Top 5 Valorant Best Agents To Unlock First

Valorant Best Agents To Unlock
Meet the Agents of Valorant - some may surprise you!

What if you could unlock an Agent in Valorant that automatically improves your skills?

Once you install Valorant, your main objective will be to discover which agent it is that you will play. But before you do that, you will have to unlock the agents you would want to play first. 

Starting, you have 5 Agents unlocked from the start. Jett, Brimstone, Sage, Sova, and Phoenix are free for you to use. 

By leveling up through the battle pass, and earning experience from playing matches after activating an agent's contract, you will be able to unlock the remaining 6 agents as you continue to play the game. These agents are Viper, Omen, Breach, Cypher, Reyna, and Raze. 

Most of who you unlock first depend on who you want to play - but there are more important and “better” agents to unlock first to maximize your skill level. But, which ones should you unlock first?

Here are the top five agents to unlock first once you play Valorant

#5 - Breach

Breach, initiator agent with the best hair in Valorant

Breach is an initiator - his main role is to start fights and get his team onto a bomb site. He is equipped with a multitude of abilities to help him, such as a flash, a stun blast, and a damage-dealing shock blast.

Breach Strengths:

  • Attack ready
  • Fast-paced, well equipped for gunfights
  • Heavy reliance on offensive stunning abilities 

Why Unlock Him First: 

  • If you are a fast-paced aggressive player, who is more attracted to a stun move set rather than a damage reliant set 
  • You want to be able to move onto a site while creating openings for yourself and teammates
  • You're strong in knowing where the enemy might be camping, and how to counter that with Breach’s abilities.

#4 - Reyna

Reyna, the duelist with the most mysterious style

Reyna is one of the most useful Duelists in Valorant. Her move sets are all kill based, with flashes for stunning the enemy, healing abilities, and the move to turn invisible and maneuver around the enemy. She is a fast-paced, kill heavy agent who is most useful to the aggressive player

Reyna Strengths:

  • - High kill potential
  • - Fast-paced movement and maneuverability 
  • - Healing abilities 

Unlock Reyna first if:

  • - You’re a fast-paced and aggressive player who is unafraid to jump out into battle
  • - You are confident in your aiming ability and can win gunfights 
  • - You want to be able to be the main fighter for your team, being one of the first players to go into battle

#3 - Cypher

Cypher, the tech wiz of the Valorant world

Cypher is arguably the most useful agent and sentinel to unlock, although his character is a popular one it takes quite a bit of skill to play him well. His traps and tripwires are key roles in many games as they can accurately detect the enemy's position, while his camera’s can do just that on an even greater level. 

Cypher Strengths:

  • - Recon type abilities, good for locating trapping the enemy
  • - Moveset to pinpoint an enemy and act as an in-game leader
  • - Flexible moves to catch enemies off guard

Unlock Cypher first if:

  • - You can be an in-game leader, letting your team know exactly where the enemies are and being useful in terms of recon and protecting flanks 
  • - You are crafty enough to find the best trap spots, for your tripwires and camera to go unnoticed by the enemy 
  • - You are confident in your ability to calculate where the enemy will be coming from and how to stop them in their tracks.

#2 - Omen 

Omen, be careful as he might sneak up on you

Omen is a controller that takes an immense amount of skill to play correctly. His abilities are incredibly diverse with a teleportation for maneuverability, a blinding blast, and large smokes which can be used to cut off the enemies sightline. He can be incredibly useful to a team in the right hands, so unlocking him is a question of whether or not you are up to the task.

Omen Strengths:

  • - Diverse moves, can control sites and attack with great maneuverability 
  • - Most powerful blind in the game which can lead to many openings for yourself and the team 
  • - Smokes can be launched from anywhere on the map, and placed anywhere (not restricted to sightline or a small area like other agents) 

Unlock Omen first if: 

  • - You are confident in your ability to use his moves wisely, and can control a site without hesitation
  • - You want to be able to accurately and efficiently smoke a site from anywhere on the map, while also having diverse move set for attacking and maneuvering 
  • - You know the map like the back of your hand, and can accurately choose where to teleport to and smoke.

#1 - Raze

Raze, the most explosive agent in all of Valorant

A controversial duelist, Raze,  has the most aggressive moves in the game. All of her abilities do damage, and can be used in a fast-paced fashion. Her C4’s grant her maneuverability, her grenades split up into smaller explosives that can easily kill an enemy, and her rover can find the enemy and blow up on site. Not to mention her powerful rocket launcher, Raze is an extremely powerful Agent, and is one of the easiest to pick up and use well

Raze Strengths:

  • - Easy to use correctly, can effectively take over a match for your team with high kill expectancy 
  • - Fast-paced and aggressive moves to easily dominate enemies
  • - All of her abilities do damage, which can aide a team in getting more kills and winning matches

Unlock Raze first if:

  • - You want an aggressive, high kill potential agent that can aide in a fast-paced play style
  • - You are confident in your gun skills and can pair that well with a damage-dealing move set 
  • - You can jump into battle, opening up opportunities for your teammates, and winning the match. 

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