[Top 10] Valorant Best Free Skins

Valorant Best Free Skins
Sage's free skin, the Jade Classic, gives a personalized feel to pistol rounds

Currently, the only free skins you can obtain in Valorant are through completing agent contracts, and only for secondary weapons (pistols). Perhaps Riot Games will be generous enough to give free skins for primary weapons in the future, but alas, today is not that day. With that said, let’s just into the top 10 free skins in Valorant.

10. Snakebite Shorty

For a long time, the Snakebite Shorty was the only skin for the Shorty...period. That’s long changed now with the introduction of some skin collections and the second act of the Battlepass, but players used to grind for this skin solely due to its exclusivity.

What makes Snakebite Shorty awesome…

  • Comes with a sleek poisonous-green texture
  • Pairs well aesthetically with Viper

How to get Snakebite Shorty:

  • Complete Viper’s contract

9. Ragnarocker Frenzy

Don’t get me wrong, the Ragnarocker Frenzy isn’t the worst skin out there. It’s just that there are tons of better options if you’re looking for a nice Frenzy skin. The skin follows a simple brown color scheme that reminds you of the prairie or the desert, which can be appealing to some players.

What makes Ragnarocker Frenzy awesome…

  • It’s free! (You only have to grind a bit to get it)

How to get Ragnarocker Frenzy:

  • Complete Breach’s contract

8. Protektor Sheriff

The Sheriff is the strongest pistol in the right hands, so you’ll want a nice skin to give you that boost in confidence. The Protektor Sheriff is a very simple blue and silver skin to ease your eyes from looking at the standard black model.

What makes Protektor Sheriff awesome…

  • Very symbolic of Sova’s character
  • Simple, clean design

How to get Protektor Sheriff:

  • Complete Sova’s contract

7. Hush Ghost

I’m a big fan of the Ghost, and the Hush Ghost skin doesn’t disappoint. This is a fantastic skin with the Ghost being completely covered in a brown sheen. The skin just looks pristine.

What makes Hush Ghost awesome…

  • Complete color scheme that covers the entirety of the gun
  • Cool blue strip that balances out the brown on the gun

How to get Hush Ghost:

  • Complete Cypher’s contract

6. Vendetta Ghost

The Vendetta Ghost is nearly identical to the Hush Ghost in terms of design, the only difference being that the color scheme is a light purple. It just comes down to preference at this point.

What makes Vendetta Ghost awesome…

  • Reminiscent of Reyna’s tool kits and pairs well with her aesthetically
  • Very soothing on the eyes compared to other models

How to get Vendetta Ghost:

  • Complete Reyna’s contract

5. Spitfire Frenzy

Out of all the free skins, the Spitfire Frenzy stands out with its flame-inspired model. It’s very fitting with Phoenix’s mastery over fire and deserves consideration if you’re looking for a Frenzy skin.

What makes Spitfire Frenzy awesome…

  • The Flame! 

How to get Spitfire Frenzy:

  • Complete Phoenix’s contract

4. Final Chamber Classic

I love this skin for the homage it pays to Sage’s nation, China. The jade design is a marvel to look at and reminds you that you have a great skin when equipped. 

What makes Final Chamber Classic awesome…

  • Beautiful design
  • The jade makes the skin stand out even amongst ones you can purchase

How to get Final Chamber Classic:

  • Complete Sage’s contract

3. Wunderkind Shorty

(Currently no videos of the Wunderkind Shorty available)

Out of the four Shorty skins in the game, the Wunderkind Shorty is the best. Others may argue that the Oni Shorty is a tad better, but the sheer color and eye-catching quality of the Wunderkind Shorty makes it the better skin.

What makes Wunderkind Shorty awesome…

  • Eye-catching design
  • Colors...lots and lots of colors

How to get Wunderkind Shorty:

  • Complete Killjoy’s contract

2. Game Over Sheriff

This skin from Jett’s contract is just, for a lack of better words, amazing. Clouds mark the length of the gun, symbolizing Jett’s control and use of air. It’s just a great skin to look at in-game and on screen.

What makes Game Over Sheriff awesome…

  • The clouds that take up the entire length of the gun gives you the feeling your bullets are flying

How to get Game Over Sheriff:

  • Complete Jett’s contract

1. Pistolinha Classic

The Pistolinha Classic is a masterpiece. The design and model take up the entirety of the gun and the sudden change in color scheme mid-way through the gun give it the variety it needs to stand out.

What makes Pistolinha Classic awesome…

  • Neat and colorful design
  • Reminiscent of one of Raze’s explosions

How to get Pistolinha Classic:

  • Complete Raze’s contract

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