[Top 5] Valorant Best Bucky Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Viper holding a Bucky in DUALITY
Viper holding a Bucky in DUALITY

The Bucky is the best close-range eco weapon. Less versatile than the Stinger, but a lot more deadly in the right circumstances. With that said, the default skin isn’t that interesting. It does look like a proper shotgun, but let’s be honest, not everyone likes that.

With that out of the way, let’s see what are the best Bucky skins!


5. Radiant Crisis 001

The Radiant Crisis 001 Collection


Radiant Crisis is a pretty simple collection. That simplicity goes well with the Bucky. Although the plain black 3D model isn’t too great, the comic book aesthetic paired with black and silver makes the skin look much better.

To add to that, you also get the iconic comic book shading and onomatopoeia when you upgrade the skin. It’s simple, but it works really well, especially when you take into account all the other effects.

Effects such as:

  • Onomatopoeia that pops up whenever you equip, fire, and reload the Bucky
  • An amazing kill banner and sound
  • One of the best finishers in the entire game

This might not sound like much, but everything works together really well. The comic book aesthetic is done perfectly, and it works great with the Bucky. The shading makes the gun more vibrant and the onomatopoeia is more noticeable on the Bucky

This skin will set you back 1775 VP and 30 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it.

You can check out the skin here:



4. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (G.U.N.)

The G.U.N. Collection


If you’re not a huge fan of comic books, you might appreciate the 70s Sci-Fi aesthetic of the G.U.N. Bucky. As you can probably guess, the G.U.N. Bucky is a lot more over-the-top than Radiant Crisis. And depending on the type of person you are, that might just be the skin for you!

The skin itself looks a lot more goofy and cartoonish when compared to other Bucky skins, and that’s what makes it so good! You could imagine this gun being used as a prop in a Sci-Fi cartoon. It sells its aesthetic really well!

For the price of 1775 (plus 10 Radianite Points) you get:

  • The good-looking skin
  • A different firing sound
  • A different muzzle flash

It’s not much, but you also don’t need to upgrade it as much as the other skins. To add to that, you also have some amazing variants. All of the variants change the color scheme enough to make it different and unique, but not too much as to make the skin unrecognizable.

You can take a closer look at the G.U.N. Bucky here:



3. Prime 2.0

Prime 2.0 Bucky - Vanilla


Prime 2.0 was one of the most expected collections ever since they introduced Prime in Episode 1 Act 1. What players didn’t expect though, was that the Prime 2.0 would also have a Bucky skin.

That being said, the skin looks great, as you would expect from a Prime skin. The gold and black color scheme looks great, and if that’s not your style you can always choose a better suiting variant. The skin looks sleek, clean, and futuristic. The bull on the back adds to the aesthetic, and the skin itself seems like it draws inspiration from high-end sports cars.

Besides the great-looking 3D model, you also get a lot of amazing effects:

  • A completely new reload animation that makes the top half of the gun pop up
  • A new firing sound and muzzle flash
  • A great kill banner and finisher

This skin just looks great, and they made it work on the Bucky. If you’re a fan of the Prime skins, this is definitely the one for you.

The Prime 2.0 Bucky costs 1775 VP plus 30 Radianite Points if you want to upgrade it.

You can get a better look at this Bucky here:



2. Ion

Ion Bucky


Ion is yet another overall great collection. And the Bucky skin is no exception. Everything about this skin is great. The 3D model, the effects, the simple and elegant look. It just looks amazing.

And just like the Sheriff, the sound effects are on point. The firing sound effect is just as good as the Sheriff one, if not even better! It sounds more powerful but less distracting. The core in the middle also looks great on the Bucky, and the energy effect on the shotgun shells is also a nice touch. Besides all that you also get:

  • A fantastic kill banner and sound
  • A great-looking finisher
  • An amazing equip animation

This is the go-to Bucky skin for a lot of people. Not only because it looks great, but also because it was the skin of choice for Quarkwy. The YouTuber that started the “Shotgun Sage” series.

The Ion Bucky is priced at 1775 VP plus 30 Radianite Points for the upgrades.

You can get a better look at this skin here:



1. Origin

Origin Bucky - Red Variant


The last skin on this list is yet another futuristic one. The Origin Bucky. This skin is the “happy medium” between the Prime 2.0 and Ion if you ask me. It’s not as sharp, and edgy as the Prime, but it’s more complex than the Ion. The curves, the circles, the holes, and the trigger make this skin great. Everything is round and smooth looking. And this works great with the Bucky!

Besides all that, this is also one of the few Bucky skins that has lots of moving parts. But that’s not the main reason this skin is at number one. The best part about this skin is the effects. They’re just awesome. 

If you upgrade the skin, you’ll get:

  • A more violent and powerful sounding shooting effect
  • An amazing kill banner and sound
  • A great finisher that sends your enemy in another dimension
  • And the best feature, a unique inspect animation

The inspect animation is jaw-dropping. It disassembles parts of your gun and makes it levitate. And this is a looping inspect animation, which means that you only have to press the inspect button once, and your gun is going to levitate until you decide to fire it. It’s a great feature, and also the reason this skin is the best Bucky skin. 

And with all of this in mind, this skin has the same price as all the other Bucky skins. It will set you back 1775 VP and 30 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it.

You can have a look at the inspect animation and all the other effects here:





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