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Those beautiful green eyes will attract you... and poison you

In a tight, hard game of Valorant, the use of an Ultimate can be essential in deciding who is the winner of an important round. Each agent has their own special ability and, if used correctly, makes it very difficult to lose a match. Check out our list of Valorant's 5 strongest ultimates.

5. Showstopper (Raze Ultimate)

Shoot the right place, get your ace

A rocket capable of producing so much damage that, with a little luck, it can kill the entire opposing team. Showstopper has a simple execution: it's just a single shot when the Ultimate is activated. However, the damage this rocket can cause makes it a big problem for opponents to defend themselves from this shot.

What makes Showstopper great:

  • Huge amount of damage with just a single shot
  • Can kill the entire team if they’re located in the same place

Showstopper details:

  • It costs seven Ultimate points
  • Once activated, you have 10 seconds to fire the rocket
  • Single shot, although very powerful.


4. Empress (Reyna Ultimate)

Its impressive colors can go invisible real quick

Reyna transforms into an empress, in a state of frenzy, dramatically increasing her shooting speed, equipment and ammo reload.

In Empress form, Devour is used automatically, as Reyna heals herself when making a kill. If you use Dispense on a soul orb, Reyna will not only be invulnerable, but invisible to enemies. If you don’t kill an enemy within 30 seconds, the Ultimate will expire then.

What makes Empress great:

  • In Empress form, Reyna doesn't need to buy loads of soul orbs.
  • Its speed in reload, shooting and equipment gets quicker
  • It can become invisible if used in the right way

Empress details:

  • It costs six Ultimate points
  • Killing an opponent renew the Ultimate duration


3. Lockdown (Killjoy Ultimate)

In Valorant, enemies get killed even when lock down.

Lockdown is a special Ultimate ability whose objective is to trap enemies and gain space on the map to perform more actions during the round. Lockdown’s ability leaves your opponents locked in it for 8 seconds, so they are extremely vulnerable and exposed if they need to reposition themselves to get out of it.

What makes Lockdown great:

  • The 8 seconds where the opponents are stuck makes them slower and more difficult to use weapons or defuse the spike
  • When trying to get into a bombsite, using Lockdown makes your opponents need to show themselves; when defending the bombsite and, especially in retake situations, it is easier for the team to defend.

Lockdown details:

  • It costs seven Ultimate points;
  • Its main effect lasts 8 seconds;
  • Opponents can destroy the device that activates it before its effect comes into play.


2. Resurrection (Sage Ultimate)

Another day, another opportunity to make a difference

Imagine that tight round when the game is balanced and close to the end. Imagine then that there is an ability that allows you to revive one of your allies who were killed in that round and that he can help you get ahead on the scoreboard, leading you to victory.

Well, that's what Resurrection does. Sage's ultimate has the power to revive one of the allies who were killed in that round in question, which can be invaluable depending on the timing of the match. Even if the player returns armed with only his pistol, he can retrieve a weapon on the ground - including his primary weapon.

What makes Resurrection great:

  • What can be better than the fact that you can revive an ally in the middle of a battle?
  • The channeling period after using the resurrection is short, so you don't need to spend so much time in the round to revive your ally
  • It's an extremely strong skill that can be used to revive even the best player on the team.

Resurrection details:

  • It costs seven Ultimate points;
  • Bring back a teammate with full life


1. Viper’s Pit (Viper Ultimate)

Pick your poison

The Viper's Pit is an Ultimate that, if used well, can basically annihilate any opponent's response. As it is excellent for gaining territory, you can use it in a variety of ways.

The activation of this ult, which costs seven points, generates a chemical cloud in all its directions, which causes several advantages: the opponent has a reduced field of vision, his life points drop, and, especially, this ult isn’t disabled while the agent is inside it.

What makes Viper's Pit great:

  • It's great for after plant and retake situations. If you're from the team that planted the spike, for example, you can use it to get a better view of your opponents and also take their lives; however, in a retake, you can activate this ult to block your opponents' field of vision and stop them from approaching while you disarm the spike
  • By activating it, you have a better view than your opponents, which can give you an advantage in an individual duel
  • If the opponent crosses the toxic cloud, their life points will drop.

Viper's Pit details:

  • It costs seven Ultimate points;
  • It is not deactivated while the agent is inside it, it only ends if you stay outside for 15 seconds;
  • The opponent inside it loses some of his life.


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