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The Phantom is arguably the best gun in VALORANT. Why? Because of its high accuracy, fast fire rate, and great one-tap potential for short-range gunfights. But the default skin for arguably the best gun in the game is kind of lame. It doesn’t even have an interesting shape, but luckily we can fix that with some skins!


But what skins should you buy if they pop into your store?


10. Radiant Crisis 001

The Radiant Crisis 001 collection


Skin Spotlight here.

Starting off this list we have the Radiant Crisis Phantom. This skin is simple, it’s just a default Phantom model, but it’s made in a comic book aesthetic. And that’s all that this skin needs. The color change and the iconic comic book shading do enough to make this skin stand out, but that’s not all, if you choose to upgrade the skin, you can get effects that fit the comic book theme perfectly!

  • You’ll get onomatopoeia whenever you equip, reload or fire your gun
  • A really good kill banner
  • An amazing finisher that sends your opponent flying into the sky


It’s not much, but it sells the theme really well. If you’re a comic book fan, consider getting this skin for 1775 VP plus 20 Radianite Points (RP) to fully upgrade it.


9. Singularity

The Singularity collection


Skin Spotlight here.

The Singularity Phantom is the only skin that’s truly space-themed. The obsidian body, coupled with the otherworldly crystal makes for an amazing base skin. But the part where the skin truly shines is in its effects. 


For 2175 VP you’ll get:

  • An alien-sounding firing effect
  • Lots of moving parts
  • Transparent parts
  • A great kill banner
  • An amazing finisher that creates a black hole that absorbs your enemy

It’s a great skin, and all the added sound effects make for a top-notch skin. You will have to spend 30 RP in order to fully upgrade it, and 15 extra RP for each variant you want to unlock


8. Prime 2.0 

The Prime 2.0 Phantom


Skin Spotlight.

The Prime 2.0 Phantom is yet another really popular skin, and it’s easy to see why. It’s sleek, modern, and it gives off a premium feel. It’s satisfying and fun to use, and the gold and glass body of the gun makes the skin look pristine. The golden bull on the back of the gun is a nice added detail, and it’s a nice way to differentiate the Prime skins from the Prime 2.0 skins. 


But the reason why this skin is so good is the fact that it is a Prime skin, and with that, you get exactly what you’d expect from other Prime skins:

  • An extremely satisfying shooting effect
  • An amazing kill banner
  • A great finisher
  • And a completely unique reload animation that makes the skin stand out

And the best part about this skin is that it’s not that expensive! You’ll have to pay 1775 VP to get the skin and 30 RP for the upgrades. But keep in mind that you will have to pay an extra 15 RP for each variant you want to unlock.


7. Protocol 781-A

The Protocol Phantom


Skin Spotlight here.

The only Ultimate skin on this list is the Protocol Phantom. What makes this skin so good is how well it sells its aesthetic. If Glitchpop’s dystopia is goofy and colorful, Protocol’s dystopia is dark and gritty. The Protocol Phantom looks like it is designed to kill. It’s compact, efficient, and it looks easy to use. And with this being an Ultimate skin, you get some unique effects if you choose to upgrade your skin:

  • A unique equip animation
  • Lots of moving parts
  • A satisfying kill banner and firing sound effect
  • A great finisher

Of course, you also get the ultimate feature of this skin for an extra 10 RP, voice lines. This Phantom talks whenever you get a kill or whenever you decide to inspect the gun. And the great part is that the voice lines are different depending on how you kill your enemy!


It’s an amazing skin to have, and the only obvious drawback to it is the price. This skin costs 2475 VP plus 40 RR to fully upgrade it. You can also spend an extra 15 VP to unlock a variant that has a different voice.

6. Ruination

The Ruination collection

Skin Spotlight here.

The Ruination Phantom is another extremely popular skin in VALORANT, for a few simple reasons. It has strong ties with League, and a lot of people like that, but that’s not the main reason it is so popular. The main thing that makes this skin so appealing to a lot of players it’s the fantasy and gothic aesthetic. It’s edgy but in all the good ways.


And if you choose to buy and upgrade this skin, you’ll get all the spooky and edgy effects:

  • An equip animation that pulls the gun out of the Black Mist
  • A ghastly sounding firing effect
  • A satisfying kill banner
  • An extremely good finisher

To add to that, you also get some of the best variants on a phantom, but you will have to pay an extra 15 RP for each one you want to unlock.


You’ll have to pay 2175 VP to get this skin, plus 30 RP to fully upgrade it. 


5. Ion

The Ion Phantom


Skin Spotlight here.

The Ion Phantom is quite iconic. It’s clean, subtle, and offers a premium feel. It offers a futuristic look, without being over-the-top. Everything looks good on this gun. The base model without any upgrades is amazing, the shape is interesting, and the clean, glossy, white stands out on the battlefield. But if you choose to upgrade the skin, you will get some amazing effects:

  • A blue energy core that reveals itself when you equip the gun
  • An amazing firing sound effect
  • A pretty good kill banner and finisher

Although it doesn’t seem like much, all the effects come together perfectly to create an amazing-looking skin. It’s satisfying to use, it’s pretty to look at, but it’s not distracting at all. And you get all that for 1775 VP plus 30 RP to fully upgrade it. And if you get really lucky, you might just get it in your next Night Market!


4.  Oni

The Oni collection


Skin Spotlight here.

The Oni Phantom is one of the most popular Phantom skins in the game, and the reason for that is simple. It looks amazing. As the name implies the skin’s aesthetic is strongly tied to the “Oni”, a kind of demon in Japanese folklore. The base model looks beautiful with a combination of bright red and subtle green accents. Plus the mask on the back of the gun is extremely detailed, this skin sells the “Oni” aesthetic really well.

But the skin isn’t this popular just because the base model looks nice, there are also the effects:

  • The firing effect fits the theme perfectly
  • The kill sound and banner are extremely satisfying
  • The Oni Phantom has one of the best finishers in the game
  • The variants offer different aesthetics that fit everyone

Besides all of that, it’s also an OG skin, being the first premium Phantom skin in the game. And you can get all that with 1775 VP plus 30 RP to fully upgrade it. But you’ll need to unlock each variant individually with 15 RP.


3. Glitchpop 2.0

The Glitchpop 2.0 collection


Skin Spotlight here.

The Glitchpop Phantom needs no introduction. This skin is well made, extremely detailed, fun to use, and fun to look at. They did an amazing job with the dystopian hyper-consumerist aesthetic. The skin is fun, goofy, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And that’s perfect for this aesthetic! The base model of the skin, without any upgrades, looks great. It’s fun and colorful, and pleasant to look at. 


But since this is an Exclusive Edition skin, the upgrades add all the over-the-top features such as:

  • Fictional ads on the side of your gun
  • A satisfying shooting effect
  • An amazing kill banner
  • Lots of moving parts
  • A silly and fun finisher

The only drawback for some might be the price. Since this is an Exclusive Edition skin, you’ll have to pay a bit more to get it. This skin costs 2175 VP plus 30 RP for the upgrades. Each variant will cost an additional 15 RP.


2. BlastX

The BlastX collection


Skin Spotlight here.

Continuing with the goofy and over-the-top theme, we have the BlastX Phantom. This is one of the best collections in the game. It’s silly, goofy, and fun. And this is no different for the Phantom. This Phantom skin looks like a huge Nerf gun. With foam darts that stick on walls, a full plastic body, and effects to match the toy gun aesthetic. That’s the reason why this skin is so good, it sells its theme extremely well. The base model looks perfect, and you get a few sound effects that make the gun sounds like you’re handling a plastic toy without spending VP to upgrade it.


But if you choose the upgrade the skin, you’ll get:

  • The most satisfying firing effect
  • A unique equip animation that rips the gift wrap off the gun
  • The mentioned foam darts that stick on walls
  • A goofy finisher
  • An amazing kill banner

This skin is also on the more expensive side, setting you back 2175 VP plus 30 RP to fully upgrade it.


1. Spectrum

The Spectrum collection


Skin Spotlight here.

The best Phantom skin we have currently is the Spectrum Phantom. Why? Because it has something for everyone. The base model looks sleek and minimalist, but it looks unique and interesting. The collaboration between Zedd and VALORANT was done perfectly because Zedd added a lot of the unique sound effects of the skin. The finisher, the firing sound effect, the kill banner. So if you’re a fan of his or a fan of music in general, this is the perfect skin for you.


Besides that, you also get a lot of unique features exclusive to this skin if you choose to upgrade it.

  • A satisfying firing sound effect
  • The only kill banner that has a unique sound effect for getting a 6K
  • Parts of the gun change colors as you move around the map
  • The gun plays a song when you inspect it
  • A great finisher that plays music if you manage to get the last kill

It’s a great skin overall, and that’s why it gets the number one spot. But this skin has one drawback. It costs 2675 VP plus 30 RP to fully upgrade it. So it’s a bit more expensive when compared to all the other skins on this list.


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