[Top 5] Valorant Best Lurker Agents That Are Great

Yoru in the RETAKE Cinematic
Yoru in the RETAKE Cinematic

Lurking is one of the roles that’s commonly misunderstood by the player base. And I’m saying that because I really don’t want people to play lurking Reyna or Jett, thanks!


Jokes aside, lurking is an extremely important aspect of VALORANT, but unfortunately, it can’t be done effectively by all agents. 


With that in mind, here’s a list of the best agents to lurk with!


5. Neon

Neon artwork


Although Neon is a duelist and she should mainly focus on entering sites, she can be used to lurk effectively. You could even choose to lurk with her on multiple occasions provided you have Jett or Reyna on your team.


Even so, you might want to learn or create some lineups for your stun if you want to lurk effectively and to have an impact when your team is entering the site.


But why is she so good at lurking?


  • Her speed
  • Her dash
  • Her wall


That’s pretty much it. She doesn’t have the best kit for lurking, but her speed can make her great at that, especially since she can just run back to her team after gathering info, creating pressure, or getting a kill.


4. Omen

Omen artwork


Omen’s lurking game is miles above Neon’s, and it’s pretty obvious why. If the enemy doesn’t see you, they can only guess where you are. Omen’s kit is perfect for creating paranoia when lurking. And it’s pretty easy to pull off when compared to other agents. 


Why? Because:

  • Your smokes are almost global
  • You can teleport short distances and the enemy only knows that you teleported, they don’t know where
  • You can pair his teleport with his flash to create even more paranoia
  • You can use your ultimate to deny info, make your enemies search for you, or reunite with your team


In short, he’s solid. Add to that his recent buffs to his smoke and teleport, and you can see why he’s so good at lurking.


3. Viper 

Viper artwork


Viper’s lurking game can be just as strong, or even stronger than Omen’s. Provided you know some lineups. She’s great because you don’t have to think too much about how you should use your utility after you set everything up.


You can activate your smokes from anywhere on the map, and if you know Snake Bite lineups you can win pretty much every post-plant. 


In short, she’s great because:

  • She can activate her smokes from anywhere on the map if everything is set up properly
  • Her utility is easy to use when lurking
  • If you know Snake Bite lineups you can create pressure in post-plant scenarios just by not being seen


I’d say Viper ties this one with Omen. It is a matter of preference. With Omen you have to be more thoughtful about how and when you’re going to use your utility, but you can get more impact when lurking. But Viper is less mechanically demanding when lurking, as long as you know your lineups!



2. Cypher

Cypher artowrk


Cypher one-ups both Viper and Omen when it comes to his lurking game. His kit is made to get as much info as possible, and that’s perfect if you want to lurk. Cypher can make predictions on where the enemies will be because he can cover a huge part of the map with his utility. But you need to know how to set it up. 


His utility is great for lurking because:

  • Based on how you place your utility, you can make accurate predictions on where enemies are/will be
  • You can place your wires and cam and just leave them there
  • If you get a kill when lurking, you can have a lot of impact with your ultimate


With that in mind, you need to have better game sense than your average player to make him an amazing lurker. You need to know how to set up his utility, plus you also need to know when to check your camera, when to hold angles or when to push. He can be extremely sneaky, but unlike Omen, you can’t get out of sticky situations, and you always have to think about your next few moves.


1. Yoru

Yoru artwork



The Yoru rework finally made him viable, but more than that, they finally made him the best character to lurk with. His whole kit is based on deception, information denial, and creating paranoia. With Yoru, you can basically be in two places at once if you play your cards right.


But what makes him the best at lurking?

  • His teleport is great if you want to lurk and then get back to your team almost instantly
  • His improved decoy can distract your enemies long enough to get the upper hand
  • You could fake a teleport to make an enemy check if you actually teleported or not
  • His ultimate is amazing at gathering information, sneaking behind enemies, or getting out of sticky situations

In short, a good Yoru will always make his enemies feel like they have to take gambles when playing against him. Do they check to see if the teleport was real or not? Are the footsteps a decoy or is it someone else? Do you shoot the pushing Yoru, or do you ignore him? Should you try to figure out where Yoru is going with his ultimate or will he teleport away?


A good Yoru can make the enemy team ask these questions almost all the time, and that’s why he’s the best agent to lurk with.



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