[Top 5] Valorant Most Expensive Bundles Revealed

Win all of your games with style with the most expensive Valorant bundles

A lot of people buy skins in Valorant for many reasons. Maybe they love how it looks? Do they want to have the placebo effect? Or do they want to flex the skin prices on everyone? If you’re one of those people who want to show off your loadout to everyone, here are the top 5 most expensive Valorant skins ever

1. Singularity

The galatic bundle Singularity

The first exclusive edition bundle, the Singularity, boasts its galaxy-themed effects. This bundle has different colorways: black, purple, red, and blue, and each of them suit the weapons in the bundle. Everything about the bundle shocked many people because of the amazing finisher, pull-out animation, colors, and sounds. Singularity still remains one of the classics in the game. 

Why The Singularity Bundle Is Great

  • Color variations suit the bundle
  • One of the classic bundles
  • Unique wormhole finisher

Singularity Details


2. BlastX

The Valorant version of toy guns

Valorant’s nerf-themed bundle. BlastX has a unique model, animation, and sound. The most exciting thing about this bundle is the pull-out animation where the agents remove the gift wrap around the guns. Some will agree that the BlastX was Riot’s most unique iteration of a gun skin. 

Why The BlastX Bundle Is Great

  • Nerf themed
  • Gift wrapped guns
  • Unique bullets

BlastX Details


3. Elderflame 

Angry dragons that will breath fire onto your enemies

Imagine shooting a shouting dragon at your enemies. One of the earliest bundles in Valorant, The Elderflame bundle boasts its signature dragon-themed skins with never-before-seen effects. Even though it is one of the most expensive skins, it is also worth it because of its unique model, sounds, and animations.

Why The Elderflame Bundle Is Great

  • Dragon themed
  • Satisfying dragon sounds
  • Insane pull-out and reload animations

Elderflame Details:



The one of a kind Spectrum bundle

The first Valorant skin collaboration, according to Riot the Spectrum “is the most complex bundle yet.” Zedd, one of the most known DJs in the world, has decided to work with Valorant to bring a new set of skins to the public. Everything about the bundle is beautiful, the unique music (composed by Zedd himself) when you inspect the weapons, disco-like finisher, and even the clean models. The Spectrum is definitely an unforgettable Valorant skin bundle. \

Why The Spectrum Bundle Is Great

  • First Valorant collaboration
  • Music was made by Zedd
  • Unique sounds and finisher

SPECTRUM Details: 


5. Champions 2021

The limited edition Champions bundle

Based on the final Valorant LAN event of 2021, this is the most expensive bundle to date—and the newest one yet. Priced at 6600 Valorant points for a single gun and knife skin, it is way more expensive than the other bundles in this list with multiple skins for different guns. However, its selling point is that it is a limited edition bundle, and it has the most beautiful finisher in the game—where a champions logo and a dark looking brimstone appear. 

Why The Champions 2021 Bundle Is Great

  • Limited edition
  • Best finisher in the game
  • Unique karambit knife

Champions 2021 Details



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