Valorant Knife Tier List [Valorant Knife Best Knife Rankings]

Valorant Knife Tier List
Champions bundle 2022

Skins are a status symbol when it comes to any game, but in an FPS— where guns are a common sight— there is nothing more eye-catching than a beautifully crafted knife. 

In Valorant showing off your knife after a hard-earned ace is a basic necessity, which is why knowing the right knife for you is mandatory. 

Luckily, here is a list of the most exquisite knives in Valorant. So hold your credit cards tight and try not to spend all your hard-earned money.


S Tier

Is there any other tier worth discussing than the top? I think not, so let’s get straight to it.

In this tier lies the crème de la crème. These knives are undoubtedly the best, but which is number one? Well, that is up to your taste. 

What is it that makes these knives so good then? The answer is a myriad of factors: animation, design, effects, and even exclusivity. 

RGX 11Z Pro Butterfly Knife

On top of its blinding neon lights, this knife also has all of the butterfly knife’s ADHD-satiating animations. Need I even say more?

The RGX Butterfly Knife, or Balisong— as it should have properly been named, is by far the greatest knife on this list. 

What’s that? I know I said that number one was dependent on personal choice, but if this ain’t your personal choice then I don’t know what could be… that is unless you choose the second knife on this list!


Champions Karambit

How do you let the entire server know that you are better than them? Get a knife that only glows when you are top fragging. 

That’s right, you need to be the best to get the best out of this knife. And if that’s demanding too much, keep in mind, that they call this the “Champions Karambit” and not the losers.

This knife also has unique animations, or at least it was unique until the Reaver Karambit showed up. Nonetheless, the Champions Karambit has the only looping inspect animation in the entire game, so you can show off your bling ad infinitum.

If this knife didn’t radiate enough sigma energy, then perhaps its absolute exclusivity will. If you, reading this article, do not currently own the Champions Karambit, then you will never be able to get it. No night market, no rerun, and no store rotation.


Reaver Karambit

The Reaver Karambit is the edgy sibling of the Champions Karambit, and no it isn’t just a phase.

This knife has special animations, VFX, and sounds. It even has the Champions Karambit’s once unique inspect animation, although there is one caveat. 

This knife, unfortunately, doesn’t have a looping inspect animation, but there isn’t anything stopping you from just pressing the inspect key again.

This baby comes with three distinct colored effects: blue from the tears of your foes, red for the blood of your enemies, and green from the er… breath of your toxic teammates.


RGX 11Z Pro Blade

I have already expressed my appreciation for rainbow neon lighting in this article, so I will not waste your time by repeating myself. 

Just know that the RGX Pro Blade is a katana that flashes with multiple colors. Did the samurais of old ever envision this masterpiece? This David of Michelangelo? This Mona Lisa? Perhaps not, but I do know that they would have been proud.


Sovereign Sword

There is no melee skin that screams “sophisticated savant” more than the Sovereign Sword.

Like a refined gentleman, this sword exudes elegance. Instead of the bright and bold colors so commonly found in other melee weapons, the Sovereign evokes a subtlety that will never go out of style.

If wine tasting, fondue, and Chamber are things you are into then the Sovereign Sword might just be perfect for you.


BONUS: Champions Butterfly Knife

As I neared the finishing touches of this article, a very special knife was announced and released out into the wild… a knife so special that I simply had to add it to the list.

The Champions Butterfly Knife takes the best aspects of the top two knives in Valorant. First, it’s a butterfly knife every bit as good as the RGX. Second, it has all the exclusivity that the Champions Karambit has and more.

I tell you now, there is nothing better in Valorant than clutching a round and celebrating with your trophy, meanwhile, all four of your teammates watch on and simply bask in your golden excellence. 

Therefore, I must say that the Champions Butterfly Knife is the BEST skin in all of Valorant.


A Tier

The line between good and great is often blurred, nonetheless, the line exists. These knives might not be the best of the best, but by god are they heavenly. 

And hey, for some your favorite knife might be one of these.

* Elderflame

* Reaver Knife

* Glitchpop Dagger

* Oni

* Prime 2.0 Karambit

* Gaia’s Wrath

* Broken Blade of the Ruined King

* Glitchpop Axe

* Relic of the Sentinel


B Tier

The knives on this tier provide excellent value for anyone. They might lack that extra flash that skins in the upper tier have, but they are worth it.

* Ruin Knife

* Catrina

* Nebula

* Ion energy

* Magepunk Shock Gauntlet

* Protocol Dagger

* Undercity Knife

* Recon Balisong

* Magepunk Electroblade

* Singularity

* Velocity Karambit


C Tier

Though the knives here fall all the way down to C Tier, they are still passable. These skins are either too bland or too gimmicky.

Use these maybe once or twice to spice things up, but none of these knives is your forever girl.

* Titanmail Mace

* Forsaken Ritual Blade

* Outpost

* Valorant Go Volume 1

* Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb


* Artisan Foil

* Celestial Fan

* Ego

* Tethered Realms 

* Task Force 809

* SYS Melee


D Tier

These knives may be a bit boring to look at, but they are still knives and all knives are sacred.

One thing is for sure, these look better than the default skin, so at least there’s that.

* Radiant Crisis 001

* Imperium

* Waveform

* Spline Dagger

* Blastx polymer knifetech

* Xenohunter knife

* Hivemind

* Prism

* Kingdom

* Smite

* Strike

* Prism III

* Songsteel

* Hu Else


F Tier

All knives are sacred, but these aren’t knives. Worse than default skin.

* Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

* Neptune Anchor

* Winterwunderland Candy Cane

*  Snowfall Wand

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