Valorant: How To Buy Guns

Valorant: How To Buy Guns

Guns are the main weapons in Valorant. Without it, you could just say goodbye to your chance at victory. This easy guide will teach you how to buy guns in the game.

How to buy guns in Valorant:

  • Enter matchmaking for unrated or ranked games.
  • Choose an agent.
  • At the start of every round, you are given ample time to buy guns and skills. This window is famously known as the “Buy Phase.” During this phase, you can choose your weapon from the store (press B on the keyboard).
  • In the first round of every match, all players are given 800 credits. You can either buy or opt to save for the next round. The starting credits for each round either increase or decrease, depending on your team’s performance (win or lose).
  • If you don’t have enough credits to purchase a gun, you can easily request it from your teammates by right-clicking on the weapon of your choice.

Buying guns in Valorant is pretty simple. The tricky part is whether to buy or to save for a particular round. 

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