[Top 10] One Punch Man Best Villains

One Punch Man Best Villains
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Top 10 One Punch Man Villains

What is a hero without a villain? Can there be a hero without a villain, or do heroes arise in view of villains? Well, this 2015 anime teaches us that any good hero has even better villains, let’s see where they land on this list:


10. Vaccine man

Earth has produced a vaccine to cure its disease, humans

Vaccine Man is a muscular humanoid creature created from pollution. A popular theme for villains nowadays is the whole “I was created by the earth to eradicate the true disease, humans” and sadly we are going to have to pollute it a lot more if Vaccine Man is all the Earth can dish out against us.

What made Vaccine man one of the best villains:

  • It’s the first villain Saitama encounters looks formidable and proves just the opposite setting the stage for the rest of the anime
  • He looks like an off-brand combination of Frieza and Piccolo with TV antennas (which called my attention most of all)
  • Even with his transformation ability, turning into a giant monster with fangs and claws, he gets easily killed by Saitama (the best villain is a beaten one).

9. Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl has wrecked many Waifu biases

Mosquito Girl is a black and white voluptuous hybrid with long legs. She can control mosquitoes with her mind and by feeding off blood she can become a stronger (redder) version of herself. She fights Genos first, nearly killing him if it wasn’t for butt-naked Saitama coming out of nowhere and pimp slapping her.

What made Mosquito Girl one of the best villains:

  • I don’t know how but they managed to pull off Fan Service with a mosquito
  • Her red transformation, from consuming blood, makes her crazier and stronger almost killing Genos, and everyone loves a Yandere mosquito
  • She is able to control every mosquito within 50 km, she is cold-blooded and ruthless just like her pesky subjects, draining the life out of everything she passes

8. Subterraneans

Soil dwellers want to conquer the surface

After Saitama has the best dream of his life with Super jacked Subterraneans, he wakes up to find that the city he is in is being attacked by, a lot less jacked, bioluminescent underground creatures. When he encounters them and fights the weak king, they decide that maybe they don’t want to conquer the surface today.

What made Subterraneans one of the best villains:

  • When this villain appeared we couldn’t help but laugh and after watching that awesome dream we feel Saitama’s disappointment when encountering the subterraneans
  • This villain’s simple art style creates a great contrast and furthers our disappointment and entertainment to see them pop out of the ground like daisies
  • Their quiet retreat back into the ground just gets better every time, like a dog with his tail between his tails

7. Deep Sea King

He came, he saw... he tried to conquer

The creepiest king of all, wearing nothing but red trunks, a cape, a crown and something like heart-shaped nipple stickers? The Sea King towers over his enemies. After knocking out the majority of the heroes while claiming that because “life started in the ocean the dry land belongs to him too”, Saitama ends his fishy reign.

What made Deep Sea King one of the best villains:

  • This sadistic king has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills which he uses to completely destroy everyone in his path
  • His fight scene with Genos was the best and his fight with Mumen Rider was the most emotional
  • His creepy character design and intimidation skills which made All Back-Man piss his pants and honestly some of us too (heart shaped nipples? Who wouldn't tremble in fear)

6. Dr. Genus

A mad scientist with no sense of fashion

He is a pale obsessive scientist with glasses and black hair. He runs the House of Evolution and is responsible for Beast King, Ground Dragon, Armored Gorilla, and others. When Saitama and Genos go in to stop his operations, Dr. Genos sends out his strongest creation, Carnage Kabuto! But he was not counting on one thing, Saitama missed his grocery sales. As Dr. Genos watches his creations get killed with ease he decides that maybe he doesn’t want to be a mad scientist anymore and devotes his life to making and selling Takoyaki.

What made Dr. Genus one of the best villains:

  • The classic mad scientist with lots of potential
  • When a villain has an army, it makes things interesting, like Power Ranger villains, we want to see the hero mow down hundreds before going for the big guy
  • He has the greatest turn-around of all the villains. Friendship is magic, but that’s not what changed his mind. What if your greatest life’s work proved to be powerless when faced by a coupon-crazed hero in a yellow suit?

5. Beast King and Ground Dragon

Never underestimate your opponent

Beast King and Ground Dragon are an interesting duo, Beast King being a humanoid lion with red eyes and Ground Dragon being a tiny mole with his name printed on his chest they come from The House of Evolution. After trapping Saitama in the ground, he escapes and asks them for an apology. When they don’t apologize Saitama kills off Beast King as Ground Dragon scurries away in the ground, but of course, Saitama catches him and punches him into the sky like a Smash Bros K.O.

What made Beast King and Ground Dragon one of the best villains:

  • Beast King shows patience with Saitama by letting him dust his belt off before engaging in a fight which was the funniest thing other than trying to mask their fear when Saitama calmly climbs out of the ground
  • Ground Dragon is nothing like his name, and very much a coward, running away from Saitama after Beast King’s death Saitama spooks him underground “Found You!”
  • Lion Slash and Lion Slash: Meteor Shower Power moves were the most impressive from this villain, killing and destroying everything in its way

4. Paradise Group

If you ever feel stupid, remember these guys and feel better

These unemployed, unmotivated, and bald-headed men want to create a utopia where working is optional. After trying to preach their ideas to the public and being ignored they decide to destroy the building of a wealthy man, but in their zeal, they mistakenly destroy the wrong building. After recollecting and finding the right one they head there but are stopped by Speed-o’-Sound Sonic.

What made Paradise Group one of the best villains:

  • These villains served as comedy relief, although the anime is riddled with comedy they made for a great laugh
  • They were the most motivated yet unmotivated villains so far if you think about it they didn’t really think it through, because creating a utopia implies work
  • They destroy the wrong building, check the map again, find the right building, and continue destroying the city on their way to the right one

3. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

The ninja with a creepy smile

A ninja draped in black and purple with metal armor on his arms and legs, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic has an unnecessarily long name. He is fast and well acquainted with his sword. Sonic meets Saitama for the first time when he is tracking down the Paradise Group and mistakes Saitama for one of them (since they're all bald).

What made Sonic one of the best villains:

  • His super speed and ninjutsu skills, his fights against Paradise Group, Deep Sea King, and Saitama have proven that if he can’t keep up he will retreat and attack again later (kind of like the Yiga clan in Breath of the Wild)
  • He instantly gives up the moment Saitama threatens to punch him where the-sun-don’t-shine and that was the best moment of any anime because who thought that by punching someone in the nuts would be so effective?
  • Sonic doesn’t seem all that bad, he did warn Genos about Deep Sea King and when he was training to defeat Saitama he met a hunter and a little piglet which he makes a bond with

2. Crablante

No job? No problem! Become a hero

Crablante is a half man half crab. He got his powers from eating too much crab and now goes about his day killing people, but when he is met with the not-yet hero Saitama, Crablante shows him mercy. He really got the ball rolling here because Crablante basically inspires Saitama to become a hero after saving the kid with the giant cleft chin.

What made Crablante one of the best villains:

  • Plot progression, he plays a vital role in helping Saitama become One Punch Man and it is not until the last episode we find out that the prophecy Lord Boros was after was completed through Crablante
  • He shows mercy to the sad unemployed Saitama which we really don’t see in many villains (maybe Crablante can relate?)
  • His ridiculous back story about eating too much crab made him into a monster, literally, you are what you eat

1. Lord Boros

The Lord of the Universe is about to get owned

Lord Boros is a self-proclaimed King of the Universe. He comes to Earth on account of a prophecy that says he will meet his strongest opponent. He is a bluish purple cyclops alien that glows in the dark. After battling Saitama, his armor, that concealed his true power, falls apart and the real fun began.

What made Lord Boros one of the best villains:

  • He provides us the best fight scene, he actually gave Saitama a run for his money, with the opening song of the anime as battle music and flashy fight scenes, this villain has power to back up his smack talk
  • His awesome color scheme and design, the blue and purple with the gold trim armor really make this alien look the part. He even glows, leaving behind a trail of light to follow the combat from afar.
  • His fight was that of a video game boss fight, usually, when you are able to land three hits the boss, he moves on to the second stage of his attacks with greater damage infliction, which connects with the gamers in the audience watching this show.
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