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VALORANT Viper Official Artwork
VALORANT Viper Artwork

VALORANT is all about strategy, utility usage, and of course, precise gunplay. Or as precise as you can get with a running Spectre… But even tho these factors are really important, what makes the game fun are its agents. The agents bring life to the game. They add a ton of complexity, strategies, mechanics, and fun!

That being said, who are the most fun agents to play? 

The “fun rating” is given based on how easy the agent is to pick up, how deep are the mechanics, and how much stuff you can get away with. So here are the top 5 most fun agents to play with!

5. Sage

Sage holding one of her orbs

Sage is VALORANT’s resident healer. She can heal and revive allies, she can slow enemies, and she can create temporary walls! How exciting! Although her role as a sentinel would make you believe she’d be boring to play with, you’d be wrong! She’s extremely fun for one simple reason. Her “Barrier Orb” aka her wall.

Now, what makes this ability so unique?

The sheer amount of versatility the wall provides to Sage’s movement. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s what you can do with her wall:

  • Hide behind it
  • Block off entrances
  • Boost yourself to different spots and angles no other agent can reach
  • Create one-way walls (basically, a wall that lets you see the enemy, but the enemy can’t see you)
  • Slow a push
  • Block off wallbang spots
  • And probably other things we haven’t even thought about yet

What I’m getting at is that you can make a lot of cheesy plays using that wall. Just watch any video done by FlowAsgending or Grim, and you’ll quickly see what I’m getting at. 

The only reason why she’s on number 5 is her complexity. You will need to spend some time if you want to learn all of that, so you can't just jump into a game and have a blast. But there are a few simple and easy boost spots to troll your enemies, especially on Bind. 

So if you don’t want to focus on aiming and clicking heads, consider picking Sage. And if you can’t aim, you can at least heal, slow, and revive to help your allies!


4. Chamber

Chamber holding his sniper rifle

Chamber is the newest edition to VALORANT, and he was designed to be a good sniper agent, even getting a better Operator as his Ultimate!

But how is that fun?

Well, he’s designed to get out of sticky situations. He can get himself in a lot of dangerous situations and if things get bad, he can just use his Rendezvous (his E ability) to blink to another location. 

Now, he isn’t as versatile in his movement as Sage, but it’s easier to use his abilities (if your aim is good enough that is). But the things that make him more fun than someone like Sage are:

  • He can get to elevated positions pre-round, without wasting a space making ability
  • His teleport has a long-range, so you can cover a lot of the map
  • His teleport is also instant, like Jett’s dash
  • The Trademark (his C ability) is intuitive and easy to use, and you can always get value out of it
  • Chamber has the best economy in the game because two of his abilities are guns

Just don't forget that Chamber is still a Sentinel!

So you’ll still have to play with your team, and you’ll have to do a lot of planning. 

Since he has been released this episode, there isn’t a lot of known “tech” that you could use on Chamber, and that might be a drawback to some. But the fact that he’s so easy to use makes him a really fun agent. Also worth mentioning is how much you’ll tilt enemies when you get a kill and teleport away.

3. Jett

Jett using wind magic

Since we had Chamber at number 4, it’s only natural that Jett gets the number 3 spot. The things that make Jett fun are the things that make Chamber fun, but amplified! You can still peek aggressively and get away with it because you have your dash. You have access to off-angles with your Updraft, and you can smoke different angles with your Cloudburst.

But why is she more fun than Chamber?

It’s because:

  • You are a Duelist, you can play aggressively and get away with it
  • Your Dash is more versatile than Chamber’s teleport
  • You can combo your Updraft with Sage’s wall (makes for a fun combo)
  • If you’re willing to learn, you can do “Super Dashes”. A dash that propels you into the skybox (you can watch HowToNoodle if you want to learn some super dashes)
  • Your Ultimate (Bladestorm) can be used in a lot of different scenarios and is fully accurate when moving and jumping

Jett is extremely fun, but like Chamber, you need to have good aim if you want to win. And that could be a drawback for newer players.

But if you don’t care about that, pick her and try some Super Dashes!

2. Yoru

Yoru showing off his jacket

Before we get into why Yoru is really fun to play, I do have to address one thing. He’s in a pretty bad spot. He’s not that useful for the team, he’s hard to use effectively, and people will think you’re trolling if you pick him in your game. That being said, Yoru is EXTREMELY FUN.

Why is that? How is a “bad” agent so fun?

Well, his mechanics are just really unique. He has:

  • 2 unique and fun to use flashes
  • An ability that mimics footsteps that activate Killjoy, Cypher, and Chamber traps
  • A teleport that you can send to the other side of the map and then teleport to it
  • An ultimate that makes you invisible and invulnerable

Even though this might not sound like much, all these abilities are really fun to use together. You can pick up guns or the spike when you’re in your ultimate. You can teleport away whilst you’re in your ultimate.

You can create some 2000 IQ plays with his kit, and to top it all off, it’s not that hard to use.

It’s just hard to use effectively.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that Riot plans to rework Yoru to make him more viable since he doesn’t really feel like a Duelist at the moment. And that’s perfect news since they plan to keep the most fun aspects of his gameplay (his ultimate and teleport), but want to make him more viable for competitive play. 

So if you want to get ready for that Yoru rework, you can go ahead and have fun with his kit in some unrated games. And when the rework comes, you can go ahead and stomp some teams in ranked!

1. Raze

Raze main preparing to use a Judge

Some of you probably saw this coming.

Raze is the most explosive character on this list, and that’s why she’s at number one. She’s constantly good, and she’s played at the highest level pretty consistently.

But unlike Jett, you don’t need to have really good aim to have fun with her.

If you’re not extremely good at aiming, you can just throw your grenade, send off your Boom Bot, use your satchels to get to the high ground and use the rocket to get multi-kills.

Raze is a really good duelist, with a ton of depth, but with a fairly easy-to-use kit. She can:

  • Do damage with her grenade
  • You can learn lineups for your grenade and satchel charges if you’re not that good with aiming
  • You can fly across the map if you’re really skilled with her satchel jumps (I’d recommend watching Flights for that)
  • She has a rocket launcher!!!

Raze does everything you’d want a fun character to do. She’s really hard to master, but really easy to understand at a basic level. She’s consistently good in the meta, and she can be used in unique and creative ways to surprise the enemy.

And besides all that, Raze also has a really fun personality, it’s just a joy to play with her, and to hear her voice lines

That being said:

Remember that this is a general guide.

Some of these agents might not fit you, because you like a different playstyle, and that’s okay. If you don’t like these agents, consider trying out the rest of the roster to get a feel of what you’d like to do in this game.

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