[Top 15] Valorant's Best Looking Premium Skins

Prime // 2.0 VALORANT skin bundle
VALORANT Prime 2.0 Collection

VALORANT has some amazing-looking skins. Some are cheap, some are really expensive. But what are the best skins money can buy?

15. Magepunk and Magepunk 2.0

The Magepunk 2.0 collection.


Starting off this list, we have both Magepunk collections. These two skin collections are extremely well made and look awesome. Mainly because it's the game’s spin on a steampunk aesthetic. You have a classic copper and black look, with clear glass parts, but instead of trapped steam, you have trapped electricity!

Although this might not sound too exciting when compared to other skins in the game, what makes these sets amazing are the effects:

  • The firing sound is a pleasant electric buzz
  • The equip animation and sounds are not too distracting but are cool
  • The kill sound is extremely satisfying
  • The finisher fits the theme perfectly because you can see your enemy being pulverized by the electricity powering your gun


The only thing that bum these sets to number 15, is the gun selection. You won’t see a Vandal or Phantom, but at least you can get an Operator.

One gun will cost you 1775 VP (~$20) or 3550 VP (~$40) if you want to buy melee.

You can see the Magepunk collection in action here: 


And the Magepunk 2.0 skins here:



14. Radiant Crisis 001

The Radiant Crisis 001 Collection

There’s not too much to say about these skins, besides the fact that they’re exactly what you want if you are a fan of the comic book aesthetic. This collection stands out as being one of the better collections that keep the same 3D models. The comic book aesthetic is evident as soon as you first see this skin, with its use of vibrant silver and clear cartoony shading.


Besides the fact that the guns look amazing on their own, if you upgrade them you will also get amazing new animations and kill effects! These are:

  • Comic book onomatopoeia effects when you equip, shoot, or reload your gun
  • An amazing kill sound and kill banner, reminiscent of old superhero cartoons
  • A whacky and over the top kill animation that catapults your enemy into the sky

The price for one gun is 1775 VP (~$20) or 3550 VP (~$40) for the baseball bat.

You can see the skins in action here:



13. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (G.U.N.)

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Collection

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster or G.U.N. collection, besides being a mouthful, is a quirky-looking skin line. It takes inspiration from 60’s Sci-Fi guns.

Although it’s not the most flashy collection, it does its theme really well. It feels like you’re playing with classic Sci-Fi guns when you’re using this skin line, and for some people, that’s exactly what they want! It’s also helped by the fact that the melee weapon is considered to be one of the best-looking ones in the game.

In terms of updates tho, you won’t be getting a lot. You’ll just get:

A different muzzle flash and sound effect when shooting

A couple of color variants to choose from, but that’s standard for most skins at that price point


This skin line will cost you 1775 VP (~$20) per gun or 3550 VP (~$40) for the melee.


You take a closer look at the skins here:



12. Sovereign

The Sovereign Collection

The Sovereign collection needs no introduction for veteran players. Its white body with clear gold accents makes for an almost heavenly-looking gun. The Ghost skin especially is regarded as being the best Ghost skin in the game by a large part of the player base. What makes it so special tho? Well, it’s the upgrades. The upgrades make this skin set extremely good because you get:

  • New sound effects that complement the heavenly aesthetic
  • Blue accents when you shoot, reload, or kill someone
  • A kill sound that feels like an angel cheering you on
  • And an amazing looking finisher, that has a huge sword falling on your enemy

The price for one Sovereign gun is 1775 VP (~$20) or 3550 VP (~$40) for the melee.

You can see how the collection looks here:



11. Ion

The Ion Collection

Ion is yet another futuristic-looking skin line, but this time it’s clean and professional looking. The all-white body, with the blue energy core, makes for a really good-looking skin line. The collection is also helped by the fact that it has one of the best-looking Sheriff skins in the entire game! Besides that, this collection has some of the best sounding effects in the game when you upgrade it. With that in mind, the finisher is a bit lackluster, but the kill sound effects and the muzzle flash make up for that! 

So here’s what you get with this skin line:

  • Extremely good and satisfying sound effects when shooting
  • A fantastic equip animation
  • A really good kill sound effect
  • And a pretty good finisher

The price for one gun skin is 1775 VP (~$20) or 3550 VP (~$40) for the melee.

You take a closer look at this collection here:



10. Ego

The Ego Collection

Ego is a minimalist-looking collection. Taking inspiration from hypebeast culture, the Ego collection is one of the best collections for someone who likes showing off. The guns’ black and white body is complemented by gold accents and the wordmark “UNSTOPPABLE” written in different languages (depending on the variant or gun). Why is it so high up on the list? Because it’s the only collection that does the minimalism style really well, so it’s pretty good in that sense.


The Ego skins cost 1775 VP (~$20) for one gun and 3550 VP (~$40) for the knife.


You can see how this collection looks in this video:



9. Forsaken

The Forsaken Collection

Forsaken is basically the corrupted version of Sovereign. Instead of white and gold, you have dark green and silver. Instead of blue accents, you have emerald green cracks. Instead of an angelic sword, you have a haunting swarm of crows. And as a bonus, you also get to upgrade it into looking like Sovereign, if you just want that aesthetic on new guns. If you do that you’ll have the same effects as any other Sovereign skin. But if you don’t, you’ll get:

  • Haunting kill sounds
  • A swarm of crows that consume your enemy as a finisher

It’s better Sovereign, with a better gun selection. Some people even call it Sovereign 2.0.

It even has the same price as Sovereign. 1775 VP (~$20) for one gun or 3550 VP (~$40) for the melee.

You can see how the Forsaken collection looks in-game here:



8. Singularity

The Singularity Collection

Another space-themed collection is Singularity. It features an obsidian-like body with bright purple crystals and accents. What makes this skin set space-themed tho? The upgrades! They make parts of your gun transparent to make it look more futuristic. Plus the upgrades also add extremely well-made effects. These are:

  • A equip and reload animation that feature a lot of moving parts
  • A futuristic firing and kill effect
  • A finisher that sucks your enemy into a blackhole! Also worth mentioning are the constellations that appear after your opponent gets swallowed by the void

You’ll have to pay 2175 VP (~$25) to buy one gun and 4350 VP (~$50) for the melee. 

You can see the skins in action here:



7. RGX 11z PRO

The RGX 11z PRO Collection

The RGX collection is a GPU-themed collection. It's modern-looking, with a lot of moving parts inside the gun, and it even has LED lights inside it! Besides that, to the delight of many, the skins don't look like the guns are something you'd find inside a PC case. These are just some really good looking skins, mainly because:

  • When you inspect your gun the LED and muzzle flash change color
  • The visible parts inside the gun move as you shoot
  • You have a kill counter on the gun, showcasing how many kills you got that match

The cost for one RGX gun is 2175 VP (~$25) and 4350 VP (~$50) for the katana.

You can have an in-depth look into these skins here:



6. Glitchpop 2.0

The Glitchpop 2.0 Collection

The Glitchpop 2.0 collection is one of the most widely used ones in the whole game. The neon-themed skins are flashy, unique, and premium feeling. Everything feels right when it comes to this collection. The small moving parts, and all the other effects, make the skins feel like they’ve been pulled out of a dystopian future. With this collection you’ll get:

  • Unique visual effects
  • An amazing kill sound
  • A completely unique finisher that turns your enemy into adware

One Glitchpop 2.0 skin will cost you 2175 VP (~$25) for a gun and 4350 VP (~$50) for the axe.

You can see how they look in-game here:



5. BlastX

The BlastX Collection

BlastX is the skin line that’s meant to look like Nerf guns. It looks like it’s made of colorful plastic, and it even shoots foam darts, just like Nerf guns! For some that might be unappealing, but for most, it’s really cool. Even the sound effects and animations reflect that! Speaking of which, they are amazing! With this skin set you’ll get:

  • Nerf darts for bullets
  • Your agent unwrapping your gun from gift paper as a pullout animation
  • A really satisfying shooting sound
  • A really good kill sound
  • And a gift that explodes for a finisher

It’s really, really good. It sells the “toy gun” aesthetic perfectly!

To get the nerf guns you’ll need to pay 2175 VP (~$25) and 4350 VP (~$50) for the knife.

You can see the skins in action here:



4. Sentinels of Light

The Sentinels of Light Collection.


The Sentinels of Light collection is one of the two League of Legends collections, and it takes direct inspiration from the game. The guns are made to look like they are part of the arsenal used by the Sentinels of Light in League of Legends. They have a really good color scheme, made out of white, black and gold. Plus, yet again, the animations on these skins are pristine. With this skin you’ll get:

  • A gun barrel that’s made of multiple crystals that move when you equip the guns
  • Powerful sounding guns
  • A really hard-hitting kill sound
  • An amazing finisher that purifies your enemy 

You don’t need to like League at all to enjoy this skin. It’s just that good.

The price for one gun in this collection is 2175 VP (~$25) or 4350 VP (~$50) for the melee.

You can see just how amazing these skins look here:



3. Ruination

The Ruination Collection


Just above the Sentinels of Light skins, we have the other League of Legends themed collection. The Ruination collection. These skins are a bit better because everything feels a little bit more satisfying. The equip animation is better, the kill sound effect is nicer, and the finisher is otherworldly. Not to mention that you can get a longsword for a melee weapon! For the same price you can get:

  • An equip animation that pulls your gun out of the black mist
  • Firing sounds that are made with sound effects from League characters (that’s a plus if you like both games). But if you’re not into League, these effects are awesome regardless
  • A finisher that covers part of the sky in black mist
  • It’s not miles above the Sentinels of Light collection, but it’s just that tiny bit better.

These skins have the same price as the Sentinels of Light skins.

You can get a better look at them here:



2. Elderflame

The Elderflame Collection

Elderflame is currently the only “Ultra” collection in the game. These skins transform your guns into dragons. Living, breathing, shooting DRAGONS. Every gun in this collection looks like a different species and has different animations based on that. So if you’re a fan of dragons or fantasy this is the collection for you!

Every gun gets:

  • Unique equip animations
  • A unique reload animation
  • A unique shooting animation
  • A finisher of a dragon incinerating your enemy (the animation is the same for all Elderflame guns)

You’ll need to pay 2475 VP (~$25) for a gun or 4950 VP (~$55) for the melee.

You can see the dragons in action here:




The SPECTRUM Collection

The SPECTRUM collection is the skin line that was made in collaboration with the DJ, record producer, and songwriter Zedd. This skin line showed us what VALORANT skins are truly capable of. Even though it has a fairly minimalist design on the surface, this skin line is really complex. Why is that? Well:

  • The gun glows different colors based on movement
  • Inspecting it plays a song, song that was made in collaboration with Zedd
  • The sounds, reload animations, and muzzle flash are obviously music themed
  • The finisher creates a multicolored stage that plays a song

Everything about this skin line is good. The variants, the finisher, the sound effects, the 3D model. All of it is almost perfect. It’s clean, well designed, and it has amazing effects. That’s also the reason why it is the most expensive skin line, with a price of 2675 VP (~$25) for one gun and 5350 VP for the melee (~$60).

You can take a closer look at this skin line here:



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