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How to look cool in the squad!

In Valorant we have all heard of the concept called “One Tap”. Probably we all experienced it while receiving a tilting headshot once we peak trying to enter a site.
One of the best weapons to execute one taps especially if you’re not into spraying is the Guardian! It can deal a great amount of damage that can secure a kill if you’re aim is intact.
In this article, we will go through the best five skins that can make you secure kills but with style!

Here are the top five Guardian skins that can help you look cool:

5. Ego Guardian:

Ego Guardian VALORANT Skin | ALL COLORS IN-GAME | Skins HD Showcase

This skin speaks for itself! The name is Ego, and it surely represents that! My personal favorite is the Black and White version where the word “Unstoppable” is printed on the sides of the weapon representing destruction and one tap lovers!
What's Awesome About Ego Guardian:

  • The Black and White version looks vintage and badass with the word “Unstoppable” written on the sides.
  • Same gameplay if you don’t like any changes.

How to get this skin:
It was originally made as a bundle for the price of 1775 Valorant Points  (Around 18.7 USD) which is a bit too much for the visuals! Now you can obtain the skin only by keeping an eye on the store and snatching it whenever it’s available.

4. Hydrodip Guardian:

Hydrodip Skins Showcase (Hydrodip Collection) - Valorant Battle Pass Skins

The Hydrodip Guardian is for people who like to add some fun to break the stress of ranked games! Looking good is not even a discussion here as you will be unique in every game. If you like colors and want to kill people with a signature then you should definitely try the Hydrodip Guardian.
What's Awesome About Hydrodip Guardian:

  • Freshly added and easily obtained in the current act (Episode 4: Act 1).
  • No changes in the gameplay if you like that style.
  • Colorful and emits good and fun vibes that everyone can feel (Apart from the enemy swallowing your bullets).

How to get this skin:
You currently can obtain the skin by purchasing the Battle Pass and earn your way of getting it during Episode 4: Act 1 of Valorant.

3. Nebula Guardian:

Nebula Guardian VALORANT Skin | NEW Skins HD Showcase

The beauty of the Nebula Guardian is that you can never get bored of it! The galaxy is between your hands. You can enjoy farming kills but you will surely enjoy checking out the weapon every minute because you will always feel that the galaxy is moving thus creating insane visuals on your weapon.
What’s Awesome About Nebula Guardian:

  • Neat and considered a masterpiece for its amazing looks.
  • You can never grow bored of it, I mean who would be bored of looking at the Galaxy!
  • No sound effects and if you like the original sounds already that would be a bonus!

How to get this skin:
Unfortunately, the Nebula Guardian isn’t currently available in the store but you surely need to start saving because once it’s available in the stores, you wouldn’t want to miss it! And for 1775 which is around 18.7 USD, it’s totally worth it!

2. Prime 2.0 Guardian:

Prime Guardian Skin Showcase [4K] - Valorant Prime Skins

The Prime 2.0 Guardian offers charisma and prestige! The futuristic look and the golden touch will make you feel rich and classy! You are also getting amazing reload visuals and a unique sound to the weapon! If you like shooting bullets that feel from the future then you should surely invest in the Prime 2.0 Guardian.
What’s Awesome About Prime 2.0 Guardian:

  • A unique sound to bullets.
  • Amazing new visuals to the reloading.
  • New scope art and also different visuals regarding the fire from bullets.

How to get this skin:
This skin was originally released as a bundle for 7100 Valorant Points but you can now only obtain the Prime 2.0 Guardian by purchasing it from the store whenever it becomes available for 1775 Valorant Points which is around 18.7 USD.

1. Reaver Guardian:


The ultimate Guardian skin! The Reaver Guardian is definitely out of this world! The visuals, colors, and sound effects are insanely good! The whole experience revolves around making the weapon feel like an alien weapon which is executed beautifully from Riot Games.
If you want to have a really unique experience and drop the jaws (as well as the bodies) of your enemies then you should surely try the Reaver Guardian
What’s Awesome About Reaver Guardian:

  • An alien weapon that feels and sounds exotic.
  • Unique kill visuals that will make you want to score kills even more! (Talk about motivation)
  • Extra steel makes it feel like a weapon made for being aggressive.

How to get this skin:
Currently, the only way to get this skin is by waiting for it to be available in the store and eventually grabbing it for 1775 Valorant Points which in USD equals around 18.7.


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