[Top 10] Valorant Best Kills (Compilation)

Valorant Best Kills
Nothing makes us more excited than a highlight kill

Valorant is still a fairly new game, but its easy gameplay and interesting design won over many fans quickly. Although the competitive scene is still very recent, the game has had incredible moments during its year of existence. Check out our ranking of 10 best kills in the competitive Valorant.

10. Sacy loves a Clutch

Oh, yes, the famous Sacy

Brazil is an ascending region in the competitive Valorant’s scenario. While in other regions teams were made with players from other FPS such as Counter-Strike, the country did not have a superstar migrating from the Valve game to Riot’s new kid on the block. But that doesn’t mean that there are no stars such as Sacy, from Team Vikings.

Sacy, formerly a bot laner for RED Canids in League of Legends, further increased his popularity with his great performances for Vikings. In the BR Challengers final against Sharks, a match that would define the best team in the country, Team Vikings were very close to winning the match, but Sacy had a really difficult 1v3 to take his team to the championship point. As the famous Brazilian caster Bernardo ‘BiDa’ warned, Sacy loves to play a clutch.

With perfect aim and quick decision-making, Sacy quickly got the first kill and then immediately took down the remaining opponents with great reflexes almost instantly. Very motivated in the next round, Team Vikings consummated the victory over Sharks by 3-1 and won the BR Challengers Stage.

9. Can’t spell L1NK without a 1

Don't forget about me, fellas.

In a lineup containing renowned names like Adil ‘ScreaM’ and Elias ‘Jamppi’, it’s natural for an unknown player like Travis ‘L1NK’ to take second place, but the 22-year-old Brit isn’t far behind when it comes to big plays.

During the Reykjavik Masters in late May, Team Liquid was facing elimination from Fnatic, in a battle between the two best teams in Europe. In need of an incredible move to stay alive in the match, Liquid had L1NK as the only player remaining against three opponents. With all of them pushing to try to kill him in the same moment, L1NK showed quick reflexes and a great aim to keep his team alive in the most important championship of the year.

8. Nine-to-five? Not anymore


It's 7-to-5 now, boys, but in a good way

Subroza is a well-known name for those who have been following North America for some time. While he was unable to stabilize his career in Counter-Strike, his transition to Valorant saw him quickly become a top player with TSM, one of the best teams in the region.

In the CLG Blitz Cup, an introductory tournament to Riot's new FPS, TSM and Immortals, the favorites, clashed in the semifinal. Subroza, already known for his excellent aim since the days of CS, showed that he didn’t lose his precision in Valorant, decimating the five Immortals players with just seven shots to take the pistol round.

7. Judge Jamppi makes Team Vikings illegal

I sentence you all to death

Another from Team Liquid and another at the Masters in Reykjavik, but now from Jamppi, one of the superstars of the team.

Using Judge, one of Valorant's strongest weapons, Jamppi killed the five opponents of Team Vikings in the second round of the match. Even though Team Vikings were only armed with pistols, the quickness and reflexes of the Liquid player made this one of the best plays of the tournament.

6. TenZ’s insane Marshal 4k against V1


The best of the best, almost literally

At this point, there’s little doubt about Tenz’s status as North America’s VALORANT best player. In addition to almost always top fragging and dominating the stats, the Sentinels player is a highlight machine, so it’s no surprise to see his name leading the list.

Facing V1 for the NA Challenger final, the match had little to play for, as the two teams had already confirmed their place for the Masters in Reykjavik. TenZ had to defend a 1v4 after plant with Marshal, a long-distance weapon that made his already difficult mission yet further complicated by the wait between shots. V1 was already defusing the spike, and the round seemed almost impossible to convert.

Even so, the highlight king almost landed one of the most impressive plays ever seen. He opened the count with an almost double kill, hit a no- scope in the next shot, and even hit an insane flick on the opponent that was defusing the spike at that moment. Unfortunately, TenZ was traded by the last remaining opponent, who managed to defuse with less than one second left. Despite the lost round, TenZ's incredible move was marked as one of the Challengers' greatest moments.

5. Different game, same magic.

Hiko Magic is still alive

Hiko, the Clutch God himself. Since his time playing Counter-Strike on Team Liquid, there didn't seem to be a single round he was unable to win if he were the only player alive on his team. When he joined 100 Thieves in Valorant, he took that same clutch magic into the new game.

100 Thieves had the match point against TSM for the NA Challengers, but Hiko was the only player alive against four opponents. With low HP but carrying the spike, he carefully picked four individual duels with 40 seconds left in the round, completing an impressive clutch to close the match and remind everyone that if Hiko is alive, there’s a clutch to be made.

4. Lexy has something to say

Lexy, without armor, got a single kill that could be enough to save a weapon and help economics the next round, but he decided to try even more. He surprised the entire Boom team, conquering a completely insane 1v5 ace that proved nothing is impossible with a bunch of talent… and a little luck.

3. Asuna’s ace retake

Hey, I can play too!

Asuna is the only one of the 100 Thieves strong lineup that didn’t come from a consolidated Counter-Strike career, but that doesn't mean that he is not an incredible player. His aim is one of the best of Valorant, and he proved it against NRG.

With 100 Thieves close to defeat on the second map, the team needed a big play to have a chance to turn the map around. NRG already had the spike planted and had all their players alive, while 100 Thieves had Hiko and Asuna still in the round. The king of the clutch stepped aside for his pupil to make one of the best plays of his career, converting the 2v5 situation into an ace to consolidate an incredible retake and breathe new life into his team.

2. ScreaM for me, baby!

In a European derby against G2 in the Red Bull Home Ground final, the first map went into overtime, and a big play from ardiis of G2 made it look like his team would take the first point; facing a 1v4 in the after plant, ScreaM needed an almost impossible move to secure Liquid's first OT round. He magically managed to kill all remaining opponents and gave his team the advantage in overtime, taking the first map right after.

1. Bjor’s incredible aim


Where the hell did all this precision came from?

Built By Gamers isn't exactly one of the names that come to mind when we think about the strongest teams in the entire Valorant competitive scene. They don't have very relevant results and their participation in harder tournaments doesn't usually last long. Still, talent is not what is lacking within that lineup.

Facing the strong TSM for the First Strike qualifier, Bjor decided to take the reins of a match that had been quite difficult for his team and made a very fast and incredible ace, showing excellent reflexes and a very precise aim. It didn’t help much for his team to win, but the play was magic.

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