[Top 10] TFT Best Traits For The Meta (Ranked)

Best Traits in TFT Set 8.5
Traits are the main key to win your games.

In this article, we'll go over some of the most popular traits currently being utilized in TFT, why they're useful, and the potential drawbacks you should be aware of if you decide to include them in your own team.


10. Parallel

  • 2 Underground Ezreal learns a cool new trick from his older, more handsome self, and Ultimate Ezreal lets his past self participate in his timeline-hopping adventures. Underground Ezreal's spell becomes a blast that hits all enemies in a line. Ultimate Ezreal's spell summons two additional temporal duplicates.

Champions that activate the parallel trait are Ezreal and Ultimate Ezreal.

The Parallel Emblem doesn’t exist, so you can neither forge it nor find it in the tome of traits since it’s only made for Ezreal and the Ultimate Ezreal.

This trait requires both of them to be placed on your board where their skill would get empowered, at which point Ezreal will be launching a blast that hits all enemies in the line, not just one but two of them, and Ultimate Ezreal will add two more additional duplicates when he casts his skill.

You can activate this trait in combos such as Quickdraw, Sureshot, or even InfiniTeam, where you can get the most out of them.

Go for this combo if you get the chance to hit both Ezreal in shop and they can fit into your team.

Also, having the InfiniTeam portal in the backlines would be a huge advantage for Ultimate Ezreal, as you will be having another Ultimate Ezreal with two more duplicates, so you will get a total of 14 duplicates when he casts his spell.


9. Defender

Your team gains bonus Armor, and Defenders gain more.

  • 2 +25 Armor, +50 for Defenders
  • 4 +70 Armor, +150 for Defenders
  •  6 +180 Armor, +400 for Defenders

Champions that activate the Defender trait are: Poppy, Wukong, Rell, Shen, Riven, and Garen.

Unfortunately, you can’t forge an emblem for Defender, but you can still get it in a Tome of Traits, by having the Defender crest or Defender heart in the augments, or even from the Carousel.

The Defender trait is a strong trait in terms of tanking, as it stacks up tons of armor for your team and additional armor for the Defender’s members. Keep in mind that it lacks damage, so you will have to activate more traits that can deal enough damage, such as Lasercorps, Star Guardian, or even Anima Squad.

In case you have 6 Defenders on your board, which means you got an extra emblem, you will have a lot of armor, but you will be lacking damage and magic resistance.

Go for this combo if your shop is going well in terms of Defenders and you are getting a lot of them and try to activate something like Hackers in the early rounds, as you can always change that so that you can have enough damage to win.


8. Ox Force

Ox Force units gain bonus defenses. Once per combat, when they would drop below one HP, they instead shield themselves for 50% of their maximum health for 1.5 seconds.

  • 2 5 Armor and Magic Resist
  • 4 35 Armor and Magic Resist
  • 6 75 Armor and Magic Resist

The champions that activate the Ox Force trait are: Fiora, Annie, Alistar, and Viego.

The Ox Force emblem can be forged by combining the Spatula and Chain Vest, and to have a full Ox Force combo, you need to have 2 Ox Force emblems, which, aside from being forged, can also be found in the tome of traits and the Carousel.

The Ox Force trait has been reworked, and instead of stacking attack speed and going in the damage direction, it now stacks armor and magic resist turning its members into tanks. It also got stronger as it now shields the members with 50% of their max health when their health drops below one.

Ox Force can be a great way to win your games, especially now that it's buffed, but having damage champions along the Ox Force will always be an advantage, so you can synergize the Heart trait with Viego, the Duelist trait with Fiora, or even the Spellslinger trait with Annie.

Go for this combo if you have many copies of the Ox Force members in the early game, but make sure to always activate more traits so that you can sustain the early as well as the late game.


7. Prankster

  • 2 Once per combat at 50% Health, Pranksters spawn a target dummy, move to a safe location, and restore 150 Health.
  • 3 And, Prankster dummies stun the enemy that killed them for 1.5 seconds.
  • 4 The Health restore is increased to 350 Health and the stun duration becomes 2 second.

The champions that activate the prankster trait are Jinx, Gnar, and Ekko.

The prankster trait can’t be forged, but the good part is that it can be found in the Tome of Traits, the Carousel, or even as a prankster crown or heart in the augments.

Prankster is always a secondary trait that can be activated when having at least 2 pranksters on board, such as Jinx, Gnar, or Ekko, and it can always be lifesaving in critical moments as it allows them to summon a dummy in their place and transfer to a safe location when their health drops below half.

You need to activate more traits so that you can win the games, as Prankster lacks both damage and tank stats.

You can go for the Anima Squad trait with Jinx, the Gadgeteen trait with Gnar, or the Star Guardian trait with Ekko so that you can get the best out of this trait.


6. Aegis

Your team gains bonus Magic Resist, and Aegis units gain more.

  • 2 +20 Magic Resist, +40 for Aegis
  • 3 +40 Magic Resist, +80 for Aegis
  • 4 +60 Magic Resist, +120 for Aegis
  • 5 +90 Magic Resist, +180 for Aegis

The champions that activate the Aegis trait are Vi, Alistar, Ekko, and Leona.

The Aegis emblem can’t be forged with a spoon, but instead you can find it in the Carousel, the Tome of Traits, or the augmentations, such as the Aegis crown or Aegis heart.

The Aegis trait is most likely to be a secondary trait as it only provides magic resist so it lacks armor, health, and damage, so you will need to activate more traits to deal the damage needed.

Aegis is a really good trait when it comes to defensive stats when you are placed against many combos that rely on their abilities, also known as ability power.

You can always combine it with Lasercorps and Brawler traits, as Vi and Alistar will synergize with them, or even the Ox Force trait, which will provide you with tons of defensive stats.

Go for this comp if you are placed against a lot of people playing AP combos and you have many copies in the shop of the Aegis members.


5. Quickdraw

After every 2 damaging ability projectiles, Quickdraw units fire a bonus ability projectile. Bonus shots deal:

  • 2 70% total damage
  • 3 140% total damage
  • 4 220% total damage

The champions that activate the Quickdraw trait are: Lucian, Ezreal, Kai'Sa, and Miss Fortune.

The Quickdraw emblem can’t be combined using the Spatula, but you can get the full potential of the trait by placing the four members of the Quickdraw mentioned above.

Also, you can find the Quickdraw emblem in the Tome of Traits, the Carousel, or even in the Augments.

The Quickdraw trait is a really strong trait in terms of damage, but it lacks tanks, so you will have to match it with tank traits such as Anima Squad or Star Guardian with Kai’sa, or even InifiniTeam with Lucian, so that you can always have tanks in the frontline.

Always scout your enemies to check if they have the hacker trait activated so that you can re-place your champions so they don’t die in the first few seconds.

Go for this combo if you have early Quickdraw champions in the shop and the right items for them.


4. Anima Squad

Anima Squad members pose after champion kills, increasing their fame. Each point of fame grants 5 permanent Health to each Anima Squad member.

3 10% Attack Damage and 10 Ability Power

5 35% Attack Damage and 35 Ability Power

7 60% Attack Damage and 60 Ability Power

The champions that activate the Anima Squad trait are: Nasus, Sylas, Jinx, Vayne, Riven, and Miss Fortune.

The Anima Squad emblem can be forged by combining a spoon and a needlessly large rod, and it can also be found in the Tome of Traits, in augmentations such as the Anima Squad heart and Anima Squad crown, and also in the Carousel.

Anima Squad is one of the strongest squads in TFT sets 8 and 8.5, as it stacks up so much health every time one of them kills an enemy, as well as gaining a lot of damage and ability power.

Anima Squad can be played as a primary trait, and if you want to get the full trait, you will need an extra emblem for the full squad. You can also activate secondary traits such as Mascot with Nasus, Prankster with Jinx, Duelist with Vayne, Brawler or Defender with Riven, or even a Quickdraw champion with Miss Fortune.


3. Hacker

Hackers gain Omnivamp and summon a H4ckerr!m. Any unit placed in the rider hex will be sent to the enemy backline and is untargetable for the first 2 seconds of combat.

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt.

  • 3 10% Omnivamp for Hackers
  • 4 20% Omnivamp, +15% for the rider
  • 5 40% Omnivamp, +30% for the rider

The champions that activate the hacker trait are Pyke, LeBlanc, and Shen.

Unfortunately, the hacker emblem is unforgeable, but it can be found in a tome of traits, augments, or even Carousel, and it’s one of those emblems that really adds value to your team.

Hacker is a secondary trait yet an important and strong trait, as it can be used with almost every trait you want to have an assassin on your team.

The hacker trait summons a Hecarim that carries the champion placed below him and turns him into an assassin with a huge omnivamp advantage.

Hacker gives its members an omnivamp that heals them on hit, so make sure to place someone who can have high attack speed like Warwick or spam his skill like LeBlanc or Gnar.

You must activate additional traits with the hacker, such as Spellslinger, A.D.M.I.N., Lasercorps, or Riftwalker, to make sure you get the most out of this trait.


2. Riftwalker

Riftwalkers open a gap between dimensions and summon their ally Zac, who grows in power based on the star level of Riftwalkers. Zac gains the last-listed Trait of the closest Riftwalker.

  • 3 Summon Zac

The champions that activate the Riftwalker trait are Pyke, Vex, and Jhin.

Riftwalker emblem can’t be forged unfortunately, but surely it can be found in augmentations such as Riftwalker Heart or Crown, or even in the Tome of Traits or even the Carousel.

Riftwalker is a strong trait as it summons a huge tanky Zac that takes the secondary trait of the nearest Riftwalker member, which can be either Hacker, Mascot, or Renegade in case you are not placing an emblem on anyone.

The Riftwalker emblem won’t add much if you already have the three champions, unless you want Zac to have another secondary trait.

You can look for a combo that is a full mascot, which will revolve around Vex and Zac the mascot, or you can play Renegade, which will revolve around Jhin and Zac the renegade.

Go for this combo if you have many copies of mascots and renegades in the early game or if you have the right items for those champions.


1. InfiniTeam

At combat start, any champion placed on an InfiniTeam portal, summons an alternate version of themself with different items, 1 for each Augment you own. The copies have reduced Health and damage.

  • 3 1 portal opens, 50% damage and 50% HP.
  • 5 2 portals open, 60% damage and 55% HP.
  • 7 2 portals open, 95% damage and 85% HP.

The champions that activate the InfiniTeam are: Pantheon, Lucian, Sivir, Shen, Twisted Fate, and Ultimate Ezreal.

The InfiniTteam emblem can be made by combining both the spatula and a B.F. sword, and it’s one of the best emblems that you can forge. You can also find the emblem in the Tome of Traits, in augmentations such as the InfiniTeam crown or heart, and in the Carousel.

InfiniTeam is one of the strongest combos in Set 8.5 as it opens two portals that duplicate the InfiniTeam member standing on them, so placing the InfiniTeam emblem on a champion such as Fiddlesticks will give you a huge advantage.

You can also have additional traits activated, such as Heart with Pantheon and Quickdraw with Lucian, and the best one to be placed is Ezreal so that he can also activate the Parallel trait with Ultimate Ezreal. Sureshot will be activated as you have both Sivir and Ultimate Ezreal, or even Defender for a stronger frontline with Shen.

Go for this combo if you got many copies of Lucian, Pantheon, and Sivir in early rounds, or you can use the reroll technique to get them to higher levels.

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