[TOP 5] Valorant Best Agents for Sniping

Valorant Best Agents for Sniping, Valorant Best sniper
Snipers are powerful tools when used well.

5. Sage

Coming in for pick number 5 on the best snipers in Valorant, Sage comes with an adequate set of abilities to help her hold angles from unexpected spots. She’s not as mobile as the other agents in the list, but her Barrier and Slow Orbs are great allies in setting her up for kills.

Why Sage is Great for Sniping…

  • Her Barrier allows Sage to gain some height to hold angles, as players usually don’t check vertical angles as much as they check the ground
  • Slow Orbs are terrific to slow stampeding enemies and helps Sage pick her movement-impaired foes off with ease
  • Sniping can be unforgiving, with a missed shot usually meaning death or at least heavy damage taken. Sage has a self-heal to let her peek again if she fails the first shot

Pick Sage if…

  • Sage is always a strong pick, so use her when you have a feel for how the enemy likes to play
  • Getting creative with the Barrier Orb will give you the best chance at picking off unsuspecting enemies

4. Sova

With his intel-gathering abilities, Sova can predict which angles to hold. In terms of efficiency, Sova ranks high in this category as he can use the information he’s gathered to guess from where enemies are most likely to peek.

Why Sova is Great for Sniping…

  • Information, information, information. Knowing enemy whereabouts is crucial in sniping
  • On top of the threat of the Operator, Sova can use his ultimate to continue hunting down enemies who might have survived a shot to the toes

Pick Sova if…

  • Like Sage, Sova’s a strong pick for any map. Figuring out where the enemies are and eliminating the possibilities of where they can’t be will increase his chances of holding the right angles

3. Cypher

Cypher is very similar to Sova, albeit a slightly upgraded version. If enemies enter his Trapwire, it highlights their silhouette on his screen, making it rather simple to peek out from behind the wall and snipe them with ease. His Spycam is also useful in spotting enemies pushing a site as he can hide in safety until he knows enemies are within his range.

Why Cypher is Great for Sniping…

  • Trapwire and Spycam are great tools in finding enemies
  • His ultimate also highlights enemy locations across the map, so it narrows down the angles that he has to hold for a kill

Pick Cypher if…

  • Cypher is great at holding off very offensive-based teams
  • If your team has more duelists than utility, Cypher can ensure at least one site is locked down

2. Omen

Smokes, mini-teleports, blinds, and a cross-map teleport. Omen comes equipped with a strong toolkit for outplay potential. Using his Shrouded Step is key in sniping with Omen, as you can hold higher and unorthodox angles that other agents can’t. His Dark Cover smokes also give him some time to figure out where the enemies could be.

Why Omen is Great for Sniping…

  • His biggest strength is his mini-teleport, Shrouded Step, that allows him to hold angles from unconventional spots
  • Omen’s other abilities are of great use to the team and himself when holding or rushing a site

Pick Omen if…

  • You are in a serious mood to outplay and outthink your opponents
  • The enemy has an aggressive team. Omen’s smokes will help slow rushes and give him more time to make the right picks

1. Jett

It’s widely known that Jett is the most mobile agent in Valorant, and it’s precisely because of her evasiveness that I’ve put her at the number one spot. Like Omen, Jett can use her Updraft to get higher ground. Her greatest strength, however, is using a combination of all her abilities: smokes, updrafts, and dashes.

Jett can hold extremely aggressive angles because she can get away just as quick in the case of a missed shot. Her toolkit allows her to stay alive and take shot after shot. It takes some skill to master Jett, but the rewards are limitless if you do.

Why Jett is Great for Sniping…

  • Her Tailwind and Updraft allow her to take aggressive angles that other agents simply cannot risk
  • She can get away from a bad trade with a simple dash and re-peek the corner for a second try
  • Her rather short-lasting smokes give her room for outplay potential

Pick Jett if…

  • You have full mastery over her. Opponents tend to have a tough time with a good Jett
  • A good Jett will make a strong impact on any map, but creativity and wickedly fast reflexes are key

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