[Top 10] Valorant Best Omen Plays

Valorant Best Omen Plays, Valorant Best Omen Players,
A sneaky controller, Omen provides powerful tools for any team composition.

10. Trapped by Sulawesi


Sulawesi shows a lot of patience in this play, although there’s nothing really too spectacular about it. The best part of this play is his creative idea to ult onto the opposite site after he finishes cleaning up all but one on the enemy team. A solid, well-tempered play.


9. Circles by AcuteLi


This Omen player runs the enemy around in circles! After his entire team gets picked off, AcuteLi runs through Sewers on the Split map and gets 2 kills from that rotation. Knowing that the enemies would be thinking he would go to the B site, he decides to loop all the way around to the A site and finishes off the round with finesse.


8. Standard by FANSOL0


A perfect example of solid Omen mechanics, FANSOL0 starts the play off by picking up two kills by aggressively pushing the A site of Ascent. He then bides his time underneath Heaven to pick up the 3rd kill and teleports away, making the enemy Raze think he is still there. FANSOL0 picks up the last kill with a simple peek.


7. Out of Nowhere by PhilipRamso


PhilipRamso plays this one by the books. His aim is precise and he doesn’t waste any movement moving from spot to spot on the A site of Ascent. His ultimate to flank the enemies is used to great effect and although he isn’t quite able to pick up the 6K (due to Sage’s revive), he does enough damage to win the round easily for his team.


6. Keep em’ Guessing by AcuteLi


While AcuteLi does take some unnecessary risks, he wins the fights that he needs to set himself up for success. The best part of this is his teleport into the opposite corner, where he’s able to pick up two more kills on unsuspecting enemies.


5. Outplayed by Halftime


It’s every Omen’s dream to pull off the unseen teleport, and Halftime does this perfectly after he blinds the encroaching Raze. Simple, yet stylish. Well played.


4. Unaware by Halftime


Halftime does it again with this well-thought-out play that allows him to pick up 4 kills. After picking off the Reyna who came through the teleporter,  Halftime Shroud Steps to a spot that most players don’t typically check on Bind. From there, he picks up the last remaining 3 kills.


3. Just Brilliant by bob dylan


Bob dylan starts the play off with an ult into the enemy spawn where he picks off an enemy Sage. After clearing a corner, he and an enemy Breach spot each other and bob dylan decides to run away, but not before using his Shroud Step right underneath the Breach. It’s a classic game of outwitting the opponent, and bob dylan picks up the frag from right underneath the completely unaware Breach.


2. Completely Outclassed by Ansarcas


This play looks so simple on-screen, but if you really think about it, it’s an insane one by Ansarcas. After picking up one of the two remaining enemies, he runs up the ramp, making the Jett think he is up in Heaven. But midway, he turns around and Shroud Steps backwards, completely catching the Jett off-guard.


1. Mechanical Reflexes by Syncz 


Syncz starts this immaculate play with a duel outside the entrance to Showers on the Bind map. He pulls off a skillful Operator shot on an airborne Jett and takes fire from the enemy Omen. Syncz doesn’t wait for his Operator to reload; instead, he rushes into Showers for cover and with insane reflexes, picks off the aggressive Sage before finishing off the last enemy. Insane.

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