[Top 10] Sims 3 Best Career

Sims 3 Best Careers
The odder the building, the better the career

What are the best careers for your sims in Sims 3?

The Sims 3 careers are incredibly versatile and exciting. If you desire a boring, normal life you can become a CEO of a business, or you can hunt ghosts for a more thrilling alternative to the 9 to 5.

So what is the best career in Sims 3? From Firefighters to Criminals, let’s take a look at the top 10 vocations in the third installment of the most popular simulation game ever.

10. Firefighter

Save all the sims you want, just don’t get burnt

The Firefighter Career is for those brave sims who want to douse the fires around their town and keep the citizens safe. You’ll be fixing gas leaks, helping out during earthquakes and rescuing sims from large fires.

This career is for the selfless and the bold. 

What’s great about the Firefighter Career:

  • Raises your athletic and handiness skill
  • When there isn’t an emergency, you’re basically relaxing at work
  • Weekly stipend

How much you can earn with the Firefighter Career:

  • The maximum weekly stipend is $2480 at the Fire Chief rank
  • You’ll be able to flirt with sims and tell them you’re a Firefighter
  • Fireman Axe decor
  • You can upgrade your extinguisher which will be in your inventory
  • Fireman uniform sculpture
  • Immune to fire
  • Personal fire engine and alarm

How to become a Firefighter:

  • First of all, give your Sim the Handy, Athletic, Brave and Daredevil traits for the Life Ambition Firefighter to be suggested in CAS
  • You can join the career by using the newspaper, phone or computer
  • Or you can locate the Fire Station from the Town Map and join it that way

9. Bot Arena Career

Embrace the future and promote or manufacture bots of all shapes and sizes

Travel to the future in order to meet Plumbots of all shapes, sizes and colors. You can buy Plumbots and even build them.

There are two tracks in this career, one is tuning up Plumbots and keeping them functioning and the other is promoting events at the arena. 

What’s great about the Bot Arena Career:

  • Set in a whole ‘nother world
  • Two tracks to choose from
  • Highly paid

How much you can earn from the Bot Arena Career:

  • $3000 a day as the Senior Engineer in the Mechanic track
  • $3000 a day as the Arena Commissioner in the Official track
  • A Sprite on the Holo Disc which is Plumbot themed
  • Perform Professional Tune Ups on Plumbots (Mechanic track)
  • Promote Competitions (Official track)

How to become a Bot Mechanic/Official:

  • Go to the Bot Arena in Oasis Landing to join the Bot Arena Career
  • Focus on Bot Building Skill for the Mechanic track
  • Build the Charisma skill for the Official track

8. Lifeguard

Slow motion run your way to drowning victims

The Lifeguard career was introduced in Island Paradise and is for those who want to save the sims that swim out too far. You’ll be surveying the beaches and rushing to drag people from the waters and then resuscitating them.

This career is for the heroes who want to work in the sun. 

What’s great about the Lifeguard career:

  • Weekly stipend
  • Charisma boosted 
  • You can relax on the beach if no one is in trouble

How much you can earn from the Lifeguard career:

  • At level 10, Bay Watcher, you’ll earn a $2480 weekly stipend
  • Lifeguard beach towel
  • Wade through water faster
  • Swim faster
  • Demonstrate the kiss of life
  • Slow motion run

How to become a Lifeguard:

  • Choose the Charismatic, Athletic and Brave trait to have this Lifetime Ambition pop up
  • To acquire this job, go to the City Hall in your town map and choose Join Lifeguard Profession

7. Fortune Teller

Assume sims want you to predict their grim futures

The Fortune Teller career is for the greedy and the mysterious. Either you take your career very seriously and dedicate yourself to the mystical world of foretelling.

Or, you are a scam artist who preys on the rich and vain to get a quick Simoleon. 

What’s great about the Fortune Teller career:

  • Two tracks
  • Deliver fortunes and palm readings to sims
  • Perform Private Readings

How much you can earn from the Fortune Teller career:

  • $1800 a day as a Master of Mysticism (Mystic track)
  • $2304 a day as a Celebrity Psychic (Celebrity track)
  • When you reach Spiritual Guide (Mystic track), you get 20% at the Elixir Consignment Store
  • The Celebrity Psychic can Hold Psychic Convention in town

How to become a Fortune Teller:

  • First, place a Gyspy Wagon in your town in Edit Town unless you are in Moonlight Falls
  • Click on said Wagon during gameplay to join the Fortune Teller career
  • Alternatively you can use the newspaper, phone or computer (you will still need the Wagon in your town)
  • Build the alchemy skill for the Mystic track
  • Improve charisma and logic for the Celebrity track

6. Criminal

Bad sim for life

Criminals are the kinds of sims that don’t care about society or sentiment. They’re looking for the next opportunity to delve into the underground operations run by shadowy figures.

The Criminal career is for sims that want to make money their way and have some fun whilst doing it. 

  • What’s great about the Criminal career?
  • Two tracks
  • Can build the athletic skill whilst working
  • Great uniforms

How much you can earn from the Criminal career?

  • Emperors of Evil glow red occasionally
  • Master Thieves receive a golden fox statue that can improve mood
  • $2090 a day (Evil track)
  • $2260 a day (Thief track)

How to become a Criminal:

  • Go to the Criminal Warehouse in your Town Map and Join the Criminal Career
  • You will need the athletic skill for both tracks
  • Logic is also needed for the Evil track
  • Traits that will help with this career and its associated Lifetime Ambitions are Athletic, Evil, Kleptomaniac and Genius

5. Gardener

Green thumb, not green horn

The Gardener career is a self-employed profession that lets your sims live out their passion as a livelihood. You’ll be growing all sorts of plants to a great quality and selling them for a profit at the Grocery Store.

The more you earn, the higher you’ll get promoted. 

What’s great about the Gardener career:

  • Grow high quality ingredients to sustain your sim
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Work your own hours

What you can earn from the Gardener career:

  • Can plant more obscure vegetation as your gardening skill builds
  • You can acquire seeds around Town and plant them
  • If you sell more than $60,000 at the Grocery Store, you will earn the employment title Agricultural Mastermind

How to become a Gardener:

  • Register as self-employed at the City Hall
  • Build your gardening skill
  • Traits that will help this sim are Ambitious, Artistic, Charismatic, Friendly, Green Thumb and Loves the Outdoors

4. Alchemist

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

The Alchemist is gifted in the arcane arts and dabbles in potion and poison making. These elixirs can be a blessing or a curse to your sim or the sims around you.

Making a career out of this ancient skill will mean being your own boss and mastering this mysterious art. 

What’s great about the Alchemist career:

  • Create varied and exciting elixirs
  • Be your own boss
  • Get a money prize when you get promoted in the later careers

What you can earn from the Alchemist career:

  • $20,000 at the Alchemy Artisan level and $5000 prize money
  • A $2500 prize at the Senior Alchemist level

How to become an Alchemist:

  • Develop the alchemy skill and then register as self-employed at your Town’s City Hall
  • Make sure to place an Elixir Consignment Store in your Town, via Edit Town
  • Being a witch is useful as you’ll get a discount at the store. It also helps to become a Born Saleswoman/man as you’ll succeed more in this career

3. Singer

This is what dreams are made of

Ready for glitz and glam? Want to entertain sims everywhere and feel great doing it?

Then the Singer career is for you. Your sim will live the good life once their career gets going, performing in big venues, selling CDs. Become the artist you know you are, deep inside. 

What’s great about the Singer career:

  • Can play for tips about Town
  • Sing with a guitar
  • Weekly stipend

How much you can earn from the Singer career:

  • $3600 a week as a Vocal Legend
  • Unlock new venues you can perform at as you move up the ranks
  • Unlock new songs
  • Can get steady gigs that will provide consistent income

How to become a Singer:

  • You’ll need all the Showtime performing venues in your Town for this to flow smoothly
  • Go to one of them and befriend the Proprietor, then ask if you can join the Singer career, you’ll be able to choose a stage name
  • Natural Born Performer is a great trait to have for this

2. Film career

How you doin’?

Bridgeport is the place to be if you want to become an actor or director. Find fame and fortune in this career track, constantly taking pictures with fans and signing autographs.

The Film career is for the sim that wants to die universally loved (or hated). 

What’s great about the Film career:

  • Two tracks
  • Raise your celebrity status
  • Befriend the director 

How much you can earn from the Film career:

  • $2310 an hour as Superstar Actor (Acting track)
  • As a TV actor you will find it easier getting passed ropes in fancy clubs and bars
  • As a Supporting Actor you’ll go to work in a limo
  • As a Superstar Actor you’ll get a trailer
  • $1803 an hour as Distinguished Director (Film track)
  • As a Script Writer you can write a screenplay
  • You’ll earn Director’s seat as Distinguished Director

How to join the Film career:

  • Unless you are in Bridgeport you’ll need to manually put a Film Studio from Edit Town
  • Go there and Join Film career
  • Make sure to keep your Celebrity status up
  • Improve your Charisma and Writing Skill

1. Scuba Diver

Under da sea

Scuba Diving is a great vocation to have in Isla Paradiso. You’ll get to dive deep into the acquative depths and find brilliant treasures that you can sell for a profit.

You’ll even discover new deep worlds!

What’s great about the Scuba Diver career:

  • Find underwater treasure
  • Sell what you find and be promoted
  • Money prizes as you are promoted

How much you can earn from the Scuba Diver career:

  • $80,000 as Honorary Mermaid as well as $5000 prize money
  • $2500 prize money as Abyssal Diver
  • $1500 prize money as Scavenging Scholar 

How to become a Scuba Diver:

  • You will need to place your sim in Isla Paradiso in order to get the best Scuba diving spots
  • You can dive in other Towns but won’t find as many treasures
  • Register as self-employed at your City Hall and sell your finds at the Grocery Store to be promoted

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