[Top 5] Valorant Best Eco Guns

Valorant Best Eco Guns
Sometimes, saving money for a disadvantage in one round can lead to a victory in the next

Every now and again, you’ll find yourself in a position where you won’t be able to buy the full loadout you want. These situations are called eco rounds and it’s sensible to save your creds with a light buy-or an eco buy-so that you can afford the stronger guns in the next round. 

So what are the best eco weapons? Let’s dive into the top 5 guns to buy during an eco round.

5. Ghost

The Ghost is a silenced pistol, able to deal a good deal of damage with a headshot, and it’s a strong eco buy with a decent fire rate. Next to the Sheriff, the Ghost is a lighter gun in terms of damage, but its consistent aim and higher damage make it a better choice than the other pistols when you’re trying to save money.

What makes Ghost awesome…

  • A relatively cheap price of 500 creds
  • Decent headshot damage that can give you a kill against stronger weapons if you have the better angle
  • Fast fire-rate

Ghost details

  • Fire-rate: 6.75 rounds/sec
  • Semi-automatic
  • Damage: (0 - 30 m)
    • Body - 30
    • Head - 105
    • Legs - 26

4. Shorty

Wait, wait, wait. Didn’t I just say the Ghost is a better gun than all the other pistols during an eco buy? Well, yes it is, in most cases. Keyword, most. The Shorty is a unique gun, being that it’s a shotgun pistol, and can grab you multiple kills in very close range situations.

It’s a gun that I wouldn’t recommend you buying every eco round, but when you get a feel for the enemy’s strategies, the Shorty will do heavy work by holding very close and tight angles.

What makes Shorty awesome…

  • Ability to get multiple kills by holding chokepoints
  • Even cheaper than the Ghost with its price being 200 creds

Shorty details

  • Extremely high damage in close range
  • Fire-rate: 3.3 rounds/sec
  • Semi-automatic

3. Judge

The Judge is a glorified, stronger version than the Shorty. Simple. It deals more damage per shot and can fire at a faster rate. Its accuracy remains even while moving and jumping, so it’s a pretty cheeky gun.

All that said, the Judge costs 1,500 creds, so it’s not a very common purchase, but it has its merits. Everything that was said about the Shorty applies to the Judge. Strong, quick, and unexpected, the Judge is a good purchase for an eco round.

What makes Judge awesome…

  • Probably the best gun at close range
  • Has multiple shots in its magazine so you can handle multiple enemies at once

Judge details

  • Full-automatic
  • Fire-rate: 3.5 rounds/sec
  • Magazine: 7 shots (compared to the Shorty’s 2)

2. Sheriff

The Sheriff is known for its high damage and its place as a strong contender to replace a Phantom or Vandal in eco rounds. It is a bit difficult to aim with due to its high recoil, but the damage it dishes out and the ability to win rounds off of it are too strong for it to be ignored.

What makes Sheriff awesome…

  • A headshot from a Sheriff is a kill, just like the Vandal
  • Only costing 800 creds, the Sheriff remains a great eco buy option that gives you more than a decent chance at winning the round

Sheriff details

  • Damage: (0 - 30 m)
    • Body - 55
    • Head - 160
    • Legs - 47
  • Damage: (30 - 50 m)
    • Body - 50
    • Head - 145
    • Legs - 43

1. Spectre

Probably one of the friendlier guns to use, the Spectre is a very consistent purchase amongst the Valorant community during eco rounds. It’s very simple and easy to use compared to a gun like the Sheriff and acts almost as a mini-Phantom, which is why players like it so much.

The Spectre is just hands down the best eco weapon in most situations. Able to operate at a close to medium range, it gets the job done just like you would with a Phantom or a Vandal.

What makes Spectre awesome…

  • Very similar to the Phantom in terms of feel
  • Strong in close to medium range fights

Spectre details

  • 1,600 creds
  • Full-automatic
  • Fire-rate: 13.33 rounds/sec

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