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Valorant is great but it's greater with the hot Viper
Brimstone and Viper make a strong couple

Valorant is an amazing game! Many of us want to improve and enjoy it more while climbing the rank ladder! In order to do that you need to watch and learn from the best while also having some fun watching their funny videos and listening to their comments on how the game goes. Want to know something? Ask about it during live streams which is much better! That’s why in this article I’m going to show you the best streamers that you can learn from while having tons of fun!


Here are the top ten Valorant Streamers:


10. Bumpaah:

How are you Immortal and Flash like a GOLD?

Bumpaah is a sweet mix between entertainment and education! You will learn a lot from him and you will definitely laugh even more! The best thing about him is that he does VOD reviews and analyses some matches which will make you gain more experience in the game from just watching!

Twitch Channel:


9. Zombs:

The Art of Laughing: SEN Zombs

Zombs is currently one of the best Astra players around the world so if you want to learn how to dominate with her then you will need to study his moves and decisions! He’s also very funny in his streams so you won’t ever get bored! He’s a professional player so you’ll be gaining a lot of experience watching his streams.

Twitch Channel:


8. Sinatraa:


Sinatraa is a talented American Professional Valorant player. He streams for Sentinels and he is one of the best streamers that you can enjoy and learn from! After he got suspended from competitive play due to allegations that he assaulted his ex, he grew fond of streaming which made him really good at it! He’s funny, smart, and can make good decisions that you can learn from!

Twitch Channel:


7. Tarik:


Tarik is a 26 year old Turkish-American who was a CS:GO Professional player but after his love for Valorant grew he decided to switch! He streams Valorant almost every day which will make it worth it to follow him! His skills are surely great but what’s making him more enjoyable is his funny comments and reactions on stream! Many people recommend watching him and that’s why he has 1.7M followers which is insane!

Twitch Channel:


6. ShahZam:

Valorant TRY NOT TO LAUGH Challenge (Feat. ShahZaM)

ShahZam is an in-game leader for Sentinels which means he’s so experienced! You will be able to learn from him greatly! He will help you understand the game better and you will pick up some cool tricks that can actually help you win the game!

Twitch Channel:


5. Subroza:


Subroza is a professional Moroccan player who is known for his insane aiming skills that many people thought he was cheating! He is also a very skilled Brimstone player and can utilize his kit strategically which can be very helpful to win the game. Being funny and entertaining is one of Subroza’s great qualities so you’ll always enjoy his streams.

Twitch Channel:


4. Seangares:

sgares vs Sykkuno

Apart from being funny, Sgares is a very skilled player! It’s not only about his mechanical skills, it’s that his head is always in the game! He makes great decisions that you will surely learn from! The best thing about him is that he explains all those decisions. If you’re into game analysis then you will surely enjoy his streams.

Twitch Channel:


3. Tenz:


Tenz is a very popular professional player and you will hear his name always in recommendations! If you want to learn more about the game make sure to follow him! A fun fact is that one of the most popular Crosshairs in the game came from him! Watch his streams and take notes, I assure you that you won’t regret it.

Twitch Channel:


2. Hiko:

My Best ACES, ROUNDS , FUNNY MOMENTS In VALORANT | Closed Beta Stream Highlights

Hiko is technically the most known player in Valorant currently! He’s one of the oldest players (Age: 32) but that means he has so much experience! Hiko is also famous for his Brimstone skills. He mostly explains his game play by play which will make you learn a lot from him!

Twitch Channel:


1. Shroud:


If you ever played games and watched videos anywhere then you probably know Shroud! He is well known for his skills in shooting games and he’s one of the most entertaining streamers to watch! He is a very chill streamer and he’s not easily tilted, that’s why you’ll always enjoy watching his streams and you’ll probably learn a thing or two from him! If you like engaging streams then Shroud is your perfect fit!

Twitch Channel:


Honorable mention:



Tuna is a professional Egyptian Valorant player. He played for Anubis which was the first professional team to go among the pros. He has a unique playstyle and he’s quite funny and entertaining during his streams. He previously won the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final against Portugal with his previous team Anubis. He’s currently playing for YaLLa Esports, his streaming career is still growing so it would be a good chance to become a known fan early on!

Twitch Channel:


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