strawhat Pirates and Jolly Roger

Another Strawhat Pirate crew wallpaper… outstanding!

Who would have thought that even the other strawhat pirates would have their own Jolly Roger?

This wallpaper really shows a true One Piece fan. The black-colored background also gives the strawhats the center of attention which truly is a great wallpaper background.

6. Portgas D. Ace

Well, who can forget the first major character killed off in the series anyway?

Portgas D. Ace, the adopted brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo, is truly one of the beloved characters in the world of One Piece. Ace has always been a protective brother to Luffy. And so, his loss was surely one of the most heartbreaking moments ever in the series.

In this wallpaper, Ace’s extended arms and at his back feels a moment of letting go and being free. Isn’t it? With the addition of perceived heaven, it represents both freedom and death to which many One Piece fans can truly relate.

5.  Don’t Cry, You’re a Man

The story where it all began.

Remember the time when Shanks saved Luffy from the sea monster and lose his arm as a consequence. Isn’t that unforgettable?

Because who would risk their lives for the sake of someone else nonetheless to just a kid you met while in town?

This defining moment starts Luff’s journey to becoming the Pirate King. And, it is all in this one picture!

The usage of the colors in this wallpaper is on point because it represents peace and tranquility. Also, the words written in the middle, “Don’t cry, you’re a man”  make us go back to those moments in that episode as if you were watching it happen. Isn’t that cool?

4.  Monkey D. Luffy

Simple but classic.

The iconic look on Luffy’s face every time his hat is tipped off will surely make an impression.

This wallpaper is so simple yet impactful. The background is clear, and so Luffy with his red shirt gives off an unexplainable impression.

Anyone who sees this wallpaper of yours will truly think not to mess with you. I got the Pirate King’s back!


3. One Piece (New World)

Now, this is what wallpapers ought to be. 

This wallpaper that represents the New World leaves the past behind and heading along towards the new threat, Doflamingo.

Having the strawhats in the middle makes them the center of attraction. This is befitting since they are indeed in the center of everything. 

The change in color from left to right is also spot on. It tells that Whitebeard and Ace were now the past and it is time to face the darkness ahead – Doflamingo.

This is the perfect wallpaper especially for those who loved the Dressrosa Arc where we saw the peak and highlight of everything.

2. Euphoria

Now, this is just epic.


Luffy at its finest. The slanted lines and jagged lines on this wallpaper represent disturbance and power. The details on this wallpaper are just intricate.

You can see the shades of muscularity of Luffy here which adds to the richness of this graphic.

Your attention also shifts to Luffy’s shirt since it's outstanding. Plus, it represents power. No wonder why Luffy always wears clothes that are shaded with red.

This graphic is just so intense that it makes one of the top wallpapers.

1. Brothers Forever

Definitely, one of the best wallpapers you can ever have.

This represents the answers to our what-ifs. What if Ace never died? What if Sabo never left?

The fiery surrounding also adds up to the image which flares up the intensity of the wallpaper.

Imagine if these three fly up the same flag. One Piece would never get to 1000 episodes probably.

Nevertheless, what if…


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