Valorant Best Phoenix Plays

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A fire-bending duelist, Phoenix is a popular pick amongst the Valorant community.

10. Solid by fluffynarwhal

A perfect example of solid mechanics and use of abilities, fluffynarwhal executed this play with composure and a level head. The best part of this play is his awareness to realize Reyna is in Hookah on Bind B and flashes him to get the final kill.


9. Snuffed Out by Gray

Gray executes a nice play here by winning 1v1 fights and using the enemy Omen’s smoke against him by flashing out of it. It’s a well-thought-out play and Gray picks up a relatively simple 3K to win the round.


8. Awareness by AlpheN

This was a really nice use of Phoenix’s ult, Run it Back, as he’s able to pick up 3 kills through this ability alone. He has the awareness of mind to double back and check the site and he’s able to find the enemy spike. For his last kill, and he does this extremely well, AlpheN uses his wall to block Killjoy’s vision and flashes her to finish her off.


7. Circles by wr0ng

Wr0ng wins this play with superior movement and keeps the enemies constantly guessing where he will peek out from, and is able to win a 1v3 through this confusion. It’s a brilliant play and although he receives help from his teammates’ damage, he uses that to his advantage to pull out the win.


6. Angles by Jos

Jos pulls out the Ace in this play, but my favorite part, and the one that impressed me the most, was his use of his firewall. He curves it to completely block vision of him entering the enemy’s spawn and catches the rest of them by surprise after holding a nice, tight angle.


5. Aimbot by f**lybarnacle

This was a play where the better aimer won. F**lybarnacle relies on precise aim and ability to predict the enemies’ locations through audio cues to win his fights and his quick reflexes pull him out of some tight spots where he’s about to run out of bullets.


4. The Lurker by OddStars

OddStars shows everybody what it means to be a lurker. Through his actions alone, he’s able to clear out the A site on Bind to bring his teammates back from the B site for a spike plant. He then pushes out aggressively to the enemies spawn to find the remaining enemies.


3. One-Taps by Gray

Gray pulls out the immaculate Ace play on Bind as he wins through his accurate aim and reactions. The best part of this play is his decision to go for one-tap clicks on his Phantom, which is what you should do, in a long-range fight to take back the B site. 


2. Teleporter by Jos

What an insane play by Jos, all from the teleported on the Bind map. He uses his flashes expertly and pulls out the amazing 4K play with an insane flick on the last remaining enemy. Extremely well played.


1.  Predicted by HottyTheThird
This was just a straight-up outplay by HottyTheThird. He picks up two kills with his ult, then loops all the way around to flank the enemies as he anticipates their push into the B site. Finally, he outbrains the enemy Reyna by walking all the way back to the A site of Haven to sneak a final kill for the Ace. Big brains from HottyTheThird.

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