[Top 3] TFT Best Miss Fortune Builds That Are Powerful

Best Miss Fortune Builds in TFT
Watch your mouth, kid, or you'll find yourself respawning at home!

Shock and Awe are in TFT; those are the guns of Miss Fortune, the girl who decided to take out all of her enemies with just 2 guns and some bullets.

Miss Fortune doesn’t target 1 enemy but 2 throwing her bullet at them. If any of them die, she gains a huge amount of attack speed.

In this article, we will mention the combos to place Miss Fortune in, her best items, and how to make sure you take out your enemies with Shock and Awe.

How do you like my guns... Shock, and Awe!

Miss Fortune is a great pick in midgame as she shares the Jazz trait, which greatly increases the health and damage of the team based on how many not-unique traits are active.

She also shares the big shot, which grants her a lot of attack damage, which is multiplied whenever she uses her ability.

Miss Fortune’s stats, traits, and items are all to be discussed down below to make sure you get the best outcome by placing her on your team.


Best Miss Fortune builds in TFT Set 10

Miss Fortune’s stats:

  • Cost: 3 Gold
  • Health: 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Mana: 60
  • Armor: 20
  • MR: 20
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 41 / 74 / 134
  • Damage: 55 / 99 / 178
  • Atk Spd: 0.75
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4


Miss Fortune’s traits:

1. Jazz

For each active trait (except uniques), your team gains bonus Health and deals bonus damage.

  • 2 1.5% Health, 1% Damage
  • 3 2.5% Health, 1.5% Damage
  • 4 4% Health, 2% Damage

2. Big Shot

Big Shots gain Attack Damage, which increases for 3 seconds when they use their Ability.

2 10% Attack Damage, 40% after casting

4 18% Attack Damage, 60% after casting

6 30% Attack Damage, 100% after casting


Miss Fortune’s ability

 Double Up

Deal physical damage to the current target and physical damage to the closest target behind them. If either die, gain 40% Ability Power Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

  • Headliner Effect: +20% AD
  • Primary Damage: 280% / 280% / 290%
  • Secondary Damage: 180% / 180% / 180%


Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find below:


Miss Fortune’s best items

1. Deathblade

Grants 66% attack damage.

2. Guinsoo's Rageblade

Attacks grant 4% bonus Attack Speed.

3. Last Whisper

Physical damage 30% Sunders the target for 3 seconds. This effect does not stack.

[Unique - Only One Per Champion]

Sunder: reduce Armor


Best comps for Miss Fortune



  • 1 Illbeats
  • 1 Mixmaster
  • 3 Jazz
  • 2 Bruiser
  • 2 Mosher
  • 2 Dazzler
  • 2 Rapidfire
  • 1 Hyperpop

Because Lucian, the rapidfire protagonist, requires you to be at least level 9, this combination is more challenging than others.

With a robust economy to ensure you have every champion, you can reroll to level 9 very rapidly because the majority of the champions cost only 5 gold each copy.

Perfect group in this arrangement:

1. The primary doer and leader of the headline rapidfire is Lucian. There's the Jazz factor in him and the rest of the group.

2. Along with having the Dazzler characteristic, Bard, the second Jazz player, is a potent backline striker.

3. Sona, the team's mixmaster, lets you customize your mix to include extra damage, healing, a shield, or whatever else you feel your comp is lacking.

4. Ziggs is the second Dazzler to initiate the Hyperpop attribute.

5. Miss Fortune plays for the Jazz and can be seen dominating from the back rows.

6. Yorick is a tier 5 mosher who uses his monsters to destroy his opponents and send them to the afterlife.

7. In order for Illaoi to summon the spirit tentacles, she must simultaneously activate her bruiser and illbeats characteristics.

8. Sett will be the second mosher. He receives omnivamp, a quick attack speed, and the bruiser trait, which increases health.

9. The forward lines will sustain a great lot of damage from Qiyana.



  • 4 Jazz
  • 3 K/DA
  • 3 Superfan
  • 2 Guardian
  • 2 True Damage
  • 2 Sentinel
  • 2 Big Shot

Miss Fortune is the Jazz star of this comp; she scores two points for the Jazz attribute.

Many additional attributes are also in use to help Miss Fortune inflict as much harm as possible.

The ideal team for this comp is:

1. In addition to her main Jazz attribute, Miss Fortune, the main damage dealer, employs her Big Shot characteristic to do a ton of additional damage.

2. Lillia is one of the stronger options in this matchup as she can use K/DA, which delivers more damage, Superfan, which provides Miss Fortune with an additional item, and Sentinel, which increases the team's armor and magic resist.

3. Kennen is also a great addition to this squad because he shares True Damage, Superfan, and Guardianship with Neeko, Lillia, and Ekko.

4. Kai'Sa is a great option as she can do a ton of damage from the backlines while using her bigshot and K/DA abilities.

5. Bard is your third Jazz, dealing a lot of damage and giving out extra gold every now and again.

6. Lucian is a formidable fourth tier 5 Jazz damage dealer.

7. Neeko shares the K/DA, Superfan, and Guardian, making her an excellent option for your front-line main tank.

8. Sharing both sentinel and true damage traits, Ekko is a powerful frontline tank with high damage output.


This comp revolves around the big shot trait as the main damage-dealing trait.

Beside the big shot, most of the sentinel members are protecting them and providing them with a huge amount of armor and magic resistance.

This comp is a fast reroll to level 8 in order to get Ezreal as the main headliner.

Best team for this:

1. Ezreal is the main damage dealer, being the headliner of the big shot trait, which provides him with huge amounts of damage.

2. Miss Fortune is the second main damage dealer, sharing the big shot trait.

3. Kai’sa is the 4th big shot member, dealing high damage from the back rows.

4. Ekko is a great pick, being a sentinel member and providing the team with extra defensive stats.

5. Mordekaiser is the 2nd sentinel member, dealing high damage and sustaining even more.

6. Blitzcrank is another sentinel member, blocking incoming damage as a huge tank.

7. K’Sante is another great early-game pick for being a sentinel member.

8. Thresh is a great tank himself, and if placed with a sentinel emblem, he will be even better.

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