[Top 10] Valorant Best Reyna Plays

Valorant Best Reyna Plays, Valorant Best Reyna Player
Reyna's combat-conducive kit of abilities create some highly mechanical plays.

10. Good Takes by Fritoes


This is a standard example of good in-game mechanics and awareness from Fritoes. He uses all his abilities well and his aim is on point to ensure the simple Ace on Haven C. Solid play.

9. Right-Click by Daboota


The best thing about this play is Daboota’s expertise with a Classic pistol. He utilizes the right-click 3-shot on this gun to get easy short-distance kills and his precise aim also stands out as a noteworthy aspect from this play.

8. Jack of Trades by Hatake


Hatake has great timing, aim, and composure in this play which sees him pick up an Ace. His peek around the boxes to pick up his first two kills swings things in his favor. Another notable moment comes when, instead of reloading, he picks up another gun in his vicinity to save time in case the last enemy peeked at him.

7. Invisible by Marrys save me


Marrys save me makes great use of his Ultimate version of Leer (invisibility and invulnerability) to get behind the Cypher and to escape from the Jett. He then pulls out his flash to cap off the play with a nice 4K on the B site of Split.

6. Get Blinded by bilingual btw 


This is a great example of good uses of Leer when using Reyna. Bilingual btw uses audio cues to get a sense of where the enemies are and picks up two kills outside the B site of Split. He then demonstrates his awareness and quick reactions to find the remaining two enemies and claim the victory.

5. Outclassed by Arcticwammer


Arcticwammer doesn’t let his teammates’ sacrifices go to waste as he makes great use of being the second man to run into the enemy hideouts on Split. He then picks up 3 kills holding the same spot at the top of stairs with patience and composure.

4. Determination by Spongescrub


A rather simple play with nothing too flashy, but what’s great about this play is Spongescrub’s extremely good awareness of enemy locations. After picking off two of the enemies, he finds the spike and deduces the most likely positions of the remaining enemies. He finds one of them and decides to stick the defuse, guessing that the last enemy won’t make it on time.

3. Smoked Out by Drunkii


Drunkii demonstrates how to use enemy abilities against themselves. His aggressive approach is the best part of this play as he outplays the enemies using his Dismiss and the enemy Jett’s smokes to keep the enemies guessing his location.

2. Faster than You by RedShadowzz


This is one of the best Reyna plays I’ve ever seen. The key takeaway from this one is RedShadowzz’s insane reflexes and composure under fire to come away with a brilliant 4K on Haven A.

1. Ghosted by BlackInfinity


BlackInfinity comes away with the best play of this list and for good reason. He handles a 1v4 situation at the entrance to the B site of Haven with superiority and evasive maneuvers. His experience shows as he keeps picking off the enemies one by one to win the round. Oh, and the last kill with his Ghost was just the cherry on top.

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