Valorant: How To Aim

Valorant: How To Aim
Say goodbye to that potato aim!

At the core mechanics of every FPS game is a player’s aim. Those who are new to this genre are having difficulties in finding the right aim. As a result, they often lose in a crossfire and end up with low kills. 


While Valorant highlights the use of agent skills, aim plays a crucial role in winning the game. So, how do we exactly aim? We have listed below some tips to improve your aim.

How to aim in Valorant:

  • Customize the mouse sensitivity to find the right settings for you.

Experiment with your mouse sensitivity and (dots per linear inch) DPI; choose which is comfortable. While you can follow and try the sensitivity settings of professional Valorant players, it’s still advisable that you adjust them based on your gameplay.

  • Mind your movement!

The run-and-gun method doesn’t always work, and jumping can unintentionally change your aim. Running while shooting will make your shots inaccurate even with proper aim. In Valorant, the steadier hand plays hand in hand with the quickest hand.


  • Know your gun basics.

Different guns have different shooting mechanics. Spraying with a Phantom is different from spraying with a Vandal. Likewise, shotguns are more effective when enemies are near but are disadvantageous when fired from a distance. Familiarizing yourself with the game’s gunplay can significantly help you win those matches.


  • Customize your crosshair.

    Others may not find crosshairs that big of a deal but finding the right settings for your play style is game-changing. Adjusting these settings to your preference–size, color, type–will help you get that next flick headshot.


  • Practice makes perfect.

Make it a habit to practice your aim at The Range or enter a Deathmatch before playing competitive or ranked games. Warm-ups are important! This way, you’ll learn more about other mechanics such as pre-aim, crosshair placement, tapping, counter-strafing, bursting, and spraying.


You can also practice your aim outside Valorant with third-party programs such as Aimlabs, Aim Hero, and others.


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