[Top 5] Valorant Best Stinger Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

The Ego Skin Collection - VALORANT
The Ego Skin Collection - VALORANT

The Stinger is an extremely efficient anti-eco or half-buy weapon. It’s cheap, it’s effective at close ranges, and it’s also pretty new-player friendly. With that in mind, it does look kinda bland. It feels like it’s made out of plastic, and it doesn't feel particularly satisfying to fire.

That’s why you’d want to have a really good skin on this gun!


5. Silvanus

Silvanus Stinger


The first skin on our list is the Silvanus Stinger. Whilst Silvanus is not the greatest skin-line in VALORANT, the artwork shines on the smaller frame on the Stinger. It’s not too small like the Sheriff, it’s just big enough that you can see all the details on the gun.

For the low price of 1275 VP you get:

  • A spooky looking forest
  • A cozy-looking house
  • A nice moon that moves around
  • Nice details such as the tree engraving on the back of the gun

It’s not much, but it looks crisp. It’s a simple concept, but the concept is implemented nicely.

You can take a better look at this skin here:



4. Sakura

The Sakura Collection


But if this art style isn’t your go-to, you should check out the Sakura Stinger. 

The Sakura Stinger is another artwork-focused skin, and the same principles that make the Silvanus Stingers apply here. The small frame of the gun makes for perfect showcases of art! But this time, instead of it being “western” art, you have clean Japanese art!

For the same price as the Silvanus Stinger, you get:

  • Well-designed details such as the added texture on the grip
  • Cherry blossom branches stretching out on the sides of the gun
  • The pink cherry blossom flowers sprinkled all over the Stinger
  • A fully grown cherry blossom tree on the magazine
  • A waterfall in the background of said tree

If you want a minimalist skin, but Silvanus isn’t doing it for you, you should consider getting the Sakura. Especially considering they’re the same price

You can take a closer look at the Sakura Stinger here:


But even if this skin isn’t doing it for you, consider getting the next entry on this list.


3. Ego

Ego Stinger - Red Variant


To finish off our streak of skins that use the base 3D model, we have the Ego Stinger! This skin is more “out there” when compared to the Sakura or Silvanus. It’s bolder and cooler. The entire collection draws inspiration from “hype-beast” fashion culture, and this skin reflects that. You have bold color blocks, interrupted by slim lines of different colors. 

The colors are matching, but give off a disorganized look. It’s a really good skin, especially if you don’t want over-the-top effects. And even without a lot of effects, this skin feels premium. But the hype-beast look comes at a higher cost. It’s a bit more expensive than the other two skins on this list, but with the extra VP you get:

  • The “UNSTOPPABLE” wordmark written in different languages depending on the variant
  • Different muzzle flashes, matching the color scheme of your variant
  • A plethora of color combinations to choose from

The first variant is a combination of gold, white, and black. Pretty classic, but you also have red and black, magenta and turquoise blue, or white, beige, and dark green.

This skin just wants you to look at it, and if you’re into that look, this is the best skin you can get!

The Ego Stinger will set you back 1775 VP plus 15 Radianite Points for every variant you want to unlock.

You can see all the variants here:



2. Sovereign

Sovereign Stinger - Green Variant


The reason why Sovereign is so high up the list is obvious. It’s one of the best skin lines in the whole game. So naturally, the Stinger skin would also be ranked higher than most other skins. The white and gold body, the blue gem, and all the added sound effects make this one of the best Stinger skins.

The whole angelic aesthetic works really well. The blue lines when reloading and equipping the gun add a nice feel to the gun that other skins just don’t have. Besides that, firing the gun feels like you’re trying to purify your target. It’s just that good!

You do have to upgrade the skins to get all that, but you also get more effects! Stuff like:

  • All the angelic sound effects
  • The kill banner and melodic kill sound
  • The best finisher for this gun

And if you’re willing to just spend a few more Radianite Points, you’ll also get some amazing variants. They won’t change the sound effects or the finisher, but they do look extremely good especially the red and black one.

This Stinger skin will cost you 1775 VP plus 30 Radianite Points for all the upgrades if you don’t want any of the variants. If you do want them, they will cost 15 extra points for each one you unlock

You can see the skin in all its glory here:



1. RGX 11Z PRO

RGX 11Z PRO Stinger - Vanilla


The only bad thing about this Stinger skin is the name. Other than that, the skin is just amazing! They nailed the GPU aesthetic, even on the small frame of the stinger. Everything in this skin is amazing. The color-shifting LED strips, the moving parts, the sound effects. All of it is well made.

Even when the gun isn’t upgraded, it still looks amazing. And part of that is because of the transparent parts of the gun. You can see all the little details they’ve put into this skin. The spinning motors, the lights, everything just looks top notch!

But this skin really shines when you dish out some of your hard-earned Radienite Points. If you do that you’ll get:

  • The spinning motors
  • The color-shifting LED strips and core
  • Different looking bullet impact points
  • All the great sound effects
  • A kill counter
  • An amazing kill banner and sound effect
  • A decent finisher

Yes, you get a kill counter! A kill counter that says “EZ” when you win a round, so that’s a nice added detail. Out of all the Stinger skins, this is the one to get if you find it in your store, not only because of the great 3D model but also because of the little details that comprise this skin. Details such as the ADS changing colors with the LED lights.

Being the best Stinger skin, it’s also the most expensive of them all. Costing you 2175 VP for the base version, plus 40 Radianite Points for the upgrade. And of course, 15 bonus points for each variant you want to unlock. The variants being another bonus of this skin, they’re all extremely good.

You can take a better look at this skin here:





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