[Top 10] RUST Best Revolver Skins That Look Awesome

A Rust revolver with the Eightball skin.
It should be a crime to have a skinless revolver, especially when the eightball skin exists!

What is the Revolver?

Firearms are crucial tools for self-defense and combat against other players and hostile entities in the Rust world. The Revolver is a type of handgun that players can find, craft, or obtain through various means in the game. It is a relatively simple and common firearm compared to more advanced weapons.

What are the best Revolver skins in the game?
Personal preferences play a significant role in determining what each player considers the best skin. That being said, certain skins stand out for their unique designs and visual appeal, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt for your personal preference. 

10. Redemption Revolver 

Make your mark with this bold revolver skin.

On the bottom of the list, we have the Redemption skin. It features a bright red body with a seemingly glossy coat, perfect for drawing your friend’s attention. The color almost resembles the shade of blood, useful for intimidating out on the battlefield. 

Where to get and price: https://skinport.com/rust/market?r=itemanalyst&search=Redemption%20Revol... $4.49

See Redemption Revolver in action: https://youtu.be/8_erOq91x-g?si=_pyGYUMDEHMFbTwm&t=71

Get ready to dominate the battlefield with this standout revolver skin


9. Porcelain Revolver

Turn heads with this unique twist on a classic design.

The Porcelain is a beautiful skin for those looking for something classic for their revolver. It’s a complete antique delight with intricate blue and white porcelain patterns and embellished with gold branding across its body. It even has an image of a man mining a rock with his pickaxe on the cylinder. 

Where to get and price:

https://skinport.com/rust/market?r=itemanalyst&search=Porcelain%20Revolv... $3.39

See Porcelain revolver in action:https://youtu.be/ahmoqTrZdsU?si=1IE3InZQNI53Wijh&t=42

It's time for a cup of tea and blood from your enemies.


8. Death Viper

Arm yourself with confidence with this impressive skin.

The Death Viper skin is a visually dynamic skin choice for those seeking a bold look. On the cylinder presents a skeleton hand and fingers that continue past the barrel of the gun, as well as the arm tracing up to the grip. A cool small detail is if you look closely, you’ll spot a skull with snakes slithering out. 

Where to get and price:

https://skinport.com/rust/item/death-viper/37053108 $4.24

See Death Viper in action: https://youtu.be/ghXdX_LXflc?si=XBdsZIdadwir1bl2&t=50

Stand out on the battlefield with this eye-catching design.


7. Dynamo Revolver

Embrace simplicity with this minimalist yet mesmerizing skin.

Coming in at number 7 is the Dynamo skin. The intricate details on this skin make it truly one-of-a-kind and the unique patterns on this skin set it apart from the rest. It features mostly lines, but to the right eye, it’s a piece of art. 

Where to get and price:

https://skinport.com/rust/item/dynamo-revolver/21211172 $6.51

See Dynamo in action: https://youtu.be/ghXdX_LXflc?si=XBdsZIdadwir1bl2&t=50

This is where minimalism meets mesmerizing design.


6. Colorful Revolver

Transform your weapon into a work of art with this inspiring skin.

This Colorful revolver skin is for serious rainbow lovers. An explosion of colors that transforms your weapon into a work of art, allowing you to be an artist on the battlefield. It even has good luck written on it, how could you not want that? This skin offers a refreshing departure from traditional styles, have fun being bold!

Where to get and price:

https://skinport.com/rust/item/colorful-revolver/22881464  $7.70

See Colorful in action: https://youtu.be/vM-aPmcYpnI?si=H63INf16OyHwmdkJ&t=159

Get ready to dazzle on the battlefield.


5. Pharaoh's Revolver

This skin helps channel the pharaohs for luck on the battlefield.

The Pharaoh's skin is fit for well…a pharaoh. The regal and timeless design of this skin is reminiscent of Egyptian artistry. In my opinion, it's a majestic choice that brings the allure of Egyptian aesthetics to the forefront, especially without breaking the bank. Send your enemies down the Nile with this skin!

Where to get and price:

https://skinport.com/rust/item/pharaoh-s-revolver/36801853 $3.56

See Pharaoh's Revolver in action: https://youtu.be/ghXdX_LXflc?si=XBdsZIdadwir1bl2&t=50

Feel the power of the pyramids in your hands with this awe-inspiring Egyptian skin.


4. Regal Revolver

Elevate your firepower with this lavish and decadent revolver.

Similar to our last skin, the Regal skin contains artistic elements incorporated into this skin to make it memorable. If you are seeking more class than sass, this is the skin for you. It comes with a black exterior combined with elegant traces of gold complete with a ruby gem for an extra sparkle. 

Where to get and price:

https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/252490/Regal%20Revolver  $3.83

See Regal Revolver in action: https://youtu.be/ghXdX_LXflc?si=XBdsZIdadwir1bl2&t=50

This skin makes it easy to make a statement of wealth and taste.


3. Outlaw

This skin is perfect for embracing the Wild West vibes.

The Outlaw skin looks very similar to the last skin, except it's mostly gold. This skin bathes your weapon in a luxurious and opulent gold sheen with small fine details carved into it. Take the chance to elevate your weapon to new heights of extravagance with this predominantly gold skin for less than $20. 

Where to get and price: 

https://skinport.com/rust/item/outlaw-revolver/35764905 $14

See Outlaw in action: https://youtu.be/ghXdX_LXflc?si=XBdsZIdadwir1bl2&t=50

Channel your inner outlaw with this golden revolver skin.


2. Eight-ball

Shoot in style with this sleek and sophisticated eight-ball-themed skin.

You may be shocked that this is the 2nd best skin on this list, but hear me out. Eightball features a simple yet sophisticated design making it an eligible skin for players looking for something tasteful yet basic. Its unconventional features make this skin a conversation starter for sure. It has the word “bang” on it, just in case you wonder what it does. 

Where to get and price:

https://skinport.com/rust/item/eightball/37378177 $11

See Eight-ball in action: https://youtu.be/ghXdX_LXflc?si=XBdsZIdadwir1bl2&t=50

Get ready to rack 'em up with this awesome eight-ball revolver skin.


1. Hot-tempered Revolver

Unleash the fury with this fiery skin.

Fresh out of the oven for #1 is the Hot-tempered skin. Alongside it being the best choice on this list, it’s also the most expensive for those who may or may not be looking to flex on their friends. This skin gives your firearm an intense and mesmerizing red-hot glow, making it a formidable sight on the battlefield. As a bonus, the skin glows in the dark and resembles a very hot gun. 

Where to get and price:

https://skinport.com/rust/item/hot-tempered-revolver/36576872 $17.26

See Hot-tempered in action: https://youtu.be/ghXdX_LXflc?si=XBdsZIdadwir1bl2&t=50

Because smoking hot just isn't hot enough for us, it needs to be glowing hot.

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