[Top 10] RUST Best Cheap Skins for Weapons That Look Awesome!

RUST Best Cheap Weapon Skins, rust cheap skins
An armored player holds out an AR in a piece of Rust art.

Maybe you want some sweet Rust skins for your arsenal of weapons, but you don’t want to break the bank. Well you’re in luck! In this guide I have chosen 10 weapons skins for Rust that don’t cost more than one US dollar each. All of these skins can be bought or traded on Steam. Find them in the community market!

10. Memories AR

    This is a skin for the assault rifle that looks cartoonish but stylish. It doesn’t particularly pop, but it has some interesting flower designs with a faux wood finish. The light colors make it seem comical despite the weapon’s deadly purpose.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Because it is playful and tidy looking.
  • For the lighthearted Rust player.
  • You can also use this to put on a show of being merciful and kind when in reality you are a ruthless killer.

9. Zap Slasher

    Look at this sword. Wow, wouldn’t you feel awesome wielding this? I know I would, like Zeus himself. I would struggle to resist using this sword, possibly to my own detriment! I can practically hear the blade going BZZZZZZZZ…

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It is simply electrifying!
  • Who wouldn’t feel like Thor or Zeus with this?
  • The cartoonish style only makes it look all the cooler.

8. Cardboard Python

Is it a cardboard fake with sharpie scribbles on it? Nope, this is the real (but virtual) thing! It will still blow away any player who takes a bullet to the head from it, but it looks like something you made at a craft event. Nice!

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It really does a good job of looking like a cardboard cutout gun.
  • I mean seriously, look at those graphical details!
  • The sharpie coloring with the “Bang!” on the barrel just puts the finishing touches on.

7. Dreamcatcher

When it comes to bolt-action rifle skins, this is about the most common you’ll find on Rust. Also, it is very cheap at only $0.84 currently! Despite that, it does have a particularly intriguing design.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • I’m rather interested in the coloration of the barrel and under barrel handle.
  • The color scheme is relatively drab and won’t attract unwanted attention.
  • You can join the crowd of people who also seem to like this skin!

6. Garden SAP

SAP standing for semi-automatic pistol, you can see why they call this one “Garden”! The pink flowers and branch give it right away. While being a machine of destruction, this thing sure does look pretty. I would keep one in my hemp garden for sure.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Demonstrate a green thumb while popping a cap.
  • The color scheme on this weapon cries out for attention!
  • No matter how badass you are, can you really argue with putting pink flowers on a gun?

5. Burnout

The MP5 is a great firearm, and it definitely could use a little coloration to spice up your in-game weapon rack. Man, I wish I had this one when I was engaging in firefights with the MP5! It looks like someone took crayons or something and drew the designs, but I love that!

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It looks kind of like a race car, but in gun form.
  • The chalky designs really pop and demonstrate some careful creation.
  • Those flames are gorgeous!

4. Chieftain Pump Shotgun

    This shotgun looks semblant of the Dreamcatcher above, and I dig it! The sexy combination of both drab colors and vibrantly hot ones really bring this thing together. I can’t quite see how it might fit the name of being a chieftain’s weapon, but I could be missing something.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Bring tribal warfare to life in style!
  • Abstract meets old fashioned.
  • Warpaint? Feathers? Old west shotgun? Sweet!

3. Captain’s AR

This gun is so colorful, you would be seen a mile away with it. But it would be worth it just because of how epic this looks! Wow, what a job bringing the sea life to full color on this skin. I can really see how this gun would belong to a pirate captain.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • If you love the ocean, this is your skin.
  • The colors might not be great for keeping a low profile, but when they look this good – who cares?
  • How could anyone say you don’t have style when you’re wielding this assault rifle?

2. Venomous Shot

Oh my gosh, do you see this skin? Look at those colors! If I saw this gun in game, I would be torn between running away and doing everything in my power to grab it. I’ll let the design speak for itself.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • The neon tiger stripes are just so original.
  • I can’t think of another gun with a sicker color scheme.
  • I like the notion of this gun being a “venomous” weapon.

2. Saltshaker SAP

    The thing that makes this gun skin stand out to me is that only the handle looks significantly different from the base game skin. The slide has the similar chrome color and finish, but the handle looks like a stained mahogany with dyed leather or rubber wrapped around for grip. Besides all that fancy fawning, this thing looks simply neat!

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Down to earth but high end, all at the same time.
  • A basic look but a fine addition to your list of skins.
  • What a good job with that wood.
  • Even the metal on the slide looks realistically scratched and dented.

1. Native Hunting Bow

Okay, so I lied in the beginning. This weapon skin isn’t under $1. It is $1. But that extra penny is totally worth it, believe me! It doesn’t even matter that it’s only a primitive weapon, this thing earns the number one spot! I didn’t need much thought; this skin chose me.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It’s simple and sweet – and that’s what makes it so great.
  • Upgrade the branch-looking skin from the base game into a carefully carved recurve bow.
  • Paint is artfully faded while being simple and distinctive.

I hope this guide was entertaining at the least, and I thank you for reading if you have gotten this far. All of these can be found on the Steam community market simply by going to the weapons section and sorting from lowest price first. I wasn’t too lazy to include the link to each one (wait, yes, I was). If you find one that really caught your eye, definitely think about maybe looking it up!

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