Valorant Aim Guide: How To Improve Your Aim and Accuracy For More Kills

Valorant How To Improve Aim
Valorant aim guide

The latest tips and tricks on how to improve your aim:

The game Valorant features different agents with unique abilities and playstyles to deal with the enemies. But regardless of which agent you use, this game rewards proficient gunplay above all and demands skillful aim to do well in matches.

Most of the players, especially those who are new to the first-person shooter genre, are having a hard time getting their aim right in gunfights. They become tense and make mistakes, ending up with a low kill rate in the game.

This article gives you some tips and guides on how to improve your aim in Valorant.


10. Finding your perfect sensitivity

  • Sensitivity is the main thing you want to adjust to improve your aim and accuracy. Having perfect sensitivity will surely give a boost in your gameplay. To find the perfect sensitivity, head to the range and spawn 1 robot, then try to track its head while moving from different ranges. Increase or decrease your sensitivity to track the robot’s head perfectly while moving.

9. Mechanical Aim

  • Mechanical aim is the movement of the crosshair from point to point. Muscle memory and a lot of aim training are needed to enhance this skill. Playing every day will surely enhance your mechanical aim.

8. Passive Aim

  • Passive aim is developed through game sense. It is also known as crosshair placement, which is the act of placing your crosshair head-level for easy headshots and where you expect your enemies to be.Boosting your game sense or passive aim will help you improve your aim and accuracy.

7. Over training is your enemy

  • Training your aim is important, but don’t overdo it. Don’t let fatigue ruin the day by overtraining. If you are fatigued, you might develop bad habits in the game or in your training that may take a lot more time to undo. Taking a break before starting again is necessary.

6. Sherrif only deathmatch

  • Go into a deathmatch and use sheriff only. The sheriff is one of the most useful guns to practice in order to polish your aim. You need to have a precise aim and only shoot enemies’ heads so that your aim will be better.

5. Aim is mental

  • Aim is a large part mental. Mental aspect is what leads you to hit a shot: understanding your adjustment speed, confirming your shot, and building a mental connection with your aim and reaction speed. All of these are important to boosting your aim in the game.

4. Jiggle Peeking

  • Jiggle peek means gaining information in a certain spot to check where the enemy is and quickly get back before the enemy can shoot you. This is one of the must learn tricks in FPS games like Valorant, in order to gain an advantage against your enemies.

3. Using Aim trainers such as Aimlab

  • Aim trainers such as Aimlab can locate your weaknesses and track your progress. It also provides various scenarios to help you train specific aspects of your aim. There is also a playlist created by the pros so you can train like them.

2. Proper stance

  • Just like in some sports, you need proper form to execute specific actions. Having the proper stance will lead to good aim. Well, some pro players have an unorthodox stance but are good at aiming, but for starters, having the proper stance and making your arms and hands relaxed will lead to improvement in your aim.

1. P.R.E.M.S Method

  • P.R.E.M.S stands for practice bots, recoil control, easy bots, medium bots, and strafe & movement practice. This is one of the most useful trainings to improve your aim. Just head into the range and practice with the bots. Do the training method in order and do it regularly, so your improvement is gradually increasing.

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