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The latest 25 tips and tricks for Skye:

Do you want to know how to play Skye like a pro? Sit back, relax and just read this article for the latest tips, tricks and guide for Skye!

25. Regrowth

  • This is Skye’s first ability, which equips a healing trinket when used. To channel the healing, you need to hold the FIRE button, then the allies within range and line of sight will be healed. This ability can be reused until the healing pool is depleted. Take note that Skye cannot heal herself.

24. Trailblazer

  • Skye’s second ability equips a Tasmanian tiger trinket. To send out and take control of the predator, press the FIRE button. While in control, press FIRE again to leap forward, exploding in a concussive blast and damaging directly hit enemies.

23. Guiding Light

  • Skye’s signature ability is guiding light. This ability lets you equip a hawk trinket. To send it forward, press the fire button. HOLD FIRE to guide the hawk in the direction of your crosshairs. To transform it into flash, re-use or click your ability key again. A hit or if an enemy was within the range of sight of the hawk, a sound queue will be heard.

22. Seekers

  • Skye’s ultimate ability is seekers. This allows you to equip a seeker trinket. Press FIRE to send out three seekers that track down the three closest enemies. If a seeker reaches its target, it near-sights them.

21. Flash mechanics

  • Skye’s flash or guiding light has been patched lately. Enemies can hear you flashing when they are 12 meters away, and 8 meters away when you are behind a wall. With this in mind, you need to always be alert to where the enemies are to catch them off-guard when you are flashing.

20. Skye’s gun equipped after flashing

  • Previously, equipping your gun after flashing took a long time, but Skye's gun equip after flashing is much faster now. So, if you flashed an enemy, go swing and kill them right away instead of waiting a little longer, just like in the last patch.

19.  Fast flashing

  • Fast flashing is one of the simplest trick or ways to do with guiding light. You just simply hug a corner or wall where an enemy is holding an angle, then you flick left or right depending on what corner you are holding. Most of the time, this fast flash will catch your enemies off-guard and blind them.

18. Wall ride flashing

  • Wall ride flashing is one of the best tricks to do for your guiding light. Basically, you need to line up your crosshair in a certain spot. Then you let the guiding light go forward through the wall. The hawk will always go forward, riding the wall. You can pull out your gun while letting the hawk glide through the wall, then press fire again to transform it into flash, which will definitely lead to a kill if an enemy is blinded.

17. Flash bomb

  • This trick is one of the hardest to pull off but is also the most rewarding. Holding E or your ability button for guiding light will equip the hawk then instantly become a flash that will blind everyone in its line of sight. To make this trick work, you need to be running straight, then hold E as you move forward. By doing this, every enemy in front of you will be blinded, but you will not be flashed because you are moving forward the hawk.

16. Fake flash

  • For me, this is the best trick for Skye’s guiding light. Instead of popping the flash, you’ll just let the hawk fly, but you’ll kill every enemy who will be trying to dodge the flash. Many players always try to dodge Skye’s flash by turning around or looking at a wall; with this trick, you’ll kill those players easily.

15. Fake, fake flash

  • In this trick, you’ll need to make your enemies believe that you’re doing a fake flash, but instead of just letting the flash expire, you’ll pop the flash the moment they turn back around to shoot you.

14. High Flash

  • The easiest trick for Skye’s flash. You just need to throw your flash higher than usual. With this trick, you will get info as well as blind the enemies that are hiding at the bomb site.

13. Communicate with your team when you’re going to use the trailblazer

  • Skye’s trailblazer can be compared to Sova’s drone. To fully utilize it, communicate with your team when you are going to use it, so someone can instantly kill any enemy that will be dazed if they get hit by it.

12. Support Flashes

  • In this trick, you need to be the last one to push on your team. By being the last one, you neglect the enemy team that is holding the site, to hear that you used your guiding light or your flash. With this technique, they will be caught off guard and they will be blind, resulting in a kill by your teammate.

11. The Skye step

  • This trick can be used when you want to engage or duel an enemy. Basically, if you hear an enemy coming towards you, you’ll need to throw the flash behind you and then fight the enemy. Pop the flash when they started shooting at you. Most likely, you’ll win the duel because they got blinded.

10. Creep flashes

  • In this technique, you want to throw your flash into the enemy’s line of sight, hoping they will try to dodge it by hiding in a certain spot. Then, after they hide, you’re going to creep or walk silently towards then. Then, hopefully, kill them because they were surprised that you’re already near them.

9. Entry flashes

  • You need to be the support or second entry in this technique. You need to flash on the opposite side of where your team is pushing. With this trick, your teammates can push the bombsite without getting scared of being flashed by you.

8. Seekers + guiding light combo

  • This trick can be used so your enemies will have no other options to use in dueling with you. Basically, you just want to flash when your seeker detects an enemy. By doing that, they have 2 choices: to destroy the seekers, but they will be blinded; or to dodge or destroy the flash, but they will be dazed. Either way, they will be killed, so it’s a good thing to do.

7. Style of play

  • The best tip to give for players who have just started to use Skye is how to use this agent. Basically, your main role is to flash and use trailblazers for your teammates, specifically the duelists. Skye is a support agent, but some people who have already mastered Skye use this agent to enter bombsites and  get kills on their own.

6. Pros of using Skye

  • Skye is stronger than other agents because of her flash. Many players also like this agent because of his balanced gameplay. She can be a support or a playmaker.

5. Cons of using Skye

  • One of the cons of a Skye player is trying to support too much. This agent has a lot of utilities for the team. You can be killed when using these abilities. Trying to help your teammate too much may result in your death at the hands of the enemies.

4. Weapons best for Skye

  • Frenzy is the best pistol for Skye in pistol rounds. You really want to run and gun when you flash your enemy. Then for the rifles, it is always a personal preference whether you choose vandal or phantom.

3. Information gathering flash

  • Your flash or guiding light can be used not only to blind your enemies, but also to gather information on where the enemies are or what type of strategy they will use. When an enemy is hit by the guiding light’s line of sight, they will be blinded, of course, and Skye will shout “blinded”, so you know whether there is an enemy or not.

2. Duelist Skye

  • Duelist Skye can only be done by people who have played Skye for a long time. In this play style, you really want to use every type of guiding light flash in these tip and tricks to achieve this gameplay. Even if you are a beginner in Valorant, you can still play like this, and own your enemies, if you know how to use Skye’s flash properly.

1. Bird economy

  • Skye has only 2 guiding lights right now and they have 40 second cooldown. So how to use your guiding light is really important. You don’t want to just use that ability without thinking about your play, because you’ll only just waste it. Using this flash for early info is a big no no, just use your flash in the best time possible.

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