[Top 5] Valorant Most Accurate Guns That Wreck Hard!

Wreck enemies who are bad at the game with these guns

Valorant is a game all about tactics and shooting your enemies, and this is why many players look for the best weapons to defeat their enemies. If you are one of those people, here is a list of the most accurate guns in Valorant to help you in your games.

5. Sheriff

The one-shot Sheriff displayed

Arguably the most challenging gun to use in the game. The sheriff has inconsistent damage in various ranges, but don’t turn a blind eye to it because it hits like a truck. Since it’s a pistol, it is only worth 800 credits. Because of its recoil, it is the most difficult weapon to master, but if you want to hit the most amazing plays, then the sheriff is your gun. 

Why The Sheriff Is Great:

  • Cheap
  • Heavy damage

Sheriff Details:

  • Credits- 800
  • Type- Sidearm
  • Wall Penetration- High
  • Fire mode: Semi

Damage at 0-30m:

  • Head- 159
  • Body- 55
  • Leg- 46

Damage at 30-50m:

  • Head- 145
  • Body- 50
  • Leg- 42

See The Sheriff In Action

4. Phantom

The consistent Phantom displayed

One of the main rifles alongside the Vandal. This gun has received a lot of positive opinions because of its consistency. Both of the main rifles are priced at 2900 credits. However, the Phantom deals less damage per bullet and only deals 140 headshot damage on the 15-30m range, compared to its counterpart. The main advantage of this gun is having a faster fire rate than the vandal which makes it better for spraying and spamming. Personally speaking, it is easier to use than the Vandal because of its spray and consistency. 

Why The Phantom Is Great:

  • Consistent
  • High fire rate
  • No tracers through smokes
  • Great first shot accuracy
  • Easier to use for sprays 
  • Larger magazine size than the other rifles

Phantom Details:

  • Credits- 2900
  • Type- Rifle
  • Wall Penetration- Medium
  • Damage at 0-15m:
  • Head- 156
  • Body- 39
  • Leg- 33

Damage at 15-30m:

  • Head- 140
  • Body- 35
  • Leg- 29

Damage at 30-50m:

  • Head- 124
  • Body- 31
  • Leg- 26

See The Phantom In Action

3. Vandal

The aggressive Vandal

Some people, even pros, hate the Vandal because of its inconsistency. Maybe Riot intends to keep that mechanic, but who knows? Like the Phantom, this gun is priced at 2900 credits, and the difference is that the Vandal has a lower fire rate and deals consistent damage on all ranges. What makes this gun iconic is that you can take more aggressive fights because of its one-shot headshot mechanic. 

Why The Vandal Is Great:

  • Consistent damage
  • One-shot headshot
  • Better than the Phantom at tapping
  • Higher damage than the Phantom

Vandal Details:

  • Credits- 2900
  • Type- Rifle
  • Wall Penetration- Medium
  • Fire mode: Auto

Damage at 0-50m:

  • Head- 160
  • Body- 40
  • Leg- 34

See The Vandal In Action

2. Guardian

The high penetration Guardian

Like the Vandal, it deals consistent damage on all ranges—but significantly higher. What’s more, is it has better first shot accuracy and bullet penetration than the Phantom and Vandal. Since it is a semi-automatic rifle, you can’t spray, thus you have to hit your first bullet when using it. However, it is significantly cheaper than its counterparts, priced at 2250 credits. 

Why The Guardian Is Great:

  • Heavy damage
  • Best first shot accuracy
  • High bullet penetration
  • Cheap

Guardian Details:

  • Credits- 2900
  • Type- Rifle
  • Wall Penetration- High
  • Fire mode: Semi-automatic

Damage at 0-50m:

  • Head- 196
  • Body- 65
  • Leg- 49

See The Guardian In Action

1. Operator

The point-and-click Operator

Criticized because of its point-and-click gameplay, it is arguably the easiest to use out of all the weapons in this list. Priced at 4700 credits, operator users should hit their shots, be patient, and play through enemy utility to prevent losing the gun. Unlike the rifles, the operator relies on smart positioning rather than raw aim. The operator is overpowered in the hands of a good Jett player because of her “get out of jail card” dash ability. 

Why The Operator Is Great:

  • Best accuracy (scoped)
  • It relies on great positioning rather than aim
  • Has the highest damage
  • The best gun for long range

Operator Details:

  • Credits- 4700
  • Type- Sniper Rifle
  • Wall Penetration- High
  • Fire mode: Semi

Damage at 0-50m:

  • Head- 255
  • Body- 150
  • Leg- 120

See The Operator In Action

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