[Top 5] Valorant Best Marshal Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Giving one taps isn't as easy as receiving them.
One tap your enemies but do it with fashion!

All shooting games lovers must have tried being a sniper once! But the Marshal in Valorant is a favorite for most players!
You will feel powerful hunting down enemies from above and from angles they can’t see! But it’s time to do it cooler and look good while doing it.

Here are the top five Marshal skins that can help you look cool:

5. Polyfrog Marshal:

Polyfrog Marshal Skin Showcase - Valorant Battlepass Skins

The Polyfrog Marshal is one of the most fun skins! What’s better than killing enemies with a frog as your buddy! The skin is mostly colorful and fun to own!
What's Awesome About Polyfrog Marshal:

  • The colorful sides! Nothing is better than adding some colors to a tough-ranked game.
  • Animal-friendly, if you’re a vegan you’ll probably like this one!
  • Same gameplay if you don’t like any changes.

How to get this skin:
Unfortunately, you could get this skin by finishing the first of the Formation: Act 2 Battle Pass. You can still keep an eye out for the skin if it becomes available in the store!


4. Wasteland Marshal:

Wasteland Marshal Skin Showcase [4K] - Valorant Wasteland Skins

Wasteland Marshal, cool name right? It speaks for itself as you will feel like it was assembled from scrapes and ruins! But that’s why it’s unique! Even Shroud admitted it was unique when he was asked by his fans about it and said it was “too cool”. You won’t find any fancy sound effects or animations but you will surely be unique and everyone will know it’s a Wasteland skin.

What's Awesome About Wasteland Marshal:

  • Unique and represents a strong uncaring character! Looks like you just came from a ruined land and assembled the weapon from the parts you could find!
  • No changes in the gameplay if you like that style.
  • Recognizable! Most if not all players will instantly know it’s a Wasteland skin as no other skin can come close to how cool it is!

How to get this skin:
The Wasteland Marshal was released on the 25th of November 2020! You can still obtain it from the store for 1275 Valorant Points which is around 13.4 USD.


3. Winterwunderland Marshal:

Winterwunderland Marshal VALORANT Skin | New Skins Collection Showcase

Nothing is better than Christmas! If you like winter and Christmas lights then you would definitely like the Winterwunderland Marshal! It has a certain warmth and crazy reflections that if you look closely you will see winter on the weapon while outside any site or building, but while you’re inside you will see some lights on the weapon and the scene will look so different and warm!
The only downside is that it can be a little distracting! If you don’t mind that, then surely go ahead and grab it if you can!

What’s Awesome About Winterwunderland Marshal:

  • Crazy visuals that you will always want to look at!
  • Different looks for the weapon, being inside a building is different than being outside!
  • No gameplay changes but you will surely feel unique and never get bored of it.

How to get this skin:
The Winterwunderland Marshal was released on the 9th of December 2020! You can still obtain it from the store for 1275 Valorant Points which is around 13.4 USD but you just need to keep an eye out for it in the store.


2. Ruin Marshal:


The Ruin Marshal is for people who like feeling premium! If you’re into gold, leather, and feeling classy then you would surely like this skin! There is a small visual effect when firing a bullet, it feels like every bullet has a golden trace behind it after being fired, it’s a small detail but you’ll surely enjoy it if you like details!
What’s Awesome About Ruin Marshal:

  • Premium feeling with the leather and golden touch! 
  • A golden bullet trace.
  • Doesn’t have any major changes to the gameplay but will surely add some Charisma to your weapon!

How to get this skin:
This skin was released on the 13th of October 2020! You could obtain it previously by finishing the first tier of the Ignition: Act 3 Battle Pass. Now you need to just wait for it in the Valorant store if it becomes available anytime.


1. Sovereign Marshal:

Sovereign Marshal Skin Showcase [4K] - Valorant Sovereign Skins

The Sovereign Marshal is by far the best Marshal skin! Starting from the amazing looks with the golden majestic touch, to the impressive sound effects! Bullets have a sweet firing sound, the reload has a nice visual effect that adds delight to the weapon!
What’s Awesome About Sovereign Marshal:

  • Impressive looks with the golden majestic tough!
  • New sound effects that make it more interesting.
  • Same reload but with a beautiful touch that makes it look different.
  • An interesting scope which is also sweet and interesting!

How to get this skin:
This skin was initially released on the 13th of June 2020. Currently, the only way to get this skin is by waiting for it to be available in the store and eventually grabbing it for 1775 Valorant Points which is around 18.7 USD.


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